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Recommissioning of Adult Care prevention Contracts

Meeting: 29/09/2020 - Integrated Commissioning Board (Item 43)

Recommissioning of Adult Care prevention Contracts

To consider the attached report from the Director of Commissioning


Consideration was given to a report of the Director of Commissioning seeking approval to redesign the Adult Care prevention contracts.  There were thirteen contracts delivered by seven providers with a total annual value of £1.6million.  The recommendation sought to provide a more targeted response from those contracts and achieve significant savings.


Alternatives considered

To do nothing and let the contracts expire without replacement would put a large number of vulnerable people at risk of tenancy breakdown and could lead to significant additional pressures on the health and care system as a whole.



1.    That approval be given to the new delivery model for Adult Social Care Prevention Services as below:

·         Cease eleven contracts and replace with one Life Skills Supportcontract as detailed within the submitted report.

·         To retain the ‘Bond Board’ and the Young Parents Services which would be recommissioned on a similar basis as the present arrangements.


2.    That a mitigation fund is approved to ensure that a smooth transition to the new arrangements are managed. This will be invested as follows:

·         A transition period to enable current service users to access new long terms tenancies and funding to support the delivery of the Accommodation with Support strategy

·         Integrated Neighbourhood budgets to provide anticipated low level but ongoing support packages for those moving to mainstream tenancy rather than supported living or other residential type support arrangements.


Reason for resolution

The Prevention contracts aimed to support people to move on from temporary to mainstream, permanent accommodation. However, in some instances, throughput has been limited with some people being supported in temporary arrangements on a long-term basis.