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Greater Manchester Transport Committee - Roles and Responsibilities

Meeting: 22/05/2019 - Council (Item 9)

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To approve arrangements for the Greater Manchester Transport Committee

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The Council considered a report of the Leader which outlined the current Greater Manchester (GM) transport governance arrangements.  In the context of the Devolution Agreement and specifically the GMCA Transport Order 3, it then presents some broad revised terms of reference for a reconstituted GM Transport Committee, options for its structure, responsibilities and examples of how it might work in practice.




1.    The Council approves the establishment of the new GM Transport Committee as a joint committee of the 10 Greater Manchester districts, GMCA and Mayor.

2.    The Council approves the Terms of Reference and Operating Agreement for the Committee as set out in Schedule 1 of the report.

3.    The Council agrees to delegate the functions as set out in the Terms of Reference to the Transport Committee.

4.    The Council appoints one Member, Councillor Burke and one substitute Member, Councillor Shah Wazir to the Transport Committee for 2019/2020.