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Welcome, Introductions and Apologies


Introductions were made and all were welcomed to the meeting.


Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


The Chair referred to the code of conduct and asked all to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 68 KB


The minutes of the previous meeting on Thursday 22 November 2018 were agreed and the following updates were given.

Fly tipping
Public Realm Inspector, Diane Lodwig, has continued to remove all reported fly tipping from around the Holborn Street area and the location is clean at the moment.  Diane has recently been allocated new areas of responsibility and she has been replaced by Mick Ball, who is very experienced in enforcement and he has worked in this area previously.  Thanks were given to Diane for her hard work.

Manchester Road planter
Environmental Management will move the street sign on old Manchester Road being obstructed by the planter to a more prominent place.

Cotton Lane overgrowth
The nettles and shrubbery obstructing the lower end of Cotton Lane, where it is narrow from Lancashire Wallpapers up to where it widens, were not cut back but have died down.


Police and Communities Together


PC Martin Giblin was unable to attend and supplied the crime statistics from 19 November 2018 to 18 February 2019 together with the following information:








Burglary residential





22 (33)

The M.O is opportunist burglaries whereby occupants have just left their premises.  Offender(s) smashed rear patio doors and windows.  Prime time was between 1100 hours and 1700 hours and the primary target area was the Bury Road, Norden Road and Bagslate Moor Road corridor.  Various items were stolen including jewellery and vehicles.  Three of the properties were insecure.

Theft in dwelling





3 (2)

All offenders were known to the victims.

Criminal damage





28 (25)

Primary target area was Brimrod and Marland at various times and various targets - dwellings (stones) and vehicles.

Theft from motor vehicle





23 (17)

Primary target area was Bury Road and Brimrod: 8 vehicles having there number plates stolen, 7 vehicles being insecure and various items stolen.  Prime time is 2200 hours to 0600 hours.

Theft of motor vehicle





5 (5)

Primary target area is Brimrod.  Roch Valley Way at various times.  2 vehicles having been stolen via scanner devices.

Robbery (residential)






Victims in one case were an elderly couple, a knife point robbery.  Male was locked in the bathroom.  Couple have since been moved onto warden controlled premises with partner agency work carried out such as Victim Support and Rochdale Boroughwide Housing.  Enquiries are ongoing.


A reduction in the number of burglaries was reported.  One local male juvenile offender, responsible for burglaries and theft from motor vehicles in the Rochdale area, was arrested in January and is serving a nine month custodial sentence.  Another prolific burglar has just received a four year custodial sentence.  No stolen property from these offenders was recovered and any information regards handlers is being sought.

The Neighbourhood Team will continue with high visibility patrols, leaflet cocooning in areas of demand at peak times, covert operations and targeting known offenders.  In addition, the team have provided updates and crime prevention advice to the area, Home Watch Coordinators, Whats App Groups, and GMP social media.  GMP would like to remind residents that due to the nature of the burglaries consideration should be given to changing their routines.  In addition, review their home security, in particularly access points, lighting, alarms and ensuring all keys are kept in a safe place.

New Neighbourhood Inspector
Inspector Andrew Fern is the new Area Inspector.  He is very experienced, worked Rochdale for many years and he is very proactive.

The potential use of drones was raised by residents at the last forum.  At the current time, Rochdale Police Station does not have its own designated drone, but has access to the GMP force wide drone which is deployed incident specific.  It is still unknown if Rochdale will have its own drone, but does have one drone  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Open Forum


Brimrod Lane parking
Feedback was given on the picket fences that have been installed by Rochdale Boroughwide Housing on Brimrod Lane Green.  The fences seems to have stopped the parking on the Green but it has created an even bigger parking problem on the Highway, particularly in the evening with double parking and obstruction of the footpaths.  Residents say they were not consulted and repeated requests for some of the Green to be tarmacked or have grasscrete installed to ease the parking problem.  The question was asked if it is the intention of Rochdale Boroughwide Housing to install the same on Holborn Street between numbers 66 to 48 as the parking on Holborn Street towards Mayfair Gardens is a problem with vehicles, vans and motor homes all double parked.  Rochdale Boroughwide Housing will be informed.

Dog fouling
Specific details of residents letting their dogs foul on the Holborn Street Green and not picking it up were given and this information will be passed on to Rochdale Council’s Enforcement Team.  A request was made for notices to be put up on lampposts and this issue would be raised with Environmental Management.

Fly tipping
A large amount of rubbish is still being dumped at the end of Brimrod Lane and rubbish is also being thrown down the hill at the rear of number 54 Holborn Street.  It was acknowledged clearances are being made which are costly to the Council and enforcement should be carried out whenever possible or measures taken to prevent access for fly tippers.  Environmental Management will be informed.

New residents on Mayfair Gardens are leaving items on the street such as a washing machine and oven which have been removed and an electric fan heater which is still awaiting removal.  Also there is a settee in their back yard and they are leaving black bags in the alley which is attracting rats.  Environmental Management will be informed.

Black bags have been dumped on Dixon Street, off Law Street, Sudden and need to be removed.  Environmental Management will be informed.

Cotton Lane trees
The trees on Cotton Lane at the top end near Rouse Street look diseased and unsafe.  One tree on the left hand side of the Cotton Lane path looking down from Rouse Street is up against the Sub Station fence and growing in to the Sub Station.  The tree could potentially damage the fence.  The trees in the small copse on the opposite side of the path are in a poor state of health with branches growing over the path that need cutting back.

Law Street/Manchester Road junction parking
Vehicles are still parking in contravention of the parking restrictions at the junction of Law Street and Manchester Road and also around the vicinity of Marland Hill School.  Rochdale Council’s Parking Enforcement will be asked to attend the location and GMP will be informed of obstructions where there are no parking regulations.

Bench relocation
Ward Councillors consulted the meeting on locations to re-site a used bench, and the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Date and time of the next meetings in 2019-20


Thursdays at 6.30pm in Brimrod Methodist Church
30 May 2019
22 August 2019
14 November 2019
6 February 2020