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Venue: Bamford Chapel, Norden Road, Rochdale OL11 5PQ. View directions

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Welcome, Introductions and Apologies


The Chair welcomed all to the meeting, he explained that Stuart Hay has now taken up a secondment to a different role, and introduced Val White to the forum.  The Chair thanked Stuart for all his hard work and commitment for the Bamford ward.


Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 77 KB


A copy of the code of conduct was circulated with the papers, and all were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


Minutes of last meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 66 KB


Bamford Way – Surfacing
It was claimed that the stretch that was recently re-surfaced is below standard and residents asked what is going to happen?
Action (1) Arrange site visit and request Highways inspection if necessary (Val White)

Pot-holes on Greenvale
Despite a number of reports no repairs have been carried out.  It was understood that a full re-surface is planned, but no further details were given.
Action (2) Establish what the plans are regarding resurfacing of Greenvale (Val White)

Blocked Drains
There were complaints that drains are badly blocked in many areas, and claims that these drains have not been cleaned for a number of years.  Particularly problematic areas include Bury & Rochdale Road, Clay Lane near the Treatment Works, Edenfield Road (bus terminus to Norden Way) and Norden Rd/Bagslate Moor Road.
Action (3) Request inspection and clearance of drains (Val White)

Norden Road Re-Surfacing
Residents requested assurances that all blocked gulleys would be cleared before planned re-surfacing takes place.
Action (4) Clarity timescale for re-surfacing and request gulley clearance (Val White)

All actions/updates from the last meeting were given verbally.


Police and Community Safety


Parking on grass verges
There are problems with vehicles parking fully on the kerb on Norden Road between Norford Way and The Grapes Public House.  There are also claims that speeding is still a problem, and that the electronic speed sign is less effective now.
Action (5) Increase patrols with a view to taking enforcement action re parking and speeding (PCSO Taylor)

Partners And Communities Together Meetings

PCSO Taylor explained that the PACT meetings are designed to allow residents to meet with Police and partners to identify three priorities each month that they would like agencies to focus on.  Residents were informed that if nobody from their area attends, their issues won’t be raised.  Some residents felt that the meetings are not publicised well enough.

There have been a number of burglaries recently where gold has been targeted, and some residents felt that the lack of a Homewatch scheme had led to a breakdown in communication.  The forum was informed that the Homewatch scheme is due to re-launch on 10th March 2014, venue to be confirmed.  Insp. Khan had also agreed to do a walk about in the area but has not yet done so.  The Police are currently running two anti-burglary initiatives; Operation Ulysses involves issuing notices to properties surrounding victims of burglary asking occupants to be extra vigilant, and Operation Glacier which is a plain clothes operation.

Residents of Diggles Lane asked for a number of considerations including CCTV cameras, improved lighting and permission to erect higher fences.  PCSO Taylor would liaise with the Community Safety Officer to arrange a visit and a survey of the area, and recommendations around what can and cannot be done.
Action (6) Liaise with Community Safety Officer to arrange visit (PCSO Taylor)

Man In Van
It was reported that a man has been driving around offering new mattresses to people.  The advice to any resident approached by this person is to refuse to engage with him, take the vehicle registration number and report the incident along with a description to the Police on 101.


Open Forum


Senior Citizens Forum
The next meeting will take place on Monday 14th April 2014, 10am at Rochdale Town Hall, all were welcome and encouraged to attend.

Tree Planting
£1,000 from the Ward Fund has been allocated to a tree planting scheme, however, the forum was informed that this is a relatively small amount and that the original project suggested was not feasible.  The forum was still keen to pursue this and agreed to keep the funding committed with a view to adding more funds from the ward fund next year.

9th Heywood Scout Group
Ruth Doyle attended the forum to thank Ward Members for supporting a bid for funding for camping equipment for the group.  A large number of items from cooking utensils to tents was purchased and has already been used.  The Scouts are extremely grateful for this support, and photographs of recent activities are available.

Ward Fund Update
The forum was informed that ward funds have been allocated not only to the Scout Group, but to Rochdale Olympic Gym Club, ‘SLOW’ markings on Norden Road, railings on Roch Valley Way, tree planting, and a barrier for the area opposite Highfield Hospital to prevent anti-social behaviour.  Highfield Hospital have contributed to the cost.  There is a small amount of funding still available, and PCSO Taylor will be submitting a bid for a scheme with the Cadets.

Bus Shelter – Norden Road
A request for a bus shelter outside La Dolce Vita Restaurant was made, this has been requested previously but no response has been received.
Action (7) Contact TfGM to request assessment of suitability for a shelter (Val White)

Pelican Crossing – Norden Road
Residents reported that the pelican crossing takes far too long to change when pedestrians are waiting to cross which often results in traffic clearing whilst the pelican is on red, and the traffic lights changing to red when there is no longer anybody waiting to cross.
Action (8) Enquiry whether timings can be changed (Val White)

Coronation Power
Leaflets detailing consultation plans for a wind farm at Rooley Moor Road were made available, and residents were encouraged to read the proposals and attend events if they wished to be involved.

Bamford Green & Copse
There were reports of litter and tipping, and residents asked whether a hit team could attend and clean.
Action (9) Arrange clean up at Bamford Green & Copse (Val White)

Martlett Avenue 20mph zone
There were concerns that the 20mph zone doesn’t cover a large enough area and questions were asked with regard to extending the scheme.  It was explained that this scheme is now complete and that the only opportunity to extend the scheme would have been during the consultation period.  To make any amendments at this stage would require a new Traffic Regulation Order, and there are no funds available to proceed with such a scheme.


Date and time of next meeting


Monday 2nd June 2014


Bamford Chapel