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Council Appointments 2019/20

Meeting: 22/05/2019 - Council (Item 10)

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To consider the political balance of the Council and make appointments to Council Committees, Sub-Committees, Joint Committees, Outside Bodies and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

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Council considered a report which outlined nominations to Committees and the appointment of Chairs and Vice Chairs for the 2019/2020 Municipal Year.




1.  That approval be given to the appointment of the following Council Committees, including the Chairs and Vice Chairs and substitutes:-


Heywood Township to be comprised of all Members from the following Wards:

·         North Heywood

·         West Heywood

·         Hopwood Hall


Chair: Councillor Peter Rush

Vice Chair: Councillor Ray Dutton


Middleton Township to be comprised of all of the Members from the following Wards:

·         East Middleton

·         North Middleton

·         South Middleton

·         West Middleton

·         Hopwood Hall


Chair: Councillor Donna Williams

Vice Chair: Councillor Susan Smith


Pennines Township to be comprised of all of the Members from the following Wards:

·         Littleborough Lakeside

·         Milnrow and Newhey

·         Wardle and West Littleborough

·         Smallbridge and Firgrove


Chair: Councillor Amna Mir

Vice Chair: Councillor Tom Besford


Rochdale North Township to be comprised of all of the Members from the following wards

·         Central Rochdale

·         Healey

·         Norden

·         Spotland and Falinge


Chair: Councillor Shaun O’Neill

Vice Chair: Councillor Wendy Cocks


Rochdale South Township to be comprised of all of the Members from the following wards

·         Balderstone and Kirkholt

·         Bamford

·         Castleton

·         Kingsway

·         Milkstone and Deeplish


Chair: Councillor Mohammed Zaman

Vice Chair: Councillor Elsie Wraighte


Communities, Regeneration and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee


Conservative (2)


Councillor Angela Smith

Councillor Winkler


Labour (8)


Councillor Besford

Councillor Robinson

Councillor Beswick

Councillor West

Councillor Susan Emmott

Councillor Peter Williams

Councillor Meredith

Councillor Zaheer


Liberal Democrat (1)


Councillor Kelly


Chair (Labour) – Councillor Meredith

Vice Chair (Conservative) – Councillor Angela Smith


Health, Schools and Care Overview & Scrutiny Committee


Conservative (2)


Councillor Sullivan

Councillor Gartside


Labour (8)


Councillor Sultan Ali

Councillor Hornby

Councillor Dale

Councillor McCarthy

Councillor Dutton

Councillor Massey

Councillor Hartley

Councillor Susan Smith


Liberal Democrat (1)


Councillor Davidson

Non-Elected Voting Members (voting rights in relation to education decisions only):


Church Representatives (two vacancies)

Parent Governor Representatives (two vacancies)

Chair (Labour) – Councillor Dutton

Vice Chair (Conservative) – Councillor Sullivan


Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee


Conservative (1)


Councillor Holly



Labour (9)


Councillor Sultan Ali

Councillor O’Neill

Councillor Boriss

Councillor O’Rourke

Councillor Joinson

Councillor Rana

Councillor Mir

Councillor Wraighte

Councillor Nolan



Liberal Democrats (1)


Councillor Bamford


Chair (Conservative) – Councillor Mike Holly

Vice Chair (Labour) – Councillor Shaun O’Neill


Audit and Governance Committee


9 elected Members


Conservative (1) 


Councillor Gartside



Labour (7)


Councillor Ali Ahmed

Councillor Hussain

Councillor Dale

Councillor Rashid

Councillor Malcolm

Councillor Donna Williams

Councillor Martin


Liberal Democrat (1)


Councillor Nickson


Independent Persons (non-voting) (in respect of Elected Member conduct issues): 


Mr. A. Underdown and Ms. A. Taylor


Chair – Councillor Peter Malcolm

Vice Chair – Councillor Aasim Rashid


Planning and Licensing Committee


Conservative (2)


Councillor Taylor

Councillor Winkler


Labour (12):


Councillor Shakil Ahmed

Councillor Rana

Councillor Burke

Councillor Rashid

Councillor Cocks

Councillor Rush

Councillor Susan Emmott

Councillor Wazir

Councillor Massey

Councillor Zaheer

Councillor O’Neill

Councillor Zaman


Liberal Democrats (1)


Councillor Davidson


Chair – Councillor Shakil Ahmed

Vice Chair – Councillor Phil Burke


Licensing Sub-Committee


Comprises three Members drawn from the full membership of the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 10