Agenda item

Milnrow and Newhey Resident Watch


David Kendall, founder of the group, introduced himself and firstly addressed the following issues already raised in the meeting.

·         The reason for the group not being fully operational is because they don’t want to rush; it is crucial that the project is managed properly and safely.

·         The offer of help with governance was appreciated but the group have already sought and accepted governance advice.


David gave some personal background and explained that he had been invited to speak at the forum following a recent meeting with GMP and Pennines Township where it was evident that the joint vision for the community seemed like something everyone can all work on together.

Milnrow and Newhey Resident Watch was created three months ago as a Facebook page.  The idea is for all the useful crime, antisocial behaviour and safety information, affecting the villages, to be in one place.  Gill Lennon came on board shortly after, after proving to be like minded in striving for a positive future for the communities.

Some of the project’s aims are –

·           Extend the project into the wider community not just online

·           Promote looking out for and getting to know your neighbours

·           Having a mechanism to report anything suspicious or impart intelligence

·           Having Police crime statistics that reflects the issues affecting the community

·           Improving relations and reporting via local Police Officers and PCSOs


Residents have already started working together and, thanks to the work Gill has put in, they have gained the support from local businesses and schools to run different schemes to improve the issues they are having and provide each other with information.

The ultimate goal is to have a non-confrontational visual resident presence around the area.  Advice has been sought from Street Pastors and Street Angels who already have a proven track record with similar projects.  The governance of the group is key and will determine the set principles, core policies and codes of conduct; there is still some way to go before it is operational but things are moving in the right direction.

Volunteers are needed and recruited via application; anybody wishing to get involved can contact the group via their M&N Resident Watch Facebook page or email

David and Gill were thanked for their presentation and their positivity, and the following questions were raised:
Milnrow and Newhey Ward Councillors asked how they can help.

There will be training needs for the group and volunteers.  Councillors agreed to support a Pennines Township funding request for this purpose.

What is being done to identify and protect the vulnerable people in the community?
Being in the community as a visual presence will have a greater reach; there will be safeguarding issues which will be addressed as part of the training needs.

Community Speed Watch
Councillor Davidson gave a brief presentation to the forum regarding the plans for the speed watch project.  Volunteers are needed to operate the non-evidential speed gun.  Registration of speeding vehicles will be recorded and warning letters sent by the Police.  The project is due to start in January 2019 and it will concentrate on the village centre, and a joint project with Littleborough Lakeside Ward will take place on Wildhouse Lane.