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Posture and mobility

The Committee will consider the proposed changes to service specification for the Posture and Mobility Centre. (10 Minutes)


The Director of Operations and Executive Nurse provided the Board with a report on the proposed changes to service specification for the Posture and Mobility Centre.


It was reported that the review of the Posture and Mobility services provided by Pennine Care Foundation Trust had jointly been undertaken in collaboration with Bury CCG, as at present the service was not efficient in terms of waiting times for patients in its current form.


It was noted that three broad options for change had been proposed as a result of the review for Board Members to consider. It was reported that at the appropriate point a thorough review would be made of the impact of each of the proposed options which would inform the decision on any requirements for consultation in due course.


Option 1:        Involved reviewing the process to offer a wheelchair unconditionally and replace it with a needs-based approach.

Option 2:        Is a proposal to withdraw the provision of wheelchairs where they are currently in place across a number of care homes in the Borough. An audit of chairs in current circulation had revealed that many were not in good working order and so the action would mitigate the risk of a patient being transported in a broken chair that had been provided by the commissioned service. It was noted that this proposal was to withdraw the pool chairs in current circulation at selected homes and it would not affect the assessment and provision of a chair to someone in the care home who required it on a personal basis.

Option 3:        Proposes to cease some of the provision of wheelchairs for children and adults where there is no postural permanent mobility need. At present, the service provided chairs for these patients to use on an infrequent basis for trips and specific occasions. This equates to 9% of the provision that the service makes for children’s wheelchairs as a whole. Other service providers would be accessed if this proposal was agreed. There would be no change to the provision of wheelchairs to children or adults who do have postural or mobility needs.


In response to a question around the policy for wheelchair issue and return, Members were informed that un-needed wheelchairs should be returned to the service and work had been done to improve return rates that now stood at 60%.


The Board held a discussion around savings from the proposals and with Officers stating that the aim of the proposals was about efficient use of resources but gave assurances that any savings generated would be reinvested back into the service. Members further requested that the criteria for assessment be brought back to a future meeting of the Board and that a report be presented to the Board in 12 months’ time on the return of unneeded wheelchairs and equipment.




1)            That the three options listed above, to improve access to posture and mobility services whilst a wider review was undertaken be approved.


2)            That the criteria for assessment be brought back to a future meeting of the Board.


3)            That a review on the implementation of the proposals and the return of wheelchairs and equipment be reported back to the Board in 12 months’ time.


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