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Venue: Castleton Community Centre, Manchester Road, Castleton, Rochdale OL11 3AF. View directions

Contact: Rachel Hudson - Tel 01706 924343 

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Introductions & Apologies/Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


Introductions were made and all were welcomed to the meeting.  The code of conduct was circulated.  All attendees were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


Appointment of Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary


All in attendance at the forum were asked to put forward any nominees to give representation for the roles.  A copy of the constitution was both available and referred to; in order to outline that membership of the forum shall be open to representatives of voluntary organisations or businesses based in Castleton and individual residents of Castleton.  As there was more than one nominee for the post of Chair, both were asked to present their information and experiences, etc to the forum.  The group then cast their votes.  Maggie Magner received 17 votes.  Steve Sanderson received 7 votes.  Maggie Magner was appointed as Chair.  One person was put forward for the position of Vice Chair, that being Sheila Whitworth.  It was agreed that the Township Officer in attendance at each forum will act as Secretary, taking the minutes.


Minutes of last meeting/Matters arising/Updates pdf icon PDF 75 KB


The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Nixon Street junction and lights
A resident requested the Council’s Highways Department improve the phasing of the lights at the junction of Nixon Street turning as traffic frequently miss the lights.  Another resident raised the matter of an obstruction causing an issue when exiting Partington Street.  The matter was raised by Councillor Hornby with the Highways Department and she is awaiting an update.

Chaucer Street blocked gullies
It was reported that three grids/gullies needed flushing/cleaning out as they were causing flooding on Chaucer Street.  The matter was escalated to the Council’s Highways Maintenance Department requesting they contact the resident.  The update received after the forum was they had cleaned the gullies on Chaucer Street in December 2017 and they are clear and running.  The request appears to refer to the gullies in the alley at the side of the property.  This location is not public Highway and they have been informed it is private.  As such any drainage would be the responsibility of the land owner and the Highways Maintenance Department are not able to clean these gullies.

Heywood Road street lights
Issue raised stating a conifer tree is hindering the illumination near to the children’s play area/Sackville Street.  The matter was escalated by D Lodwig, Public Realm Officer.

The site of the former Co-op
A matter was raised about the future planning proposals for this site.  A request was made to Councillor Hornby to call the planning application in so that Members can insist that hours of construction/working can be specified and also that a S106 agreement can be factored in to ensure the site will be tidied up, neighbouring property side elevations bricked up and the adjacent pavement reinstated.  Councillor Sheerin advised the meeting that the newly submitted planning application will be being scrutinised.  It was drawn to his attention to also request that the owners/developers make the site safe.

Castleton Home for the elderly
A resident requested an update on this matter from the Council.  Councillor Sheerin advised there may be an interested party wishing to purchase these premises.

Manchester Road junction with Heywood Road
It was reported that cars are parking on double yellow lines after 5pm at this location.  The matter was escalated to the Council’s Parking Services to increase enforcement patrols in this area.

Cherrington House, Cherrington Drive
A resident raised concerns about the condition of the road near to Cherrington House on the bend of the road.  The matter was escalated to the Council’s Highways Maintenance Department requesting they inspect the area.  Update received was the condition of the road does not meet the Council’s remit or criteria for requiring repairs.  The resident was not happy with this response and wishes for the matter to be raised again.

Chesham Park
A query was raised as to the future development plans for the park.  Update received from the Council’s Environmental Management Department: ‘in 2015 we got together with the local community, did some consultations and worked  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Greater Manchester Police


An update was provided as follows:

Type of Crime

February 2018

March 2018

April 2018

Residential burglary




Commercial burglary




Theft from motor vehicle




Theft of motor vehicle





PACT meetings have started this month as a virtual meeting online.  The first one started off with a few teething problems at first but then went rather well.  These virtual meetings will continue and commence in other neighbourhood teams areas.  The access to this meeting online will be sent out a few days prior to the meeting on the Facebook page for both GMP Pennines and GMP Rochdale by way of a link.  The link will give residents access to the chat room where queries can be raised.

The PACT dates for the rest of the year are as follows:

5 June 2018
3 July 2018
28 August 2018
25 September 2018
23 October 2018
20 November 2018
18 December 2018

A male has been arrested this week for a series of burglaries and commercial burglaries around Castleton, Bamford and Rochdale.  He admitted to 8 residential burglaries and 13 commercial burglaries.  He has been charged and remanded.

PC Michelle Farmer (GMP) will be looking at doing some surgeries in Castleton in the next few weeks which will be advertised online and also in the community centre and shops.  It will be a drop in surgery so all residents are welcome.


