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Introductions and Apologies/Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


Introductions were made and all were welcomed to the meeting.  The code of conduct was circulated.  All attendees were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


Minutes of last meeting/Matters arising/Updates pdf icon PDF 74 KB


The minutes of the previous meeting held on 4 December 2018 were approved and the following updates given.

Cherrington Drive road surface
Potholes have now been repaired but a resident reported that there is still subsidence to the pavement and roadway on the first bend of the road.
Action 1: Township Officer to raise the issue again with Highways to inspect, assess and carry out remedial repairs if needed.

Royle Road/Gypsy Lane Corner sewerage smell
Residents reported this issue has now been resolved and thanks were expressed to the Council for their swift action.

Additional items
The chair agreed to an additional item on the agenda of
‘Current Air Pollution Monitoring, Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan and Clean Air Zone Categories’ presented by Nicola Rogers, Head of Public Protection, Rochdale Borough Council.


Greater Manchester Police


The Castleton PACT (Police and Communities Together) meeting was incorporated into the forum.  The local ward Councillors gave their apologies for the last PACT stating they were unfortunately on other business but always try and attend.

Forthcoming PACT dates for 2019 are as follows:


Castleton Community Centre (7-8pm)

9 April 2019

2 July 2019

22 October 2019

7 May 2019

27 August 2019

19 November 2019

4 June 2019

24 September 2019

17 December 2019


PC Farmer gave an update on the crime statistics since the last forum in December 2018.  She reported there have been 14 burglary dwellings, 22 thefts from motor vehicle and 3 thefts of motor vehicle.

The forum previously raised concerns over speeding on Manchester Road and Queensway which GMP have tried to reduce.  A speeding operation was carried out last week resulting in several tickets issued.  Highest recorded speed was 47mph in a 30mph zone.  Tickets were also issued for use of mobile phones and non-use of seatbelts.  Another multi-agency operation ‘Considerate’ will be run when resources are available again; Castleton is next on the list for this initiative.  The operation will involve other agencies and address the issues of speeding, no vehicle documentation, not wearing seat belts, use of mobile phones and vehicle worthiness.  A number plate awareness event also took place, which was well attended and will be run again.

Complaints concerning youths using the area at the top of Cowm Top Lane as a race track have been monitored recently by GMP with officers speaking to offenders.  The matter is still on the radar of officers on the later shifts.

Complaints made at the last forum about vehicles driving on to Kingsland Common have been addressed with the installation of an extension of the knee rail around the lower points of the common to prevent vehicles driving on to it.

Residents expressed concerns about speeding on Royle Barn Road.  GMP stated they would put the area on the next speed operation list.

All residents were reminded to be aware of home and vehicle security, not to leave valuables or presents on show, keep lights and alarms on and make it look like someone is home.

PC Farmer stressed to residents the importance of reporting all matters and their attendance at PACTs in order to validate the need for support and necessary resources within GMP to be allocated.  The 101 number is a national line and matters can also be reported on GMP’s website.  The chair gave thanks to GMP for their efforts and attendance.


Current Air Pollution Monitoring, Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan and Clean Air Zone Categories


The chair agreed to an additional item on the agenda of ‘Current Air Pollution Monitoring, Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan and Clean Air Zone Categories’ – presented by Nicola Rogers, Head of Public Protection, Rochdale Borough Council.  The information presented ties in with the ongoing concerns of local residents about the increased levels of air pollution, predominantly around the Royle Barn Road area.  Nicola explained there are three testing sites within Castleton in the following locations; Cherrington Drive, Trows Lane and Manchester Road.  Questions were asked about pollution increasing since the motorway was widened and whether the location of the monitoring tube should be better positioned on Royle Barn Road.

Documents were circulated to those in attendance and residents can access data on the following website links:

Air quality monitoring results available at

Declared Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) details available at


Open Forum


Air pollution
A recent Government report on air pollution highlighted two areas in Castleton, namely Manchester Road and Edinburgh Way, as exceeding their limit for Nitrogen Oxides which is a concern to the community.  Motorways are exempt.  The Association of Greater Manchester Authorities are looking at the problem overall and Councillor Sheerin will raise the issue at their next group meeting, together with the impact of increasing use of wood burners also with Rochdale Council’s representative on the Combined Authorities.  Local ward Councillors advised residents to voice their concerns within this period of preliminary consultation.

Countryside Proposed Housing Development
Resident raised concerns about a leaflet from Countryside Properties sent to residents in the Royle Road area regarding a proposed housing development of approx. 250 houses/apartments to be built on the former brownfield Dunlop site.  A resident has enquired with the Planning Department who advised the application is only an outline one at present.  Concerns were raised about the access, parking facilities and additional pressure on the infrastructure of local schools/doctors, etc. in the area.  Councillor Sheerin also highlighted to residents other potential future development sites in the ward including the former Carcraft site (brownfield site), land behind houses on Alder Road, land to the rear of the playing fields of Castleton Primary School and also the land behind Leander Drive (greenfield site).

Councillor Sheerin raised the matter again and requested the item to be added to the agenda for future forums.  Concerns are continually raised about the fact that the HSE has still not granted the company a certificate of compliance for hazardous substance consent.  Another area of concern is the storage of chemicals which borders the adjoining wall to the Soccer Factory building next door of which the HSE had requested the storage chamber to be sited away from the wall.  It appears to residents that the factory are operating now at an ‘insurable risk’ and lower level of storage and residents expressed frustration at the fact that no one is aware of what level this is.
Action 2: Township Officer to add this item to future agendas

Chesham Avenue
A resident requested an inspection to the area outside the park as although some potholes have been repaired, there are still problems in the road.
Action 3: Township Officer to ask Highways again to inspect, assess and carry out remedial repairs if needed.




Castleton EC Residents
No update.

Friends of Carnegie Castleton
Update provided to the forum.  Friends of Carnegiemoved into the old library as formal tenants on 1 February 2019 and they are gradually equipping the office.  A superb picture of Andrew Carnegie is in pride of place on the wall and there has been donations of desks, cupboards, chairs and a table, along with cups and saucers, etc.  The first thing to display will be Andrew Carnegie's biography, along with pictures of his birthplace, and some details of his ancestry.  There will also be a section on Castleton's industrial and military history.  If anyone wants to join the group, membership is £2 per year.  The building is looking superb thanks to the 'Crewe Crew' that are carrying out fantastic work.

If anyone belongs to a group that is looking for a meeting venue, or if you have family history in Castleton which you would like to share, please call in on Tuesdays or Wednesdays between 10am - 3pm to discuss.

Friends of Castleton Station/Support the Oldham, Rochdale & Manchester Rail Lines/East Lancs Railway
No update.

St. Gabriel’s
The Dick Whittington Pantomime was a success.

Rochdale Township in Bloom
No update.


Any Other Business


No further matters raised.


Date and time of next meeting


Tuesday 4 June 2019 at 7pm in Castleton Community Centre.