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Welcome, Introductions and Apologies


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Minutes of last meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 71 KB


The minutes were agreed as an accurate record, with the following updates:

Sandy Lane/Bury Road/Roch Valley Way Junction Crossings
The request for a scheme to make improvements for pedestrians at the junction of Sandy Lane, Bury Road and Roch Valley way were taken to Rochdale Township Committee and was not funded.  Members are conducting a Ward inspection with Highways Cabinet Member and Highways Officers on Friday 7th June 2013 and will visit this site and raise this issue again.

Martlett Avenue lack of street litter bins
The request for an additional waste bin near the ginnel to Woodcock Close was looked at by Environmental Management who conducted a site visit and concluded they cannot
justify placing a waste bin on any of the ginnel’s off Woodcock Close.  One leads to the school and would be out of sight and possibly attract youths, causing nuisance to the residents, another as you approach the school gates from Woodcock Close side, where parents have made a walk through along side the railings leads to Bamford Precinct where there are four litter bins.

Township can request additional bins at a cost of £400 for a large floor mounted bin.

Footpath Weeds
Weed clearance work will continue and any reports will be dealt with.

The Travellers on the former Oakenrod school site moved on to Mellor Street, Rochdale and then from there to Appleby.

Pegasus Court Parking
It was confirmed there is a Planning Application to be considered for the Bury Road site opposite Pegasus Court.

Saint Clement’s Football Club grounds lease
A satisfactory arrangement has been reached with Saint Clement’s Football Club ground lease with which the club is happy.

Planters near the Precinct
It was confirmed that the funds provided by the Forum for the provision of planters to be sited around The Green area is still in place and will be furthered.  Also the money provided some considerable time ago for the provision of saddle planters at the pedestrian crossing was used with agreement of the Forum to make improvements to The Green following objections by Highways to the placement of those saddle planters.


Police and Community Safety


This item was brought forward as the Officers in attendance had arrested a prolific burglar which required dealing with and there were other Operational matters ongoing.

Burglary continues to be a priority, there has been on average six burglaries per week in the Ward, mostly at the Marland end, although last week there was only one.  The offender for one particularly nasty burglary where the home owner arrived home and was driven at is still to be dealt with.

Speeding problems on Bury Road and War Office Road was raised, this is a long standing issue and previous traffic surveys had taken place using a metro counter which monitors all traffic flow twenty four hours a day and produces results broken down in to hourly usage.  Results of these showed a low percentage of speeding.
Action: Request GMP install metro counters and conduct high visibility data collection visits (Stuart Hay)

Details of two suspicious males on Hawthorn Road were given.


Whit Walks


This year’s Whit Walks were policed and went well, there remains a doubt over future Police commitments to such events and Chair of the Forum had written to the Rochdale Divisional Commander, which was read out:

Dear Chief Superintendent Anderson

I am writing to thank Inspector Khan and the attending PCSOs Colin Taylor, Andrew Sanderson and Lorraine Entwistle who did an excellent job last Sunday morning, in Bamford, which enabled our walk to take place in the traditional, safe environment.  The event proceeded without any problems.

However I was concerned that I wrote to you in mid March and did not receive any acknowledgement or response.  I then read in the Observer about the problems which the Vicar in Milnrow was encountering.  Another of my roles here in Bamford, in addition to my being the Secretary at Bamford Chapel is that of Chairman of the Bamford & Oakenrod Forum.  So because time was passing and I was in process of arranging the Agenda for the next Forum meeting which is to be held at Bamford Chapel on 3rd June I began to flag up my dilemma, copying in the local Councillors etc.  Our Township manager, Stuart Hay, contacted our Area Inspector, hence my thanks to Insp. Umer Khan.  Within a few days he came back to me and assured me that he would do all he could to ensure the event would go ahead.

We were committed to Rochdale Intermediate Brass Band to the tune of £250 and I have liaised with 2 other Churches in the area, St. Michael’s and St Vincent’s.  Youth Organisations etc. I was also indebted to Stuart Hay for his help.  I have tabled these problems on the forthcoming forum meeting agenda.  I hope you can appreciate that we cannot continue to be what might be described as being discriminated against when we pay Council Tax which include precepts for Police and Fire services whilst there are numerous supported community activities which go on throughout the Borough, throughout the year.

I have made similar arrangements for this event now for over 30 years and Bamford Chapel has witnessed as a Christian Community, at the heart of this community now for over 200 years.  I trust that this matter can be resolved in order that there is no repetition next year and on into the future.

