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Health Commissioning Intentions

Meeting: 27/10/2020 - Integrated Commissioning Board (Item 52)

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To receive the attached report from the Cabinet Member for Social Care / Director of Commissioning


The Board considered a report and presentation from the Director of Integrated Commissioning which advised that in June and July 2020, Board received papers which outlined the next steps in continuing the development of the Strategic Commissioning Function (SCF) and Local Care Organisation (LCO) and the development of the system wide health and care plans. The early thinking in relation to commissioning intentions was presented, with commitment to engage both the health and care system and the public in their further development.


The report and presentation described the Health and Care System Intentions, which include the commissioning intentions. These intentions have been developed following engagement from across the health and care system including senior leaders, local Councillors, lay members and clinical leaders. In addition, a public engagement programme of work has been developed which has started with a series of early conversations to inform our direction of travel. The report described this engagement. A joint ICB/LCO Board development session took place in September which focussed on four key areas with the aim of further defining them.


The report brought together this work, including the response to feedback from engagement and puts forward the Health and Care Intentions and commissioning intentions for approval which will inform decisions about SCF and LCO development, commissioning and service delivery for 20212022.


The system intentions are also informed by the system response to the “third phase of NHS response to COVID-19” and subsequent pan-GM discussions with the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (GM HSCP). The direction of travel aligns with the requirements of Phase 3 and will continue to be developed in year. 


The report outlined the high-level system and commissioning intentions for approval.


Alternatives considered:

There were no alternatives presented.



1.    That the health and care system intentions, including commissioning intentions as set out in the report and presentation be approved.


Reasons for the decision:

To support decisions about SCF and LCO development, commissioning and service delivery for 2021-2022