Agenda and minutes

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Brett, Councillor Dearnley, Molly Brown, Emma Salloway and Mark Wynn.


Community Centres

The Chair will provide an update in relation to matters raised at previous meetings.


The Chair, Councillor Emsley, updated the meeting on the current situation regarding community centres in the Borough.


The Chair was asked to confirm the Council’s ‘long term vision’ for community centres in the Borough and what meaningful information can be presented to members of the Voluntary Sector Partnership?


The meeting discussed issues relating to repairs and leases at community centres and it was suggested that the Senior Property Manager (Estates and Asset Management) be requested to attend the next meeting to discuss these matters.


The Chair advised that the Council was committed to maintaining as many community centres as possible in the Borough, for as long as possible.


In response to a query, the Chair reported upon the Transition Fund, from which allocations were made based on established criteria. All unallocated funds had been brought back into the Council’s Base Budget.


The Chair was asked to confirm the situation with regard to Meadowfields Community Centre. This establishment had ceased to exist as a community centre but may have continued to receive grant funding. The Chair undertook to investigate this matter.


After a detailed discussion by the Partnership it was agreed that:

1.     The Senior Property Manager (Estates and Asset Management) be requested to attend the next meeting of the Voluntary Sector Partnership to report on issues relating to repairs and leases at community centres in the Borough

2.     The Neighbourhood Cohesion and Community Centres Engagement Officer be requested to review the information on community centre activities, so as to make the information more meaningful for attendees at future meetings of the Voluntary Sector Partnership.

3.     The Chair be requested to review the situation relating to grants that have been awarded to the former community centre at Meadowfields,


Future Work Programme for the Voluntary Sector Partnership

There will be an interactive session on matters that the Voluntary Sector Partnership will consider at future meetings:-


14th November 2019 at 10am

20th February 2020 at 10am



The following suggestions have been put forward:-


           Early Help training programme;

           Self-Care programme;

           GM Moving (Local Pilot learning);

           Neighbourhoods and Place Based Working;

           Real Change;




The Voluntary Sector Partnership considered items for a work programme that would inform the agendas of future meetings. It was suggested that Helen Chicot, the ‘Place Lead’ be invited to attend a future meeting of the partnership to discuss the Place Based Scheme that has successfully operated in the Council’s Balderstone and Kirkholt and Spotland and Falinge Wards and whcih was to be rolled out to the Heywood and Middleton Townships.

It was agreed that the next scheduled meeting on 14th November shall include a presentation from the Senior Property Manager (Estates and Asset Management) (see above) and an update on voluntary sector finance from Mr. R. Stanisland (Contracts and Quality Monitoring Officer).


The following scheduled meeting of the Partnership that is due to be on 20th February 2020 to include a presentation on the Place Base Scheme and a presentation that details the Council’s Early Help offer (to be delivered by the Early Help Locality Strategic Coordinator in Children’s Services).


The Partnership also considered ways in which future meetings can be made both more efficient and meaningful. In this regard it was agreed that:

a.     The Partnership’s distribution list be reviewed and. If necessary, updated.

b.     The clerk to the Voluntary Partnership be added to the ‘Action Together’ distribution list and where necessary channel information between Action Together and the Partnership.

c.     Chair’s agenda briefing meetings be reinstated ahead of future meetings of the Partnership to involve the Chair, the clerk to the Partnership, relevant reporting officers and representatives of the voluntary sector.


Future Meetings


It was noted that the next two meetings of the Voluntary Sector Partnership will be held on Thursday, 14th November 2019 and Thursday, 20th February 2020 both to be held in the Council Offices, Number One Riverside, Smith Street, Rochdale commencing at 9.30am.