Open Forum


Partington Street – Unauthorised parking on double yellow lines
A resident raised again the matter of vehicles being parked on double yellow lines and asked if Parking Services can up enforcement in the area.
Action: Request the Council’s Parking Services Department to up patrols in the area.

Tetrosyl – Planning Permission and approval from the HSE
A resident raised the issue that Tetrosyl have still not gained full approval in terms of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) nor the Council’s Planning Department.  Councillor Sheerin advised Tetrosyl are allowed to work up to a certain threshold limit before requiring certification from the HSE, which is how they are operating.  A request was made to chase up the Council’s Planning Department for an update.
Action: Councillor Sheerin to speak to the Planning Officer to gain a further update.

GMP – PACT meetings changing to virtual online
Councillors and residents expressed their concerns with this move stating that they feel they are losing vital contact with the local community police in the village.  Councillor Sheerin stated he was really unhappy with the decision which has been taken with no community consultation.
Action: Contact GMP to advise concerns of the forum and Councillors.

Smalley Street – House cellars flooding due to lack of resurfacing works
Residents on Smalley Street (13 houses - numbers 43-67) advised they are experiencing flooding to their cellars.  The problem has been reported to United Utilities and after investigating the matter, they were advised that it is due to defective surfacing outside their properties and the liability sits with the Council’s Highways Department.

Action: Raise the matter with the Council’s Highways Department to inspect and assess the situation.

Castleton Hotel – Allegation of unauthorised change of use to hostel
Residents requested clarification on the use of these premises as it was alleged families were being housed in the premises.
Action: Escalate the matter for further investigation within the Council.




Castleton EC Residents
A planning application for the extension to the warehouse at Cowm Top will go in front of Elected Members next month.  It is understood that they wish to pay specific attention to the visual impact of the development and request a planting scheme requirement to be attached and maintained for a period of 10 years after approval.

Friends of Carnegie Castleton
The building is still drying out.  A sign placed in the window with Estate Agent’s details does not mean it is for sale or let but is purely a contact for any enquiries regarding the use of the building.  The recent ‘May Pole’ event went really well with dancers from Castleton School of Dancing in attendance.

Friends of Castleton Station/Support the Oldham, Rochdale & Manchester Rail Lines/East Lancs Railway
Shelters at the station have recently disappeared and it has been advised that they will be replaced.  New timetable came into play on Sunday.  Fiasco experienced across the UK regarding changes to timetables with Northern Rail laying the blame on Network Rail and electrification.  New information boards containing the station’s history are being looked at.  Appeal made to residents to contact the Friends of group if they hold any artefacts of the station.  Talks will be held in the local primary schools on the danger of playing near railways in readiness for the school holidays.  Sponsors are being sought for the hanging baskets at the station.

St. Gabriel’s
The recent ‘Ceili’ night held was a success.  The summer fair held at the partner church at St Johns, Rochdale will be on 16 June 2018.

East Lancs Railway
Next meeting will be held on the second Tuesday of the month at the Woolworth’s Club, Castleton.

Rochdale Township in Bloom
Judging date will be 4 July 2018.  Meeting for the full committee will be held Thursday 24 May 2018 at Castleton Community Centre at 6:30pm.


Any Other Business


Revive Magazine
A representative from the magazine ‘Revive’ attended the forum, advising residents to contact her with anything that they may like featured within it.  They cover the areas of both Castleton and Norden and can advertise events or businesses which can feature in ‘Rochdale Life’ magazine too.  Contact is either Caroline or Rebecca.

Floral tributes – Council’s Policy
A resident raised a query about the Council’s policy on the removal of floral tributes within the Borough.  It was advised that there was no ‘policy’ in place as the Council, along with any partnership agencies involved, always sought to liaise closely with any families to ensure sensitive attention is paid to their wishes before anything was removed.

Castleton Swimming Baths
Councillors urged residents to use the fantastic facility recently re-opened in the village.

Councillor Billy Sheerin - appointment of Deputy Mayor
Councillor Rashid advised the forum of the recent news of the appointment to Deputy Mayor of local ward Councillor Billy Sheerin.

Clean up Castleton
A member of the newly formed group ‘Clean up Castleton’ attended and advised the forum of their recent activities in the ward and their initiative to make Castleton a cleaner place to live and work.  Residents are welcome to join the group and attend to assist with future litter picks.  More information can be obtained by contacting Mike Cullen on 07938 642089 or

Councillors’ Surgeries
Surgeries at 10.30am–11.30am at the following venues:
First Saturday in month – St Aiden’s Church Hall
Second Saturday in month – Castleton Community Centre
Third Saturday in month – Chesham Community Room
Fourth Saturday in month – Castleton Community Centre


Date & time of next meeting


Tuesday 4 Sept 2018 at 7pm
Tuesday 4 December 2018 at 7pm