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Land at William Street and Tonge Meadow

Meeting: 30/07/2019 - Cabinet (Item 12)

Land at William Street and Tonge Meadow, Middleton

To consider matters relating to land at William Street and Tonge Meadow, Middleton.

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Cabinet considered a report outlining proposals for the acquisition of land at Tonge Meadow, Middleton. The acquisition would be on the basis of an exchange for the funding of improvements to adjacent playing pitches at Middleton Technology School.


The report also detailed options for the marketing and sale of land at Tonge Meadow and William Street for residential development, to support the repair and restoration of Tonge Hall.


Alternatives Considered


There is no “do nothing” option, the Council is currently doing a minimum amount of work to protect the historic asset from vandalism and weather damage, with capital and revenue costs.


There is a significant conservation deficit related to the repair and restoration of the hall, meaning that any scheme to repair and restore the hall would require significant subsidy or grant support.


Grants from organisations such as Heritage Lottery Fund and Historic England have been considered as part of the feasibility for this project, these are likely to be limited and would require match funding.


The following was APPROVED


The acquisition of land identified as plots 4, 5 and 6 on the plan attached to the report, in exchange for works to playing fields at Middleton Technology School and any future capital receipt in relation to plot 5.


Marketing and disposal of plots 1, 2, 3 and 4 (identified in the report)  for residential development, with the acceptance of sale delegated to the Director of Economy in Consultation with the Cabinet Member for Planning, Development and Housing.


That the balance of the capital receipt, following the completion of the playing pitch works, be ring-fenced for the repair and restoration of Tonge Hall.


A capital virement to resolve potential timing issue as detailed in 5.3 of the report.


That decisions around opting to tax the land identified in this report be delegated to the Chief Finance Officer.


That the Assistant Director of Legal, Governance & Workforce be authorised to advise appropriate Council Services, prepare the appropriate legal documents and execute such documents on behalf of the Council in connection with the acquisition and disposal of these plots.




Reasons for Decision


Tonge Hall is a Grade II* Manorial Hall in the ownership of Rochdale Borough Council. The hall is on Historic England’s Heritage at Risk register.


The hall suffered a catastrophic fire in 2007, whilst in private ownership, the Council has secured the site and protected it from vandalism and weather damage for more than ten years, with the ultimate aim of repair and restoration of the hall.


Feasibility work has established that the conservation deficit associated with the hall can be met through the sale of land largely in Council ownership close to the hall, without damaging the historic setting of the hall.


There is a requirement to acquire land from Middleton Technology School to facilitate access, increase the developable area of land and increase the value of the Council’s land holdings.


The project will also facilitate the improvement of playing pitches and creation of new employment land with associated benefits  ...  view the full minutes text for item 12