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Welcome, Introductions and Apologies


The Chair welcomed all to the meeting and sadly informed of the passing of Forum stalwart and faithful attendee, Jim Taylor, an ex engineer who took a keen interest in the standard of road repairs.  He will be remembered with affection.

Apologies were received from Councillor Jane Gartside Keith Butler, Linda Kerford, Mr and Mrs Akhtar.


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A copy of the code of conduct was circulated with the papers and all were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


Minutes of last meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 96 KB


The minutes of the last meeting held on Monday 2 June 2014 were agreed as an accurate record and the following updates were given.

Bamford Way - Surfacing
A Highways’ update on the alleged sub-standard resurfaced stretch of Bamford Way that is possibly under litigation is still outstanding.
Action: Obtain Highways’ progress report (Stuart Hay)

Potholes on Greenvale
Greenvale is on the forward works programme, however, a new contract is to be negotiated and no date is yet available for the works to be done.  Potholes need repairing in the meantime.
Action: Request potholes be repaired and seek timescale for resurfacing (Stuart Hay)

Blocked drains
All drains on Norden Road, Bagslate Moor Road and at The Treatment works have been inspected and cleared where necessary.

Norden Road Resurfacing
A Highways’ update on the completion of Norden Road resurfacing is still outstanding.
Action: Obtain Highways progress report (Stuart Hay)

Home Watch signs
The Home Watch signs on Cranbourne Avenue have been replaced.

Bus Shelter – Norden Road
The request for the siting of a bus shelter on Norden Road is still awaiting a patronage count which Transport for Greater Manchester did say would be a lengthy process.  An update will be requested for the next meeting on the possible timescale.
Action: Request update from Transport for Greater Manchester (Stuart Hay)

Traffic lights at junction Bury Road, Roch Valley Way and Sandy Lane
PC 4099 Wynne had conducted several enforcement visits to catch motorists failing to conform to red traffic signals at the junction of Bury Road, Roch Valley Way and Sandy Lane as a deterrent.

Norden Road Speed Sign
Mick Ball has requested Peel Holdings cut back the hedge obscuring the illuminated speed sign on Norden Road but the work is yet to be done and will be chased up.

Action: Request cut back of hedge (Mick Ball)

Bury Road Bus Stop
JC Decaux have advised that the bus shelter facing Wood Top Avenue is currently deglazed due to pavement works at the location and outstanding electrical work after the completion of which the shelter will be re-glazed.  There is no timescale for this.

Norden Road Signs/Road Markings
The slow road markings on Norden Road at its junction with Jowkin Lane are still to be done, they were funded a considerable time ago and need doing.
Action: Request painting of road markings soonest (Stuart Hay)

Spring Bank Lane Pavement
Further repairs have been made to Spring Bank Lane footpath and the whole lane has been put on the forward works programme for footway slurry sealing.


Police And Communities Together


The Bamford Ward Police And Communities Together meeting had taken place immediately before this meeting and the Policing priorities decided upon are burglary and abuse of the No Entry restrictions into Sudden Village from Manchester Road.

There have been four recent significant arrests of persistent offending burglars, two caught on positive DNA results from blood left at the scenes of burglaries on Bamford Way and Holborn Street and two caught in a vehicle stolen during the course of a burglary.

The Police were commended for putting information out to Home Watch schemes and PCSO Taylor is trying to extend the scheme.  They were also commended for crime reduction advice given on Broadhalgh Avenue where overgrown hedges were cut back giving more visibility to residents.  No one has yet been arrested for the Hawthorn Road incident.

A request for CCTV to be installed on Diggles Lane was made and one of the residents has offered the use of their property to site it.  Residents have fitted numerous security lights but still feel vulnerable especially as dark nights are approaching.  PCSO Taylor will liaise direct with the residents in partnership with Diane Lodwig from RBC Community Safety.

A vehicle used in the commission of a burglary on Spring Bank Lane was secreted on the lane at the end.  Residents would like bollards fitting to prevent vehicles from using this part of the lane and Councillor Sullivan has already requested Highways to scope using Township Funds.

Questions were asked about the proposed Oulder Hill 20mph speed limit area that £11,500 has been allocated to implement.  The Police are in favour of any action that improves road safety and reduces casualties.  A map of the proposed area was available.  The scheme does not cover main arterial roads and it is currently undergoing consultation.  The consensus of opinion was in favour of a 20mph area.

The Grapes Pub on Norden Road had an event a couple of Sundays ago when excessive noise went on until 19:45 hours, well after the time allowed.  A resident’s phone call direct to the premises resulted in staff being obnoxious.  PCSO Taylor would liaise with Licensing.

Further comments on Mojitos Wine Bar were made.  Councillor Sullivan is dealing with all issues raised.


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469 Bus Service
The withdrawal by Rossendale Transport of the daytime number 469 Bus Service is of major concern as it has left a square mile of residents with no service at all.  Many people were dependant on it and now have to walk long distances crossing very busy main roads to get to the nearest service which some residents are not able to do and some school pupils have been left stranded.  Councillors have received a large volume of complaints.  The service was withdrawn without much, if any notice.  Peter Garvey from the Greater Manchester Transport Campaign stated there should have been at least fifty six days’ notice to the North West Traffic Commissioner.  The ludicrous situation is now that Rossendale Transport and the First Group Plc are competing on one route and neglecting the other vital service in the area.  Councillor Duckworth is meeting with Transport for Greater Manchester on Wednesday 10 September 2014 at Piccadilly.  All with any suggestions, comment or ideas are to contact Councillor Duckworth direct by any means so as he can be fully representative at his meeting with Transport for Greater Manchester to seek a solution or compromise to reintroduce the service.  The issue is very important and Councillor Duckworth informed all that anyone can also contact the Council Leader or one or both of the two Elected Members sitting on the Transport Group, namely Councillor Philip Burke or Councillor Shakil Ahmed.

Unsolicited telephone calls
People are receiving many unwanted and unsolicited telephone calls, one even had an unsolicited call requesting money to stop unsolicited calls.  Residents were advised to use number recognition, if not known do not answer or let it run its course so it costs the caller.  Alternatively, assertively ask questions as to who they are and where they got your number from as this has worked for some in reducing calls.

Bamford Green Belt
Anne Shorrock, representing the Bamford Green Belt Action Group, summarised a leaflet that was available to all (document attached to minutes) on the case to preserve local green belt land and against a planning application to build on local green belt land.  The deadline for objections is Friday 5 September 2014.  Both Councillors Duckworth and Sullivan could not and did not make any comment given their positions so as not to predetermine any future decision making process.


Date & Time of Next Meeting


Monday 1 December 2014
Bamford Chapel