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Welcome, Introductions and Apologies


The Chair welcomed all to the meeting.


Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 23 KB


A copy of the code of conduct was circulated with the papers, and all were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 107 KB


The Minutes of the last meeting held on Monday 21 September 2015 were agreed as an accurate record and the following updates were given.

Pedestrian Crossing on Norden Road
The crossing has been personally tested and it is operating correctly. There are three pedestrian response options, all dependent on the microwave detector on safety grounds. The lights are monitored via computer phone link and tested regularly in the early hours all per national Department of Transport guidelines:
Wait for seven seconds, if no traffic will change.
The microwave detector will monitor and stop traffic if there is a suitable gap within thirty seconds.
Thirty seconds elapses the traffic will be interrupted and stopped.

Bamford Green
Given concerns that the newly created ditch will not deter the traveller community, the proposal to place eighty one and a half tonne boulders around Bamford Green to prevent access has been costed at £5,540 net of VAT, however, a number of issues have been raised.  The boulders would be very large and could be unsightly (made worse by the addition of the required access gate), they could attract graffiti, be a temptation to play on and field maintenance would be more difficult and costly around each boulder.

An alternative option is installing bird beak fencing around the perimeter of Bamford Green at a height of 600mm at a cost of £5,485 net of VAT.  Such a barrier can be examined on the Kirkholt estate; it is unobtrusive, discrete and attractive to look at.  It has been completely effective in deterring the travellers. Pictures of bird beak fencing installed in Milnrow Memorial Park were handed out for all to see.  Environmental Management believes the bird beak fencing is the better option.  It was asked whether the quote was for both parts of the Green, either side of the road in to Bamford Mews, or the one piece of the Green on the right said of that road as looked at from the Precinct towards Bamford Mews.  This issue will be checked.

The forum voted unanimously to install bird beak fencing and the Ward Members agreed to fund the scheme.  Environmental Management will be asked once the fencing is installed to remove the mound and fill in the ditch which will improve the look of Bamford Green.


Police And Communities Together


Crime statistics were given out for the previous three month period.

Good news is that three burglars have been arrested in the act of separate and unconnected cases; one on Tyrone Drive and two on Bury Road.  These two offenders lived out of the area but were previously known to Police.  Forensic enquiries will be made to link these three offenders to other crimes.

Thefts from motor vehicles has gone down, there were nine, eight of which were thefts from unsecured vehicles.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service are running a safety and security check initiative.  Officers will be out on foot, pedal cycles and vehicles and referrals can be made via GMP.

The GMP Drink Drive initiative is ongoing and will continue in to the New Year.

A speeding operation using a calibrated speed gun has been carried out on Norden Road at 1300 hours on a week day during which out of 270 vehicles monitored only 5 were doing over 30mph and only one doing over 40mph; clearly the obvious uniformed presence was a deterrent. The operation will be repeated on a regular basis and War Office Road in the evenings will be included.

Following an Open Day visit to Rochdale Police Station, a resident expressed surprise that there are no cells whatsoever there.


Rochdale Healthwatch


Elaine Grace, Community Engagement Officer from Healthwatch Rochdale, gave a presentation on the service and outlined that Healthwatch Rochdale is one of 152 nationally and is the local consumer champion of Health and Social Care services with statutory powers to ensure that the voice of the general public is heard, funded by Central Government and is not either Rochdale Council or NHS. It provides a signposting service, an independent Complaints Advocacy service, one to one conversations and drop in sessions across all four Townships.  It has definite national branding to be recognisable.  Healthwatch Rochdale gathers, collates and analyses feedback from the public and reports to the Clinical Commissioning Group, the Local Authority and Service Providers both locally and nationally.


Open Forum


Blocked drains
The drains are blocked on Bury Road from Norden Road to Queens Park Road and on War Office Road at the junction with Bury Road near The Winston Churchill.  Norden Road and Bagslate Moor Road drains are blocked again; this is the third consecutive Area Forum this location has been raised.  These drains have been worked on the last two occasions.  Highways are further investigating two problematic drains on Norden Road at the junction of Highlands Road.  These drains are not a high priority due to no risk of flooding to properties, but these may be the cause of the ongoing problem further along the road and need sorting out.
Action: Request all drains are cleared and investigation is completed (Stuart Hay)

Pedestrian island near Pegasus Court
Thanks were given for the installation of the pedestrian island near Pegasus Court which is proving very useful to residents.

Japanese Knotweed
It was confirmed that Rochdale Council has a Japanese Knotweed treatment plan in place for the Roch Valley area for the coming years.

Unemptied bins

Half Acre Mews are not having their bins emptied.  Councillor Sullivan will raise the matter.

Bamford Green Christmas tree lights
The Ward Councillor asked for suggestions for the colour of next year’s Bamford Green Christmas tree lights.  The forum voted unanimously for multi coloured lights. Eon has had several sub-contractors looking at the electricity supply to the Christmas
tree which appeared to be a waste of time and money.  Eon have an agreed contract across the Rochdale and Oldham Boroughs and any time or money wasted on unnecessary visits is theirs and not Rochdale Council.

Mojitos Wine Bar extension
The proposed Mojitos Wine Bar extension has gone to an independent Planning Appeal in another area; Ward Councillors have provided additional information.

Have your say
on Rochdale Council savings for 2016/17 and 2017/18
Since 2010 Rochdale Council has agreed savings of £143 million, and by 2018 there is a need to save approximately another £37 million more.

Budget savings consultation will be an ongoing process until the estimated target for saving £37 million
is met.  Rochdale Council will have less money, fewer staff and resources and will not be able to do as much as it has so it is vital it focuses on the things that matter to residents.  It is those views which will help in the making of informed decisions as part of the budget consultation.  Consultation commenced on 24 November 2015 and the closing date is 1700 hours on Friday 8 January 2016.

A letter specifically in relation to the proposal to reconfigure the Community Safety Team and reduce commissioned budgets (reference CC103) had been sent out with the agenda papers and was available at the meeting.

The proposals can be viewed and commented on in person at libraries and customer service centres or online or Freepost RTKH-UCCB-JSJU, Rochdale Borough Council, Public Consultation, PO Box 100, Rochdale OL16 9NP.

All residents’
views will be recorded and consider  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Date and time of next meeting


Monday 14 March 2016 at 6.30pm in Bamford Chapel