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Members must indicate at this stage any items on the agenda in which they must declare an interest.  Members must verbally give notice of their interest at the meeting and complete the form attached with this agenda. 


Members are also advised to take advice with regard to any matter where there is potential bias or predetermination in any business to be considered at the meeting and whether they should take part in decision making at the meeting.


Members are reminded that, in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 and the Council's adopted Code of Conduct, they must declare the nature of any discloseable pecuniary interest; personal interest and/or prejudicial interest required of them and, in the case of any discloseable pecuniary interest or prejudicial interest, withdraw from the meeting during consideration of the item, unless permitted otherwise within the Code of Conduct.

Additional documents:


Councillor Davidson declared a personal interest in agenda item 2 “Presentation – Friends of Hare Hill House/Moorend Trust” as a personal member of the Moorend Trust.


Presentation - Friends of Hare Hill House/MoorEnd Trust

A presentation by Trustees.


Nick Andrews, a Trustee of the Moorend Trust, provided an update on the work of the Trust since being afforded a 125 year lease from the Council on Hare Hill House. 


As part of the restoration works on Hare Hill House features of particular interest, including some that challenged previously held views of the history of the House, had been uncovered.  Much work had been undertaken by local volunteers, the Hind Hill Heroes, with input also coming from a number of other bodies.  Local businesses had provided assistance, both financial and material.


A number of rooms in Hare Hill House were now back in use, with work on the community room now almost complete; example of current usage were advised.  A variety of events had been hosted at the House, provided by the Trust or by other bodies.  The growing use of the building through the restoration period had been achieved without any real advertising, though this would be addressed through the Trust’s Business Plan looking to develop a financially sustainable model.


The Council was thanked for the grant of the lease, which had enable the Trust to plan for the future with confidence of tenure that also assisted in the  seeking of grant funding.


DECIDED – That Nick Andrews be thanked for his presentation and the Moorend Trust congratulated on their good works.

Eligible for call-in: No


Presentation- Pennines Township in Bloom

Director of Neighbourhoods to present.


DECIDED – That this item be withdrawn from the agenda.


Open Forum

Up to half an hour has been set aside for members of the public to raise any issues relevant to the business of the Committee and the Township.


The following matters were considered within the Open Forum –


(a)          Greater Manchester Police update

PC M. Adams and PCSO C. Broome attended to present an update of Greater Manchester Police (GMP) activity in the Pennines Township.  Further to the report at the previous meeting, the new policing model had now been introduced.  Early indications were that the new arrangements were working well, though some issues relating to resources and staffing had been identified.  Mobile data was being rolled out which enabled police officers to remain out in the area, working in local libraries to make updates and being available to the local community. 


A verbal update in burglary and anti-social behaviour was provided, noting that following a spike of burglaries in the Wardle and West Littleborough Ward suspects had been arrested and charged, and that anti-social behaviour reports had reduced across all four Pennines Wards.  It was confirmed that Littleborough Police station was to close permanently on 30th August prior to disposal; GMP was working with partners for local Officers to be based at centres such as libraries and the fire station.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Members of the Committee noted that staffing levels in the Pennines Township had been raised with the Police and Crime Commissioner; the Committee was further advised of recruitment activity being undertaken by GMP.  Members of the Committee also praised the response of GMP to a relation to a recent issue with travellers in Milnrow, and highlighted a particular area which appeared to be experiencing a spate of burglaries.


(b)          Land at Hare Hill Road, Littleborough

A resident attended to express concerns at what might happen to the land at Hare Hill Road that was subject to a report on the agenda, noting her understanding that the site was contaminated.


DECIDED – That agenda item 11 (Land at Hare Hill Road, Littleborough) be now considered. 


Land at Hare Hill Road, Littleborough pdf icon PDF 153 KB

Additional documents:


The Director of Economy sought the consideration of the Committee as to the declaration of the former gas works site at Hare Hill Road, Littleborough as being surplus to requirements; the negotiation with National Grid over restrictions on the land; the commissioning of a site investigation report; and the investigation of the feasibility of carrying-out a car park study with local organisations to establish car parking requirements.  Further to the submitted report, Members referred to suggestions of previous investigations into the site undertaken several years ago.


