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Welcome, Introductions and Apologies


The Chair welcomed all to the meeting.


Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


A copy of the code of conduct was circulated with the papers, and all were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


Minutes of last meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 78 KB


The minutes of the last meeting held on Monday 4 June 2018 were agreed as an accurate record and the following updates were given.

Norden Road potholes
Concerning Norden Road 2018 to 2020 Resurfacing Programme in the three sections; up to Jowkin Lane, from Jowkin Lane to War Office Road and from Martlett Avenue to Springbank Lane, the response received from Highways to the request to consider using ‘quiet tarmac’ was:
“Historically the ‘quiet tarmac’ was material called stone mastic asphalt; which had benefits of reducing both road noise and spray.  However, over time it has not provided the longevity we expect from a new road surface requiring extensive repair works after a relatively short life.  We have therefore reverted back to Hot Rolled Asphalt which is widely recognised as an industry standard for road surfacing.  The surface will ensure noise benefits as it will provide a smoother surface for vehicles without potholes, patches and other surface irregularities”.

Malvern Street West closure
A further update on the closure of Malvern Street West will be obtained and passed directly to the residents.

The several Highways complaints about the poor state and maintenance of some roads were all reported and works completed, with the exception of the Bamford bound carriageway on Bury Road near Mellor Street where no work was deemed necessary.

Queen’s Park Bridge
Highways Bridges and Structures Section were requested to inspect the finials on Queen’s Park Bridge, Heywood due to their very poor condition and the response received:
“Bridges and Structures no longer receive a maintenance budget and so do not have any programmes of planned maintenance.  As the finials are not structural it is unlikely we would undertake work on them in the current financial situation, other than to remove them from the structure if required”.

Highways Bridges and Structures Section have been asked to cost for the Heywood Township Members to consider the upgrading of the finials versus leaving them in their current condition or removal.

Concern was expressed, particularly in the wake of the Genoa Bridge collapse, whether full structural surveys have been carried out on the Queen’s Park Road Bridge.  There is a programme of inspection undertaken on the bridge, but the Bridges and Structures Section will be asked when the last one was conducted and for details of the programme of inspection.


Police And Communities Together


PC Michelle Farmer introduced herself and advised she is responsible for the three large geographical areas of Bamford, Castleton and Norden.  PCSO Colin Taylor has moved on and he has been replaced by PCSO Sana Haider who has already been very active around the area including reassurance visits to victims of burglary and particularly in one nasty case.

PC Farmer presented the recent crime statistics for the area.  She reported in June 2018 there were five burglaries, one of which was commercial, one theft of a motor vehicle and three thefts from motor vehicles.  In July 2018 there were seven burglaries, no thefts of a motor vehicle and five thefts from motor vehicles and to date this month there have been six burglaries, no thefts of a motor vehicle and two thefts from motor vehicles.  Access or attempted access in most of the burglaries was by smashing or forcing rear patio doors in the early hours or overnight.  Occupiers were not present during some burglaries and jewellery appears to have been the target.  Vehicle keys left on display were also targeted.  Two habitual burglars were arrested as a result of the community reporting them acting suspiciously and they have been remanded in custody with further enquiries ongoing.  Offenders are from different areas including Salford.  All were urged to report anything they consider suspicious.

Inspector MacGregor has confirmed GMP
is no longer holding face to face PACT meetings.  PACT meetings will be run online and the next meeting will take place between 1900 to 2000 hours on Tuesday 28 August 2018 and information about the meeting will be advertised.  Burglary and vehicle crime remain the PACT Priorities.

Speeding vehicles remain a concern.  Rochdale Borough Council’s Highways Section have not conducted a speed survey, although they did conduct a vehicle and pedestrian survey on 1 October 2014 for the Norden Road Pedestrian Crossing which gives vehicle numbers but not speed.  PC Farmer has organised speed enforcement initiatives to be completed on the arterial roads in Norden and Bamford by the Road Traffic Policing Team and she will report back on outcomes.  The recent vehicle initiative in the area was a joint partnership one, involving numerous agencies.

PC Farmer is aware of vehicle obstructions around the Oulder Hill and Ford Gardens area, so she will arrange for the location to be visited and Fixed Penalty Notices issued to any offending vehicles.  The Precinct waiting restrictions are now in place.  Obstructions on Half Acre Road were also reported.

Work is ongoing to permanently secure fencing leading on to Roch Valley as the damaged gap is being used by off road vehicles to access the Valley.

Crime Prevention leaflets were made available.  PC Farmer has organised a Safe Plate initiative between 1500 and 1700 hours on Thursday 30 August 2018 at Bamford Precinct which will be advertised.  All are welcome to attend.

The use of a speed gun was demonstrated with the signage requirements for a Community Speed Watch Initiative.  Two residents volunteered and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Our Rochdale, Connecting You


A representative from Community Connectors was unable to attend for this item.


Open Forum


Links View fencing
The wooden fencing on the footpath between 17 and 19 Links View has been damaged again after several recent repairs and there is a considerable amount of rubbish in the area.  Public Realm Inspector, Diane Lodwig, together with GMP is attempting to arrange some secure fencing to prevent off road vehicle access and she will be asked to organise removal of the fly tipping.

The Links View estate footpaths have been treated with weed killer.  The quality of weed killer is under question by Environmental Management with the contractors.  Councillor Sullivan has asked for the area to be swept.

Bury Road, Sandy Lane and Roch Valley Way Junction Study
Bamford Ward Councillors have arranged the allocation of £5,000 Rochdale Township Funds for a survey to be conducted into the Bury Road, Sandy Lane and Roch Valley Way junction.  A detailed study will be undertaken by the Urban Traffic Control Section of Transport for Greater Manchester into potential improvements.  The study will focus on identifying possible improvements and costs associated with signal optimisation to improve traffic flows, to investigate the feasibility of introducing pedestrian controlled facilities at the junction and the effect this may have on queues.

Queen’s Park Road automated traffic signals
The synchronisation of the Queen
s Park Road automated traffic signals has been reviewed recently by the Urban Traffic Control and it was reported to be working at optimum effect.  A request was made to inform Urban Traffic Control of the massive queues in the afternoon that form on Queen’s Park Road right back to Queen’s Park gates.

Bamford in Bloom
Bamford in Bloom It`s Your Neighbourhood 2018 was judged by a very experienced and well respected Judge who made the following observations on the day that will assist the Bamford in Bloom Group with their 2019 entry:

·           He was very encouraged by the idea of a new entry bolstering the In Bloom effort for Rochdale and the North West.

·           He suggested there should be two Neighbourhood entries given the geographic separation of the two areas, one at Bamford Precinct and another at Bamford Chapel.

·           There was a lack of community involvement which is the most essential element of It’s Your Neighbourhood which features prominently in other successful entries he cited where groups of residents at each site talked about what they had done and who was involved.

·           Business premises are a big part of It’s Your Neighbourhood and whilst some traders at Bamford Precinct were on board and played their part, it was a part effort.  It would be helpful if more traders could be persuaded of the benefits of In Bloom participation for their enterprise so that pride of place might become more apparent in this area, the Precinct is in need of attention and the Bamford in Bloom Group will meet the owners and traders.

·           Comparing Bamford with other Neighbourhoods is useful and helpful and other entries would be happy to share their experiences and enthusiasm to help develop future entries.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Date and time of the next meeting


Monday 19 November 2018 at 6.30pm in Bamford Chapel.