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Welcome, Introductions and Apologies


Introductions were made and all were welcomed to the meeting.


Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


The Chair referred to the code of conduct and asked all to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 100 KB


The minutes of the previous meeting on Thursday 8 December 2016 were agreed and the following updates were given.

High Birch Site
An update on High Birch supplied by Nicola Rogers was given to the forum.

It is understood that works undertaken by Mr Zaman have now ceased on the site.  The Health and Safety Executive is the enforcing authority and they have visited the site during the works, spoken directly to Mr Zaman and provided both verbal and written advice about the works being undertaken.

The Health and Safety Executive’s advice to Mr Zaman is based on the low level of contamination identified on the site.  They advised the contractor to ensure the materials are sufficiently dampened as a precaution in order to prevent any asbestos fibres from becoming airborne, and to sheet the material over during transportation for similar reasons.

The Health and Safety Executive were unable to say that there is a risk which would justify prohibiting the disturbance of the material.  Also the Health and Safety Executive say they cannot carry out a meaningful investigation into the issue of the discrepancy between the two asbestos reports due to the time elapsed since the surveys were completed, the various possible scenarios and an opinion that they will be unable now to establish the reasons for those differences.

The Environmental Agency is the enforcing authority for the transportation of waste materials.  The Environmental Agency’s Enviro-crime Unit were notified about the transportation of material in unmarked vehicles from the site.  The Environmental Agency confirmed in writing that while further enquiries are continuing, the material from this site has been removed by a registered waste carrier.

The committee meeting to decide the planning application is currently scheduled for 28 March 2017.  Nicola appreciates concerns remain high for this site and will do her best to answer queries.  She has had direct communication with the lady regarding water seeping into her garden which has been dealt with.


Police and Communities Together


Inspector Dean Stott gave a presentation on the Greater Manchester Police Citizen’s Contract where the public are being consulted on the future of policing.  He presented how crime was changing, funding is stretched, reduced resources, the need for making best use of resources, five areas of priority and how neighbourhood policing will be central.  A scenario based on problems caused by inconsiderate, bad neighbours was presented and discussed as to what Police involvement, if any, there should be which concluded that various Council Officers should deal with the matters.  An electronic questionnaire together with the presentation will be sent to all ward contacts with an email address and hard copies were available.

Sergeant Rhys Ibbotson reported the crime statistics since the last meeting.

Two Burglary Operations had been conducted as the number of offences was showing an increase.  The Operations resulted in three significant arrests of prolific offenders: one burglar was caught in the act in a house on Marland.  One of these offenders was given a four year custodial sentence and another is due to appear in Court in three weeks’ time where it is hoped and anticipated he will receive a four to five year custodial sentence.  Since these arrests there have been no further burglaries.

Vehicle crime has reduced with a low number of recorded crimes.

Traffic and speeding initiatives were carried out on 24 February 2017:
1030 to 1115 hours in the vicinity of Springfield Park - no offenders
1130 to 1155 hours Birchfield Drive - one offender using a mobile phone
1200 to 1245 hours Manchester Road one way system - no offenders
1300 hours onwards, Martlet Avenue 20 mph zone - 107 vehicles monitored, 12 travelling over 22mph, one offender using a mobile phone

Further speeding initiatives will be carried out including on a highlighted problem along Bury Road from the cemetery to The Winston Churchill and a Camera Enforcement Vehicle will be requested.

Anti-social behaviour at Brimrod Methodist Church was reported and will be dealt with.

The Bamford Ward Police And Communities Together priorities will be abuse of the No Entry into Manchester Road, obstructions on Bamford Way and burglary will continue to be a priority.


Open Forum


High Birch Site
Residents note the update provided at this meeting following on from the last forum, however, they remain very concerned at the way the High Birch site is being dealt with.  A full response to the questions posed at the last forum sent to Mr Birchenough by Nicola Rogers was available to all.  He has since asked several more questions to which Nicola Rogers is currently compiling a response.

Residents were not in agreement that the site had thus far been cleared to standards as material was removed in uncovered wagons with debris being left on the road.  Also residents want to know what the continuing Environmental Agency enquiries are and whether the site owner will still have to fence the site off as mentioned at the last forum or whether as the site is being cleared with a development proposal the owner will not have to fence off the site.  Nicola Rogers will be asked to ring a specific resident.

There is no buy back clause.

Councillor Howard has been in constant touch with the Planning Officer in the case, David Allen, who will speak with any resident wanting to contact him and will be writing to residents following revised plans.  Councillor Howard will arrange a visit together with him to three residents directly affected by building lines and whose properties are in very close proximity to the proposed development.

The agenda and papers for the next Planning and Licencing Committee to be held at 6.15pm on Tuesday 28 March 2017 are not yet fixed or published but can be monitored on the Council’s website either on the Planning Application or on Council and Democracy/Agendas, Reports and Minutes/Planning and Licencing Committee.

Manchester Road fly tipping
A massive amount of fly tipping at the rear of Manchester Road has been reported and a resident is meeting with Environmental Health tomorrow morning.  Diane Lodwig was aware of the fly tipping and she has arranged for a Hit Team to clear it.

Information concerning future Area Forums – Email notifications only
As a direct result of the Council’s savings proposals it will no longer be possible for the Township Office to post invite letters and agendas for area forums.  Residents were encouraged to supply their email address to receive notifications of dates of future meetings, agendas and minutes.  Meeting details can be accessed via the Council’s web site  It was noted that two attendees of this meeting had not received the usual text notification but had been told about the meeting by others.

Ward Councillors contact details are available on the Council’s website:

Councillor Ian Duckworth
01706 648393

Councillor Jane Howard
Telephone: 07870 172144

Councillor Pat Sullivan
0161 762 1129 or 07967 985240

Rochdale Council Officers:

Township Officer - Stuart Hay
Telephone: 01706 922230

Community Safety, Crime Prevention Officer -  Diane Lodwig
Telephone 01706 922226


Date and time of the next meeting


Thursday 8 June 2017 at 6.30pm in Brimrod Methodist Church