The recommendation was presented to seek the views of the Committee as to the future use and/or development of the site.


Alternatives considered – The Council could choose to do nothing and not dispose of the site at Hare Hill Road - this would not facilitate further car parking in the area or, dependent on ground conditions and degree of remediation required, generate a capital receipt; the Council could declare the land surplus and look to develop the site - a sale on the open market would, subject to ground conditions, produce a  capital receipt; or develop either the whole site as a car park or, subject to land conditions,  develop a mixed housing/carpark scheme.


DECIDED – That (1) the declaration of the land as surplus be deferred pending receipt of further reports by the Committee;

            (2) it be noted that Officers will, under delegated powers, negotiate directly with National Grid regarding the removal of restrictions on part of the site as identified within the submitted report;

            (3) it be noted that site investigations will be commissioned to help establish the amount of any land remediation that would need to be carried out by an interested party ahead of any redevelopment, and this consideration be reported to this Committee, including consideration of any previous site investigations that might be identified;

            (4) an investigation into the supply, demand and location of car parking facilities within Littleborough be undertaken and reported to this Committee;

            (5) the option for the use of the whole site for car parking purposes be discounted due to the cost implications.

Eligible for call-in: Yes


Minutes pdf icon PDF 79 KB

To consider the minutes of the meeting of the Township Committee held 31st May 2016.


DECIDED – That, subject to the insertion of apostrophes to the words ‘Townships’ and ‘Councils’ in the middle paragraph of the preamble and in resolution (2) to Minute 11, the minutes of the Pennines Township Committee held on 31st May 2016 be approved as a correct record.


Pennines Township Delegated Sub-Committee pdf icon PDF 62 KB

To note the minutes of the Pennines Township Delegated and Funding Sub-Committee meeting held on 4th July 2016.


DECIDED – That the minutes of the meeting of the Pennines Township Delegated and Funding Sub-Committee held on 4th July 2016 be noted.


Pennines Township Planning Sub-Committee pdf icon PDF 57 KB

-       To note the minutes of the meeting of the Pennines Township Planning Sub-Committee held on 8th June 2016.


DECIDED – That the minutes of the meeting of the Pennines Township Planning Sub-Committee held on 8th June 2016 be noted.


Asset Strategy 2016/2019 pdf icon PDF 152 KB

Additional documents:


The Director of Economy advised of the adoption by the Cabinet of an amended Asset Strategy for 2016-2019, presenting the Strategy document which provides the framework by which the Council intends to manage its property assets during the financial years 2016-2019.


DECIDED – That the report and the Asset Strategy be noted.

Eligible for call-in: No


Budget 2017/18 to 2019/20 Guidelines and Timetable pdf icon PDF 209 KB


The Director of Resources the budget guidelines and timetable to be used in preparing the detailed 2017/18 budget and provisional budgets for 2018/19 and 2019/20.


DECIDED – That the report, including the revenue assumptions, budget timetable and the revenue and capital budget principles, be noted.

Eligible for call-in: No


Objections to Rakewood Road Motorcycle Bay Traffic Regulation Order pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Additional documents:


The Director of Neighbourhoods reported on two objections received to the proposed introduction of a ‘motorcycles only’ bay restriction on a section of Rakewood Road, Littleborough situated outside the Wine Press premises, in Littleborough Lakeside Ward and invited consideration.  The submitted report included a Statement of Reasons for the proposed Traffic Regulation Order and details of the objections received with responses from the Director of Neighbourhoods.


The recommendation was presented as to comply with the Local Authorities’ Traffic Orders, Regulations 1996 the Authority must consider all objections submitted during the statutory consultation period before making a Traffic Regulation Order or otherwise.  The Committee held delegated powers to consider the objections received and determine whether the scheme should progress or be abandoned.   


Alternatives considered - The alternative to the proposed restriction was to continue with the current arrangements.  The proposed Traffic Regulation Order was intended to address the high demand for motorcycle parking at peak seasonal leisure times for which it as considered necessary to introduce the Order.


DECIDED – That the submitted objections be overruled and the Traffic Regulation Order Borough of Rochdale ((Civil Enforcement of Traffic Contraventions) (Various Streets) (Pennines Township) Order 2008) (Amendment) (No.52) Order.

Eligible for call-in: Yes