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Minutes from the last meeting/updates


The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and the following updates were provided.

Parking Contravention Notices
Residents queried as to whether members of the public can issue PCNs to parked cars.  Townships Officer enquired with Highway’s Parking Services and she was advised only a Parking Attendant can issue PCNs.

Broad Lane/Weston Avenue yellow lines
Yellow lines request previously raised by former Councillor Brosnan with Highways and if still required would be a matter which would need the funding source established.

Witley Road flooding
Issue with the dropped kerb is still outstanding and Townships have been chasing up the Council’s Highways Department for an update.
Update given after forum on 15 May 2019 - Highways advised works will be carried out by the end of May 2019.

HGVs accessing Croxton Street
Concern previously raised about the increasing amount of HGVs accessing Croxton Street and the associated safety issues in this residential area.  Highways have requested that the street nameplate is removed and replaced with one indicating a ‘no through road’ sign.

Community Speed Watch
Equipment is now in use across the borough.  PC Walsh is trying to organise GMP’s ‘Operation Consideration’ speed operation in the near future.

Milnrow Road indiscriminate parking
Planning Enforcement was contacted about the operating hours and possible breach regarding the premises identified as a problem.  No enforcement action relating to a change of use can be taken and there are no restrictions on the opening times.  Residents reported indiscriminate parking is still an issue.

Newbold Moss boat storage
A complaint of a boat being stored in a resident’s garden for the past 9-12 years and feral cats allegedly living in it.  The Council’s Enforcement Officer visited the site and could find no evidence of cats.  He advised there is no legislation to enforce the removal of the boat and the land/property/gardens were in a tidy state.

Woodbine Street ‘No Through Road’ sign
Residents requested signage as wagons enter Woodbine Street and do not realise it is a dead end road.  Highways inspected the location and they advised signage is already present half way down the road.

Woodbine Street East traffic calming
Residents requested 20 mph signs and traffic calming due to speeding vehicles.  Councillors requested Highways carry out a feasibility study in the future.

Kissing Gate on Belfield Lane
Residents stated a kissing gate located on Belfield Lane near the Fox Public House is now a redundant feature and they asked whether it could be removed.  Matter has been escalated to the Environmental Management Department who confirmed there are no rights of way in that area.
Action 1: Townships to enquire again with Environmental Management whether the kissing gate could be removed.

Milnrow Road further speed survey
Ward Councillors raised this matter with Highways and subject to future funding, this survey could be carried out in an area around the old Fox Inn, Milnrow Road, Rochdale.
Action 2: Townships to escalate matter to Highways.

Belfield Lane Pond drainage
Residents previously raised concerns regarding possible unauthorised works to the ponds in the area.  The Council’s Planning Department advised works had ceased and no further development had taken place.  Councillor Ali requested the matter is looked into again as he was unhappy with the level of damage to the trees and water from the springs at the ponds is still leaking through.  He stated the area looks damaged and dirty with dumped material and he has concerns it will become a haven for fly tipping in future.
Action 3: Townships to request Planning Enforcement to look at the matter again and raise the fly-tipping issue with Environmental Management.

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