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Call in: Pennines Township Funds 2021/2022

Meeting: 14/09/2021 - Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Item 15)

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The Committee to consider two funding decsions, made by Pennines Towsnhip Committee on 15th July 2021,  that have been called-in by two Memebrs of the Council.

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The Committee considered a report of the Director of Resources which presented details of a decision that has been made by Pennines Township Committee, at its meeting on 20th July 2021 (minute 7: Pennines Township Funds 2021/2022), which had been called-in by Councillors Emsley and Paolucci.


Councillors Emsley and Paolucci had called-in this item for the following reasons:

i.                 There is not enough information on which to make a decision;

ii.                An alternative policy option or options has/have been insufficiently explored;

iii.              The reason(s) for rejection of alternative policy options had been insufficiently explained;


Councillor Emsley added that …”the bands had requested £5,000 (PTC/02/21 Milnrow) and £11,650 (PTC/06/21 Wardle Anderson) respectively. They were awarded a flat rate £5,000 which was 100% of Milnrow’s request and less than 50% of Wardle Anderson’s request. These were the only award made that evening that was less than requested. Both bands make considerable contribution to the community and I do not feel that this was fair and equitable, I feel they could have both been awarded a percentage of what they were asking for, not a ‘flat’ rate.


Wardle Anderson Brass Band, drew many of its players from local schools, there is a tradition of tuition from Wardle Academy being offered in the feeder Primary Schools: Kentmere, St Andrew’s, St James’s, Smithy Bridge, Holy Trinity and Littleborough. This meant that the membership of this band was based in the Pennines Township, specifically in the wards of Smallbridge, Wardle, Smithy Bridge and Littleborough. They should be given a fair decision by the Committee.”


Councillor Besford, Vice Chair of Pennines Township Committee (who was in the Chair during consideration of Minute 7) addressed the Committee with regard to the call in.


In considering the report, Members of the Committee were satisfied that Pennines Township Committee had followed the correct procedures in reaching their decision. It was noted that there was a preponderance of brass bands in that locality, which seemed to be historical and cultural, related to the geographical position of Pennines Township being so relatively close to West Yorkshire and Saddleworth. Pennines Township therefore received a relatively large number of funding applications from brass bands. It was suggested that the Cabinet investigate the feasibility of a separate fund being established from which brass bands could make applications to.



1.     That the matter be referred back to the Pennines Township Action Committee, for further consideration at the next available meeting

2.     That the Cabinet be requested to investigate the feasibility of a separate fund being established from which brass bands, based across the Borough, can make applications to.