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Introductions and Apologies/Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


Introductions were made and all were welcomed to the meeting.  The code of conduct was circulated.  All attendees were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


Minutes of last meeting/Matters arising/Updates pdf icon PDF 79 KB


The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Partington Street – Unauthorised parking on double yellow lines
A resident raised the matter of vehicles parking on double yellow lines and asked if Parking Services can up enforcement in the area.  The matter was raised with the Council’s Parking Services Department who advised that they cannot ‘prioritise’ areas but cover the whole borough on an area rota basis.

Tetrosyl – Planning Permission and approval from the HSE
A resident stated that Tetrosyl have still not gained full approval in terms of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) nor the Council’s Planning Department.  Councillor Sheerin advised he would seek an update for the next forum.  Update is the information is still outstanding from Tetrosyl needed by both the HSE for the licence and also by the Council’s Planning Department for the planning permission.  Residents expressed their dismay on the delay and requested the local MP is contacted on behalf of the forum to try and assist the cause.
Action: M. Magner (Chair) will personally write to MP Liz McInnes to ask for assistance on the matter.

GMP – PACT meetings changing to virtual online
Residents expressed their concerns with the move from physical PACT meetings to online, with Councillor Sheerin stating he was really unhappy with the decision taken with no community consultation.  The concerns were emailed to PC Michelle Farmer to escalate within GMP. 

Smalley Street – House cellars flooding due to lack of resurfacing works
Residents on Smalley Street (13 houses - numbers 43-67) advised they are experiencing flooding to their cellars.  The problem has been reported to United Utilities and after investigating the matter, they were advised that it is due to defective surfacing outside their properties and the liability sits with the Council’s Highways Department.  The matter was raised with the Council’s Highways Department to inspect and assess and it has now been added to the footpath’s renewal programme – no date has been given for the works to be carried out, which will be prioritised on a list accordingly along with all other similar requests.

Castleton Hotel – Allegation of unauthorised change of use to hostel
Residents requested clarification on the use of the Castleton Hotel as it was alleged families were being housed in the premises.  Councillor Sheerin advised he is still waiting for full details to be clarified regarding the situation of the people residing in the building as if they are still using the premises as a B&B/hotel as accommodation, the use in terms of planning will not be needed.

ACTION – Townships to chase Rochdale Council’s Strategic Housing for another update on the matter they were investigating.


Greater Manchester Police


An update was provided as follows:

Type of Crime

June 2018

July 2018

August 2018





Theft of motor vehicle




Theft from motor vehicle









PACT meetings are now a virtual meeting online and access to this meeting will be sent out a few days prior to the meeting on the Facebook page for both GMP Pennines and GMP Rochdale by way of a link.  The link will give residents access to the chat room where queries can be raised.

The online PACT dates for the rest of the year are as follows:

25 September 2018
23 October 2018
20 November 2018
18 December 2018

Main discussion topic was that of speeding vehicles through the village, mainly on Manchester Road.  A resident attended who had started an online petition (via Facebook) for a speed camera to be installed due to the fact he and his family had experienced a near miss at the junction of Nixon Street and Manchester Road, coming through the lights.  GMP updated that a speeding is a concern for residents within Castleton and also ran through to the adjacent Queensway and up to Sandbrook Park Retail Park as a route for irresponsible drivers.  They informed that speed operations had been carried out by speed vans who were clocking speeds of 37-42 mph near to Queensway.

GMP has had dialogues with Rochdale Council’s Highways Department who advised that on Manchester Road little more could be done by way of speed restrictions due to the traffic lights, columns and width of the road.  The PC advised the forum that a speed camera would cost in the region of approx. £20-30k.  A statement given by the Council’s Highways Department was read out to the forum:


·           The Council and the Police work in partnership in relation to speeding issues

·           There are strict Government guidelines in relation to the siting of speed cameras, they include:

o   Number of serious accidents and their locations

o   Number of fatalities

o   Reason/cause of accidents


Recent accidents in Castleton occurred in different locations and were not all speed related.  In one instance the cause was a driver ignoring a red light, and in another it was a motorist driving on the wrong side of the road.


·           The Council owns the camera housings; the Police are responsible for the cameras and their activity/ticketing.

·           Both organisations have to be sure that the location meets all the criteria in order to site a camera.

·         Requests for speed cameras are received across the Borough on a daily basis

GMP advised residents could assist the cause by carrying out a community speed watch in collaboration with the police, which is designed to visibly reduce the speed of offending vehicles passing and give control back to the public by way of checks and data monitoring at the roadside.  GMP have advised they will be in future talks with Highways regarding the matters raised tonight as residents agreed further action/traffic  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Wayne Whitlow, Community Connector (Adult Services)


sally Cook from Rochdale Council’s Adult Services attended the forum to advise residents of the new service whereby they can contact ‘Community Connectors’ by phone on 0300 303 0360 or via email address

Connectors will support anyone to access information, advice and signposting to health, social care or wellbeing services.  They have received lots of training on various aspects of wellbeing including housing, preventative services, lifestyle, money management, community participation and employment/education.  They are currently building relationships with as many people and organisations as possible to ensure they can signpost effectively getting people to the right place first time.

The Connectors will attempt to address and answer any questions or queries regarding services within the Health and Social Care sector.  Prevention has been identified as a key area to target to reduce pressure on health and social care services.  Four hubs have been identified - Phoenix Centre (Heywood), Littleborough Health Centre, Middleton Health Centre and Rochdale Infirmary which are relaxed places people can go and feel comfortable to talk about the things that they want to change to improve their lives.

