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Venue: Middleton Arena - LCpl Joel Halliwell VC Way, Middleton, Manchester M24 1AG

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Incident at Westminster


The Committee observed a period of silence in respect of those who died or were seriously injured as a result of the terrorist attack at Westminster, central London on Wednesday, 22nd March 2017.


Declarations of Interest

Members must indicate at this stage any items on the agenda in which they must declare an interest.  Members must verbally give notice of their interest at the meeting and complete a declaration form. 


Members are also advised to take advice with regard to any matter where there is potential bias or predetermination in any business to be considered at the meeting and whether they should take part in decision making at the meeting.


Members are reminded that, in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 and the Council's adopted Code of Conduct, they must declare the nature of any discloseable pecuniary interest; personal interest and/or prejudicial interest required of them and, in the case of any discloseable pecuniary interest or prejudicial interest, withdraw from the meeting during consideration of the item, unless permitted otherwise within the Code of Conduct.


There were no declarations of interests.


Presentation - Greater Manchester Spatial Framework

Presentation to be delivered by Leader of the Council, Richard Farnell.


Councillor Farnell, the Leader of the Council gave a verbal presentation on the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) and its proposed impact on the Rochdale Borough in general and on Middleton Township in particular, further to minute 53 (f) of the last meeting of the Committee on 12th January 2017.


Councillor Farnell emphasised that Greater Manchester was starting to show real and sustained growth in jobs and population but still performed below the national average in terms of productivity and growth and there were still too many places within Greater Manchester which had weak economic performance. The Northern Powerhouse sought to address this imbalance and Greater Manchester – as a leading City Region - was fundamental to its success.  

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority was actively promoting a strategy for growth across its whole footprint providing opportunities for investment in areas where there are genuine competitive advantages and for the acceleration of growth in those areas where economic activity is weakest.


Greater Manchester would need to manage growth so it becomes a better place to live, work and visit. Therefore the GMSF is being developed to make sure that investment and growth in houses and jobs happened but also benefited residents and made Greater Manchester a better place to live and work. Also plans need to be made to be able to plan for schools, green spaces, roads and health facilities alongside new homes, offices and factories. 


The GMSF is an important part of a ‘tool-kit’ designed to facilitate Greater Manchester’s capacity to deliver our full economic potential, and also to ensure that all parts of Greater Manchester and its residents fully share in that economic success. This means that those parts of Greater Manchester which are performing comparatively weakly should be supported to accelerate their growth.


Members of the public in attendance raised a number of issues and asking a series of questions that were pertinent to the presentation including:

a.    The number of under developed and undeveloped sites in Middleton many of which have an existing planning permission in force?

b.    The balance between developments in ‘green belt’ land and those on ‘brown field’ sites?

c.    Measures that were being brought forward to protect ‘green belt’ land in the Township?

d.    Details of ‘affordable’ homes and ‘social housing’ developments that are going to be built in terms of their location in the Township?

e.    The types and numbers of new jobs that will possibly be created as a result of the Spatial Framework?

f.     What proposals there were to deal with existing empty residential properties in the Borough?

g.     Proposals to deal with ‘green belt’ land in the Township that is not included in the Spatial Framework document?


The Leader of the Council was thanked by Members of the Township Committee for his interesting and informative presentation.


DECIDED – That the presentation be noted and welcomed.


Presentation - Homeshare Scheme


A representative of PossAbilities, the Adult Care providers, Ms. Ruth Bamber gave a presentation on the ‘home share’ project that Possabilities were piloting. The benefits of the ‘home share’ project were that it was a safe and secure scheme for tenants which was described as being an affordable housing option that provided tenants with support and companionship. Members of the Township commented on the positive impact that the scheme was having across the Borough as a whole suggesting that the Council’s Communications team should be involved in the project to spread the ‘good news’ to a wider audience. Members of the Township asked if the presentation could be could be delivered at a meeting of the Township’s Environment and Culture sub group where it could be considered in more depth.


DECIDED – That the presentation be noted and welcomed.      


