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Health and Social Care Pooled Budget Monitoring Report September 2020

Meeting: 27/10/2020 - Integrated Commissioning Board (Item 51)

51 Health and Social Care Pooled Budget Monitoring Report September 2020 pdf icon PDF 242 KB

To receive the attached report from the Cabinet Member for Corporate Delivery / Chief Finance Officer – Health & Social Care Integration


The Board considered the report of the Chief Finance Officer – Health and Social Care Integration which provided an update on the financial position of the pooled budget for the financial year 2020/21 as at the end of September 2020. The pooled budget excludes the Better Care Fund (BCF) which is being reported separately to the Board in 2020/21. The pooled budget has been amended to take into account the savings previously reported to the Board. 


Alternatives considered:

The operation of a formal pool in 2020/21 builds on the shadow pool that was operated by the Board in 2017/18 and is in line with 2018/19 & 2019/20 reporting; therefore there are no alternatives to consider.



1.    That the break-even position being forecast in relation to non-Covid pool budgets as at the end of September be noted. If the current national finance regime continues for the remainder of this financial year there should be no pressure in relation to health budgets. Early work on the month 7-12 CCG position identifies that the pressure is in the region of £500k - £1m.  A further update will be provided in future reports;

2.    It be noted that as at the end of September, £12.4m of Covid costs are forecast against the Health & Social Care Pool Budget. £4.6m of these costs have been reclaimed from the NHS Covid fund, and £7.8m forms part of the Local Authority overall Covid-19 pressure of £36.4m of which £16m Government funding has been received to date;

3.    It be noted that the non-Covid break-even position being reported against Adult Social Care is largely due to one off contributions of £1.4m from the CCG towards expensive placements and enhanced Discharge to assess provision, and so further work is required to address the underlying service pressures going forward. To support the addressing of this pressure, it should be noted that the service and the finance team have recently commenced a financial sustainability review along with a review of new operating models to understand the increasing pressures within adult social care and the ongoing impacts of COVID.


Reason for the decision:

The report updates the Board on the Health and Social Care pooled budgets for 2020/21 in line with National Health Service England (NHSE) guidelines and the Greater Manchester (GM) Health and Social Care Partnership requirements. As part of operating a pooled budget regular monitoring reports are required.