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Performance Monitoring 2016/17 Register Providers

Meeting: 20/09/2017 - Communities, Regeneration and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Item 24)

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The Committee are asked to scrutinise the performance of the Borough’s Register Provider Partners for 2016/17

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The Committee scrutinised the report of the Director of Neighbourhoods which

provided Members with an update on the performance of the Borough’s Register Provider (RP) Partners for 2016/17.


The Committee were advised that there were currently 14 Registered Providers who managed 20,948 properties across the Borough with RBH being the biggest stock holder with 63% of the stock. Riverside and Guinness were the 2nd biggest with 10% each, followed by St Vincent’s with 5%.


The report provided an update on affordable housing development, affordable

rent conversions, disposals, demolitions, welfare reform, the Housing Register, health partnership, property and neighbourhood investment, local initiatives and the Greater Manchester Memorandum of Understanding.


The main Registered Providers operating in the Borough, seven in total, were all members of the Rochdale Strategic Housing Partnership (RSHP). The seven RPs were Contour Homes, Great Places Housing Group, Guinness Partnership, Regenda Group, Riverside Group, Rochdale Boroughwide Housing and St Vincent’s Housing Association


The RSHP was the Borough’s high level strategic housing group and was established to maximise the contribution of housing towards the Borough’s broader objectives and the delivery of targets contained within the Council’s and Partner’s Strategies.


In addition to the RSHP the main RP partners had come together with the Council to fund the Borough’s unique partnership company Rochdale Housing Initiative (RHI). The company, which was formed in 1994, had added value to the work in the Borough through the development of new and innovative projects, the securing of funding for projects, the provision of a link between the RPs and other organisations within the Borough and the delivery of the Council’s Empty Property Programme.


In considering the report, Members of the Committee made some comments about concerns they had with the performance of Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH).


DECIDED – That the Performance Monitoring 2016/2017 Registered Housing Providers report be noted.