Presentation - Citizens Contracts


Inspector Stott and Sergeant Birkhead (Greater Manchester Police) delivered a presentation that highlighted the police’s five step plan for improving community policing by 2020. The five step plan included: partnership working including the use of integrated teams that utilised external agencies and organisations; supporting those that were most at risk of harm; making the best use of technology; developing the workforce; and creating a ‘Citizen’s Contract’ that would be developed arising from feedback obtained from the extensive consultation exercises that the Police were carrying out.


In reply to a question from a member of the public the police representatives confirmed that they had given due regard to mental health issues in the  development of their citizens contract strategy?


A member of the Committee asked, in the light of recent policing changes in the Township if local Councillors could be provided with a list of local police emergency contact names, e-mail address and telephone numbers?


DECIDED – That the presentation be noted and welcomed.


Presentation - Status4All


Mr. Terry Smith gave a brief presentation on the ‘Status4All’ project that operated largely in the Township’s West Middleton Ward and advised on the positive community impact that arose from the scheme. Councillor burke, on behalf of the West Middleton Ward Councillors thanked Mr. Smith for his contribution to the positive impact of the scheme.


DECIDED – That the presentation be noted and welcomed.


Open Forum

Half an hour has been set aside for members of the public to raise any issues relevant to the business of the Committee and the Township.


a.    Anti-Social Behaviour against Taxi Drivers


Representatives of local taxi and hackney carriage operators addressed the meeting in relation to the persistent and threatening anti-social behaviour that was directed against them, predominantly by teenaged boys, in and around Middleton, especially the town centre area. This was happening to such a degree that many drivers were fearful of working in Middleton town centre after dark. Representations on this matter had been made recently to Councillor Rowbotham who addressed the meeting in this regard. Representatives of Greater Manchester Police replied that they were aware of the incidents referred to and were taking steps to counter this problem. It was suggested that the Township’s Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour Prevention Officer be requested to convene a meeting with representatives of Middleton’s taxi drivers and local officers from greater Manchester Police to agree a way forward.


b.    Birch Street Lamps


Mr. Loudon informed the Township Committee that a further visit to paint outstanding street lamps within the ‘conservation area’ had been undertaken.  This only addressed the street lamps on Heywood Old Road and currently no street lamps have been painted on Langley Lane and Whittle Lane.  Mr Loudon asked if the Council’s Highways Service’s Birch Conservation Appraisal Document could be updated to determine the extent of the Conservation Boundary including Langley Lane and Whittle Lane and paint accordingly.


c.    Trees on Heywood Old Road


Mr. Loudon asked if the Council’s Highways Service could advise on the replacement of felled trees on A6045.


d.    Weight Restriction on Whittle Lane


Mr. Loudon stated that presently there were no ‘Weight Restriction’ signs on Whittle Lane where it adjoined Heywood Old Road.  Mr Loudon added that HGV usage on Whittle Lane was frequent and he felt it was only a matter of time before a serious accident happened in this area. Mr Loudon asked if the Council could introduce ‘Weight Restriction’ signs at the junction on Whittle Lane, as the current signs on Heywood Old were, he felt, ineffective.


e.    Traffic Light Proposal at Langley Lane / Heywood Old Road


Mr Loudon addressed the Committee advising that he understood the Council were planning to install traffic lights at the bottom of Langley Lane.  Mr. Loudon stated that the majority of local residents opposed such a proposal on the basis that the junction will introduce queuing traffic directly outside residential homes and will significantly increase pollution.  Mr. Loudon therefore asked if the Council could advise on what residential/community consultation will take place in relation to this proposal? 

f.     Traffic Congestion in Birch


Mr. Loudon asked if the Council’s Highways Service could introduce a temporary weight restriction scheme between Coronation Avenue and Whittle Lane as a short term measure until the future of the Junction 19 (M62) Link Road proposal is confirmed.


DECIDED – That the Council’s Head of Highways be requested to consider the issues presented by Mr. Loudon and submit a written response to him thereon, with copies to the Chair and the Vice Chair of the Township Committee.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 63.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 69 KB

To consider the minutes of the meeting of the Middleton Township Committee held on 12th January 2017


DECIDED – That the minutes of the meeting of Middleton Township Committee held 12th January 2017 be approved as a correct record.


