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Welcome, Introductions and Apologies


The Chair welcomed all to the meeting.

Apologies were received from Linda Kerford,Diane Lodwig, Martin Coupe, Maureen Coupe and Mick Ball.


Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 23 KB


A copy of the code of conduct was circulated with the papers, and all were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


Minutes of last meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 61 KB


The minutes of the last meeting held on Monday 1 September 2014 were agreed as an accurate record.  A request was made to include Councillors’ contact details in future minutes and the following updates were given:

Bamford Way - Surfacing
A Highways update on the alleged sub-standard resurfaced stretch of Bamford Way that is possibly under litigation is still outstanding.
Action: Obtain Highways’ progress report (Stuart Hay)

Potholes on Greenvale
Greenvale has been patch repaired and a date will be established on the forward works programme for it to be resurfaced.
Action: Obtain timescale for resurfacing (Stuart Hay)

Norden Road Resurfacing
A Highways’ update on the completion of Norden Road resurfacing is still outstanding.  Works have been ongoing on the drains.
Action: Obtain Highways’ progress report (Stuart Hay)

Bus Shelter – Norden Road
Update on the potential siting of a bus shelter on Norden Road was provided.  A passenger count was undertaken on 1 July 2014 and amounted to 19 passengers counted within a period from 0700 hours to 1900 hours and the criterion was not met.  However, bearing in mind information put forward by Councillor Duckworth concerning an increased service along Norden Road from 27 July 2014, Transport for Greater Manchester have agreed to re-do the passenger count at this location and will report back on the results.

Traffic lights at the junction of Bury Road, Roch Valley Way and Sandy Lane
There continues to be persistent contravention of the red traffic lights at the junction of Bury Road, Roch Valley Way and Sandy Lane.  GMP will continue to conduct enforcement visits and the possibility of installing enforcement cameras will be investigated.  Buses often park near the junction which reduces visibility.

Action: Police to enforce and installation of cameras be looked in to (Stuart Hay)

Norden Road Speed Sign
The hedge on Norden Road has been cut back.

Bury Road Bus Stop
The bus shelter facing Wood Top Avenue has been replaced.

Norden Road Signs/Road Markings
The slowdown road markings on Norden Road have been completed although are disappointing in size.


Police And Communities Together


PC Kathryn Wynne handed out a quarterly crime statistics document for the Bamford Ward.  The policing priority is burglary dwellings, burglaries and attempts have occurred on Bury Road, Bamford Way, Norford Way, War Office Road, Canterbury Close and Woodcock Close.  Operation Dark Nights is ongoing to combat the problem with extra resources, and hot spot patrolling and a team dedicated to burglary set up which will continue in to the New Year, conducting proactive target offender visits, intelligence gathering.  A team of offenders from Heywood and Bacup are being targeted.  Access to properties in forty percent of the burglaries were through insecure rear doors.  The need for good security was stressed as it was also for motor vehicles as several thefts from insecure motor vehicles have occurred.

The Rochdale Borough’s Drug and Alcohol Service Directory was highlighted and available to all.

Some drivers race along Bury Road even speeding on the wrong side of the road passed central islands.  Any vehicle registration mark, full or part, should be passed on to the Police.  A specialist investigation in to the fatal Road Traffic Collision on Sandy Lane on 9 November 2014 was ongoing.

PCSO Colin Taylor is reinvigorating Home Watch Schemes in the area and will be sending out alerts and information.


Streetwise Magazine


Representative from Streetwise Magazine was not in attendance.


Peel Energy/Scout Moor Wind Farm Proposals


Stephen Snowdon, a representative from Peel Energy Ltd gave details of the proposed expansion to Scout Moor Wind Farm.  After giving some of the background around the business of Peel Holdings, he explained that the original expansion was to consist of an additional 26 turbines and that this would have been decided at a national level.  Following consultation the plans now consist of an additional 16 turbines of up to 115m high, and this plan will be decided by both Rochdale and Rossendale Councils.  Further details can be obtained on the website


Open Forum


The Highway Code states that you must not park in a cycle lane with a solid white line during hours of operation, the Police could consider it an obstruction.

A discussion about vehicles parking in contravention of parking restrictions and on the pavement took place.  Where there are any parking restrictions Civilian Enforcement Officers are responsible and this includes the footpath.  Officers will conduct enforcement visits at any location requested where there are restrictions in place and any new restrictions are put on their patrolling plan.  Parking on the footpath or where there are no restrictions is the responsibility of the Police who can consider an obstruction offence.  Each case is judged on its own merit and the rule of thumb is that if a pram or disabled vehicle can get passed then it would not be deemed an obstruction.

Parking at Oulder Hill shops is chaotic.  Councillor Sullivan reported a scheme has been approved and funded to address this problem and improvements will be made in the near future.

Japanese Knotweed
Japanese Knotweed is growing on the banks of the River Roch and is growing near to properties.  Council policy and advice was explained and responsibility for the areas where it is growing will be established to plan how to tackle the problem.  The ongoing research in to the use of insects to control it is not that successful.
Action: Establish responsibility to plan solution (Stuart Hay)

469 Bus Service
The withdrawal of the 469 Bus Service continues to be fought by the Ward Councillors.  Everyone agreed the provision of the Heywood Community Bus from 14 December 2014 at £1 a journey is not a solution at all, it is a helpful stop gap.  The Councillors continue to lobby Transport for Greater Manchester and Councillor Sullivan is to meet with the Director of Rossendale Buses run by Rossendale Council.  Over a thousand leaflets were put out to promote the petition and thanks given to all those who signed it.  A further thousand leaflets will go out publicising the Heywood Community Bus provision.

Anyone can run a deregulated bus and only subsidised services can be influenced by Transport for Greater Manchester.  It is unthinkable to have an arterial road without a bus service, it needs at least a twenty minute service.

Ward Councillors’ Surgeries
The Ward Councillors hold a surgery from 1000 hours to 1100 hours on the first Thursday of each month here in Bamford Chapel, although they often go beyond 1100 hours.

Ward Councillors’ contact details are available on the Council website:

Councillor Ian Duckworth - Telephone
01706 648393,
Councillor Jane Gartside - Telephone 01706 658443 or 07812 228281
Councillor Pat Sullivan - Telephone 0161 762 1129 or 07967 985240


Date and Time of Next Meeting


Monday 9 March 2015
Bamford Chapel