Yours sincerely

A reply is awaited but it is very clear having met with Head of Community Safety and Highways that in future any group or individual organising any event on the Highway must apply to Highways for a road closure.  RMBC Highways have agreed to charge a much reduced fee to cover costs of £119 to any not for profit group and not the £804 full charge.  The road closure would be under the Town Police Clauses Act 1847 and be of the rolling road closure type which is the most suitable for such parades as opposed to a full closure under Road Traffic Management  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


20mph schemes


Bamford Primary
The Traffic Regulation Orders for the revised scheme with no physical restrictions have been sealed and the works ordered from the contractors, signs should be appearing shortly.

St Michael’s
The Traffic Regulation Orders have been sealed and Highways have agreed timescales with the contractors.  The signs should be manufactured by 5th July 2013 and there will be an eight week installation period.  Highways are to meet the contractors on site within the next two weeks to mark out sign positions.  Councillor Pat Sullivan would like to be part of that meeting and Highways will be informed.

The signs will be flashing ones and will operate at morning drop off time and afternoon pick up times.  There will be the facility to operate outside these times if there is a parents evening or other event at the school and highways will work with the school when the signs are installed to get the times that suit them.  There have been delays due to the Department of Transport approving the scheme under new Legislation.

Comments were made about inconsiderate and dangerous parking.  The school have worked hard with parents to stop this problem.  RMBC Enforcement Officers do attend the area and had been seen recently.  It was requested to ask them to attend frequently and also that Heywood Township considers a Traffic Regulation Order to prevent parking along Queen’s Park Road from the School right down to the bridge.  Queen’s Park car park has been extended and it was asked whether the land at the side of the School could be turned in to a car park also.
Action: Invite Councillor Sullivan to site meeting, request attendance of RMBC Enforcement Officers, request Heywood Township to consider a Traffic Regulation Order and investigate use of land as a car park. (Stuart Hay)


Bamford Green


United Utilities have been conducting, with permission, preliminary tests on The Green as to the suitability of installing an underground water storage tank to ease flooding problems in the area.  The tank would hold water and have controlled release to prevent overload of the system.  It is very early days and nothing will be done without consultation.  Any project would be costly, a long time in coming and if any work was ever undertaken, full reparation would be made with the possibility of making improvements to The Green on the back of any project.  Stuart Hay has been put on the stakeholders’ list and will be informed by United Utilities of any future development and will inform the Forum.  No asbestos is present.


Open Forum


Bamford Village Sign
The Bamford village sign is in place on the agreed site at the corner of Martlett Avenue and Norden Road, some thought it not terribly visible.

Bus Services
The frequency and reliability of bus services from the area to Bury was criticised with examples given of services not turning up and drivers refusing to let passengers on who did not have the correct change, college pupils were allegedly late for recent A Level exams as a result.  These comments were directed at Councillor Ian Duckworth as Transport Representative.  He has previously dealt with one of the providers, Rossendale Transport, and as they are outside of Greater Manchester there is no power to force them to do anything.  A representative of the independent and passenger run Transport for Greater Manchester Campaign stated that the area has more buses now than ever before and that services are better than they have been.  The complainant will contact Councillor Duckworth direct.

Meadow Croft Mill
Meadow Croft Mill is being developed and is to have a 25 meter turning circle.  Money has been spent improving the walking area which is looking good and it was asked whether the Right of Way would be preserved.  It is part of The Green Corridor and it will be and it will be monitored.

Highways Resurfacing
It was confirmed that Moorgate Avenue is on next year’s Highways programme to be resurfaced and Bamford Way is to be done.  Bamford Way carries a large volume of traffic.  Both locations together with Bell Meadow Crescent, which has two previously marked out but never actioned pot holes, will be included on the Ward Highways inspection being conducted on Friday 7th June 2013 and highlighted by Councillor Duckworth for any repairs.  Councillor Sullivan outlined the £400,000 structural patching fund which is not just the filling of individual pot holes but rather the more substantial and long lasting patching of larger surrounding areas, following Members challenging the quality of repairs.

It was confirmed that Highways Inspectors decide which repairs are made and not the contractors who act on direction of Highways Officers.

Martlett Avenue Kerb
The kerbs on Martlett Avenue have all been dropped apart form the last one at The Precinct so users can get all the way to the Precinct but not access the shops. Can the scheme be completed by dropping this one kerb.
Action: Request kerb is dropped. (Stuart Hay)

Blocked Gullies
There is a blocked gulley outside number 385 Bury and Rochdale Old Road which has a history of blocking.  There is also a blocked gulley outside number 31 Bamford Way.
Action: Request gullies are jetted and cleaned. (Stuart Hay)

Dog Waste Bins
Following the removal of a dog waste bin between Wood Top Avenue and Camberley Drive, it was clarified that these bins are no longer used and all items go in to the general waste bins.

Places of Worship
The unequivocal response to a request for information on the number of dwelling houses  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


Any Other Business




Date and time of the next meeting


6.30pm Monday 2nd September 2013 at Bamford Chapel