The Community Connectors are focussed on improving the quality of life for people in our borough; they are a fantastic group who are working not only to make a success of this new initiative but also to ensure people get a bespoke response.  Community Connectors are also supporting people at outreach locations such as libraries, community centres and community locations such as College Bank in Rochdale.  They are thinking creatively about how they can support people who are hard to reach such as those who are socially isolated or people who are reluctant to ask for help.


Open Forum


Cherrington Drive road surface
A resident reported that the resurfacing previously carried out to the highway on Cherrington Drive needs to be re-done again as the surface is dangerous.
Action: Townships to report the matter to Rochdale Council’s Highways Maintenance Department to inspect, assess and action remedial repairs.

Royle Barn Road fly tipping
A resident reported the garage to the side of property 35 Royle Barn Road is open and it has been subject to people fly tipping waste.
Action: Townships to raise the matter with Rochdale Council’s Environmental Management Department to inspect, assess and action a clear-up or enforcement.

Chesham Avenue road surface
A resident reported that the road surface, previously repaired, has broken up again in the area near to the park and requires resurfacing.
Action: Townships to raise the matter with Rochdale Council’s Highways Maintenance Department to inspect, assess and action remedial repairs.

Silk Street – Lorries parking opposite Tesco’s entrance
A resident reported damage to the footpath kerb edges and gridlock issues due to no parking restrictions on the stretch of road to prevent parked vehicles.  Councillor Sheerin advised the forum that a few years ago an objection was raised to a proposal for double yellow lines to be painted in this area to alleviate the problem, leading to the scheme being abandoned.  Highways stated at the time that the road was classed as wide enough to enable the flow of traffic on both sides of the road.  Councillor Hornby requested that matters are escalated again to Highways regarding the congestion caused by parking and also for the repairs to the kerbs.
Action: Townships to raise the matter with Rochdale Council’s Highways Maintenance Department to inspect, assess and action remedial repairs to the kerbs and also assess the congestion complaint.

Former Carcraft Site fly tipping
A resident reported fly tipping issues at the former Carcraft site located off Nixon Street.
Action: Townships to raise the matter with Rochdale Council’s Environmental Management Department to inspect, assess and action a clear-up or enforcement.

Alley gate at Alexander Street/Partington Street/Jameson Street – Fly tipping and bins issues
A resident stated his dismay at the state of the residents’ overflowing bins from within this stretch of alleyway and also the fly tipping.  There is also a skip located within the area which has been there some time and needs moving.
Action: Townships to raise the matter with Rochdale Council’s Environmental Management Department to inspect, assess and action a clear-up or enforcement.


Royle Road/Gypsy Lane Corner sewerage smell
It was reported by several residents that a pungent sewerage type smell can be detected at the corner of Woolworth’s Club, next to the electricity sub-station.  It was stated it had previously been reported to United Utilities and to Rochdale Council’s Environmental Health Department, however the problem persists.
Action: Townships to raise the matter with Rochdale Council’s Environmental Health Department.

Smalley Street/Station Approach Junction – Vehicles Driving Up No Entry
It was reported that vehicles have been driving up the no entry  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.




Castleton EC Residents
The recent encampment of travellers on the Cowm Top site was swiftly removed within hours using the Council’s new legal injunction powers.  The recent planning application for an extension to the warehouse was approved and works have started on site now on the foundations.  Fly tipping is still rife in the area.

Friends of Carnegie Castleton
Renovations still ongoing as planned.  The next step is securing new, paying clients to use the building.  Question was posed to residents as to what they wish to see take occupation in the building for the people of Castleton?  Residents are able to email any ideas direct to the Friends of Carnegie via the website where they can also join as members of the group for £2 per year fee.

Friends of Castleton Station/Support the Oldham, Rochdale & Manchester Rail Lines/East Lancs Railway
The new shelters have now been installed.  Thanks were given to Councillor Sheerin for his assistance with the beautiful floral displays.  There are still some issues regarding the new timetables concerning missing services, etc, and it was discussed that this may be due to the fact that the Rochdale Station is now used as more of a ‘hub’ station.  The new trains will be on the way soon.

St. Gabriel’s
No update.

East Lancs Railway
No update.

Rochdale Township in Bloom
Rochdale represented the North West of England in Britain in Bloom this year.  Extra baskets and plants were introduced at the train station in readiness for the judging.  Results will be reported at the next forum as they are released in October.


Any Other Business


Springfield Park - Car Boot Sale
Resident advised the last car boot sale of this year will be held this Sunday 9 September 2018.

Castleton War Memorial and Flagpole – Service
Councillor Sheerin advised that the newly installed war memorial and flagpole, situated on land at the junction of Manchester Road and Queensway, will be blessed with a dedication service to be held on Sunday 23 September 2018 at 12 noon.  The service will be multi-faith and it will commemorate all those who served and sacrificed from Castleton.  Light refreshments afterwards.

Castleton Flagpole – Keys
Councillor Sheerin asked residents to consider themselves or enquire with a member of the community of Castleton to hold a key for the flagpole to assist the Council with the changing of flags/lowering, etc.  Anyone can put themselves forward to the Councillors/Council.

Councillors’ Surgeries
Surgeries at 10.30am–11.30am at the following venues:
First Saturday in month – St Aiden’s Church Hall
Second Saturday in month – Castleton Community Centre
Third Saturday in month – Chesham Community Room
Fourth Saturday in month – Castleton Community Centre


Date and time of next meeting


Tuesday 4 December 2018 at 7pm
Tuesday 5 March 2019 at 7pm