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Open Forum


Weston Avenue speeding vehicles
Residents reported that vehicles are regularly speeding on the approach to Broad Lane from both Weston Avenue and Stiups Lane.  They made a suggestion to make Stiups Lane a one way road and place double yellow lines at the corners due to visibility being poor when entering/exiting junctions.
Action 1: Townships to raise the issue with both GMP and Highways

Croxton Avenue – Truck parked on corner causing visibility issues
A resident requested that GMP speak to the driver of a delivery truck which is regularly parked on the corner of Croxton Avenue/Higher Wheat Lane and causes an obstruction.

Action 2: Townships to raise the matter with GMP and seek assistance.

Street lighting issues
Residents advised there were street lights continually switched on at Higher Wheat End and also on Tollgate Way.  It was also noted that a street light (No 2) on Elder Street is out and requires repair.
Action 3: Township to report these matters to the Street Lighting Department.

Royds Street (between 101-113) - Refuse bins and rubbish issues
It was reported that refuse bins and rubbish are being left out regularly between 101-113 Royds Street.
Action 4: Townships to request Environmental Management to inspect the area of concern.

Sandfield Road and Moss Mill Street – Contaminated bins and infestation of alleyway
Residents reported ongoing issues concerning contaminated bins and evidence of rats and syringes in the alleyway.  The matter had already been escalated to the appropriate departments prior to the forum and will be monitored for an appropriate response.
Action 5: Townships to chase Environmental Management and Environmental Health for updates.

Woodbine Street/Oldham Road (near Wellfield Surgery) - cars parking on double yellow lines
It was requested that this complaint be raised with Parking Services for enforcement action.
Action 6: Townships to raise the matter with Parking Services.

Oldham Road/Broad Lane/Albert Royds Street speeding
Residents advised speeding had again been witnessed on Oldham Road/Broad Lane areas.  It had also been witnessed on Albert Royds Street and a question posed regarding the traffic light cameras as to how often are they working and monitoring the traffic as many motorists had witnessed red light jumping.
Action 7: Townships to raise the matter with GMP.

Community Speed Watch request on Milnrow Road
A resident requested a community speed watch operation is carried out between GMP and some residents to assess the speeding on Milnrow Road.
Action 8: Townships to raise the matter with GMP

Royds Street West littering in alleyway
Rubbish was reported in the alleyway to the rear of Royds Street West and around a bin.
Action 9: Townships to request Environmental Management to inspect the area of concern.

Woodbine Street East Car Park drug dealing
Concerns about drug dealing on Woodbine Street East Car Park was raised by a resident.
Action 10: Townships to raise the matter with GMP.

Footpath at Lowerplace School from Kingsway to Charter Street
A resident commented on the closure of a footpath.  This matter had previously been raised and a response obtained from the Council’s Rights of Way Officer that the passageway is not shown on Council records as a definitive right of way and protected under existing legislation.  The use of this route for many years by the public does not automatically create a right of way.  A claim/application has to be made and submitted to the Council to assess whether a route can be added to the definitive map and statement.  The Council could not justify adding a route if the general public do not make a claim and show that a footpath is needed for use.  Further additions to the definitive map and statement involve maintenance and a possible increase in funding to assist with this obligation.  With the introduction of legislation by the Government (Special Extinguishment Order under section 118C Countryside and rights of Way Act 2000 and Stopping Up Order under section 118B for purposes of crime prevention) to allow schools to extinguish/divert footpaths that run over/across school grounds, any claim made may not be pursued by the Council as it appears the Government are attempting to create safe and secure school areas for pupils and if a claim was successful and a footpath was added to the definitive map and statement any representative of the school may apply to extinguish or divert the footpath.