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Rochdale Development Agency 20210/2022 Core Grant

Meeting: 29/06/2021 - Cabinet (Item 10)

Rochdale Development Agency (RDA) Core Revenue Funding 2021-2022

Report of the Portfolio Holder for Economy and Communications/Assistant Director (Economy).

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Consideration was given to a report of the Cabinet Member for Economy and Communications / Assistant Director of Economy seeking approval for funding for Rochdale Development Agency (RDA) under the Agreement for Services, noting a review of the RDA to be reported at future meetings of the Cabinet.


Alternatives considered

The alternative is not to provide the revenue funding under the Agreement for Services, or not to provide it at the same level.



1.    That the revenue payment under the Agreement for Services to the RDA for 2021/22 of £403,874, be approved providing for a future percentage uplift to reflect whatever is agreed nationally in the Local Government pay settlement, and that this will be an annual Cabinet decision before the start of each financial year.

2.    That a review of the Agreement for Services with RDA in advance of the next financial year (2022/2023), and the use - for this year only - of a Change of Control note be approved.

3.    That in view of the Portfolio holder’s position as a Director of RDA, the Leader’s approval is required for any additional Council funding for the RDA, in consultation with the Council’s client officer from the 1st July 2021, Mark Robinson, Assistant Director, Economy Directorate, and the Chief Finance Officer.

4.    The Assistant Director (Legal, Governance & Workforce) be authorised to execute the Change of Control Notice and enter into any legal agreements necessary to give effect to this decision.


Reason for resolution

To enable the RDA to continue to provide services on behalf of the Council in line with the Borough’s Growth Plan and RDA Delivery Plan for 2021/22, pending the review of the Service Agreement.