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Proposed Changes to Environmental Management Services

Meeting: 25/08/2020 - Cabinet (Item 35)

Proposed Changes to Environmental Management Services

To receive a report from the Director of Neighbourhoods

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Consideration was given to a report of the Director of Neighbourhoods seeking approval for a number of service changes, income opportunities and savings proposals have been identified by Environmental Management.


Alternatives considered

The following options have been considered and discounted.

·         To continue to supply all new and replacement wheeled bins free of charge on request with the exception of those purchased by developers.

·         For bulky waste charges to return to their original charges.

·         To continue with the operation and supply of plants from Bowlee nursery.

·         To not set up an A board licencing scheme and for businesses to continue to use their own judgement.



1.    That a charge of £20 per bin for all new and replacement bins is introduced from 1 September 2020 with the exemptions and appeals process as set out within the submitted report. A charge of £15 per bin will be made to landlords to empty any contaminated bins following a change in tenancy. These charges will be updated annually in line with other council fees and charges. The policy will be reviewed after 12 months of implementation.

2.    That the bulky waste collection charge will remain at the reduced rate as implemented on 1 May 2020. These will be updated annually in line with other council fees and charges.

3.    That consultation with staff and trade unions in regard to the closure of Bowlee Nursery commence.

4.    That public consultation on an A board licensing policy be undertaken.


Reason for resolution

There is a requirement for the council to identify savings and potential income streams as well as reducing costs against the current financial backdrop. Some of these changes could be implemented straight away but others will require further consultation.