Middleton Township Devolved Funding and Devolved Services Sub-Committee pdf icon PDF 70 KB

To note the minutes of meeting of the Middleton Township Devolved Funding and Devolved Services Sub Committee held on 8th March 2017


DECIDED – That the minutes of the meeting of the Middleton Township Devolved Funding and Devolved Services Sub Committee held on 8th March 2017 be noted.


Langley Section 106 pdf icon PDF 145 KB


The Township Committee considered a report of the Director of Economy which set out the amount of Section 106 public open space monies accrued within Middleton Township as at 31st January 2017; and which sought approval for the allocation of funds from relevant Section106 receipts to fund open space improvements in West Middleton.


The recommendations in the report were presented as various reports relating to the setting up of procedures to monitor income and spend from planning agreements have been presented to relevant Council Committees since 2009. There had been broad Member support for improvements and greater transparency to be introduced to this process with the intention that a Township Committee should be able to determine any spend, in accordance with the terms of any legal agreements and/or relevant planning policies and to align the use of any monies in line with that Township’s priorities. Middleton Township Members had previously requested that all Section 106 open space funded schemes be approved by Members by way of a report to Township Committee. A similar process of reporting exists in the Borough’s other three Townships.


Alternatives considered: Section 106 open space contributions are collected and administered in accordance with national and local policy obligations, set out in the Council’s Supplementary Planning document, therefore no alternatives were considered.


DECIDED – That (1) the Committee notes the current resources held within Middleton Township’s Section 106 public open space budget;

(2) the Committee approves the allocation of £10,782 of open space contributions to fund the projects identified in the Director of Economy’s submitted report.

Eligible for Call-in: Yes


Middleton Township Highways Programme 2017/18 pdf icon PDF 142 KB

Additional documents:


The Township Committee considered a report of the Director of Neighbourhoods which requested that the Committee notes and approves the Highways Work Programmes which were proposed to take place during the 2017-2018 financial year for the Middleton Township.


The individual programmes were appended to the submitted report and included the following:-

·         Year 2 of the 2016 - 2018 Approved Highways Maintenance Programme;

·         2017-18 Patching Programme;

·         2017-18 Drainage Repair Programme;

·         2017-18 Bridges and Structures Maintenance Programme;


The recommendations presented as Members had already approved Year 2 of the 2016/18 two year Highways Maintenance Programme.


The remaining Programmes were identified using asset management good practice which was deemed by the Department of Transport to be the most efficient way of managing highways assets.


No alternatives Programmes were considered as part of the process. The programmes had been put together using the principles of asset management with the aim of improving the Township’s assets in the most efficient way possible. 


DECIDED – (1) that Year 2 of the 2016 -2018 Approved Highways Maintenance Programme be noted;

       (2) whereevents external tothe Councilrequire rapidresponse oran agreement in principle, the Committeeauthorises theHead of Capital Projects and the HighwaysManager tovary the programmein consultationwith thePortfolio Holder for Environment and Housing andthe Chairof the Township Committee.

Eligible for call in - yes


Townships Plan 2017-19 pdf icon PDF 127 KB

Additional documents:


The Township Committee considered the report of the Director of Neighbourhoods which sought approval of the Township Plan for 2017-19.


The Township Plan identified priorities determined by each Township’s Councillors as a focus for action over the next two years.  The plan gathered aspirations and ideas together as a focus for decision makers, Council services, partner agencies and the voluntary and community sector active in the Rochdale Borough.


The Township’s Plan 2015 and 2016 had now expired.  The Township Plan 2017-19 included strategies and objectives identified to meet the priorities identified by each Township.  The Plan would also guide, direct and detail the use of devolved budgets, including Township Revenue Funds, for the financial years 2017/18 and 2018/19.


The Township Plan formed part of the Council’s Policy Framework.  The Plan was a ‘live’ document that would evolve and change to meet new opportunities and initiatives, and would be updated to reflect how funds were allocated across the Township in line with the identified priorities.


DECIDED – (1) that the detail included in the Townships Plan 2017-19 as appended to the submitted report be noted;

(2) that it be noted that the Township Plan has been developed in consultation with the Leader, the Portfolio Holder and the Township Chairs; consultation also having been taken place with additional Elected Members in line with Township Chairs’ recommendations.

(3) that the plan be approved to enable a focus on local priorities in line with the Council’s three key priorities – Prosperity, People and Place.

Eligible for call in - yes