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Wardle and Smallbridge Football Club

Meeting: 22/07/2020 - Pennines Township Committee (Item 44)

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Director of Neighbourhoods to report.


The Committee considered the report of the Director of Neighbourhoods which presented recommended options and sought funding for the completion of playing pitches at Wardle and Smallbridge Football Club.


Alternatives considered:


Three alternative options for the project were outlined within the submitted report.


In considering the report and the options presented, the Committee, although fully supportive of the valuable community scheme being completed, had some concerns that the budget had been exceeded and that the Township was now being requested to allocate further funds to complete the project. It was agreed that Cabinet be requested to consider whether there were any funds available corporately towards completing the scheme and if not, that the Township would underwrite the full costs of Option1 which totalled £18,000.




1.     That due to the ongoing issues with the budget and project for completing the Wardle and Smallbridge Football Club pitches, that the Cabinet be requested to consider contributing funds to complete the project with the Township agreeing to underwrite the total cost of the completing the project of £18,000 from Township Capital Funds should the Cabinet be not able to provide any assistance.


Reasons for the decision:


To ensure the sufficient funding is made available for the additional requirement to meet Planning recommendations and to complete the scheme.