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Venue: Wardleworth Community Centre, South Street, Rochdale OL16 2EP. View directions

Contact: Andy Dawson 

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Introductions and Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 23 KB


Andy Dawson introduced himself to the forum and thanked everyone for attending.

Members of the forum were asked if anyone would like to chair the Central Rochdale Area Forum.  Hellal Choudhury came forward to chair the meeting and forum members were asked if there were any objections.  No objections were received.  The chair introduced himself to the forum.

Attention was drawn to the code of conduct and a summary of which was read out.  All attendees were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


Minutes from last meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 67 KB


The minutes of the previous meeting of 29th November 2012 were approved as a true record.  No matters arising.


Greater Manchester Police and Community Safety


No GM Police present.  Residents expressed their disappointment.
Action 1: Contact GMP to raise the issue. (A. Dawson)


Recycle for Greater Manchester (RfGM)


Paul Whiting from Environmental Management was introduced to the forum to present the information.

Joint Greater Manchester Waste and Rochdale MBC Pilot is about reducing contamination and improving recycling participation.  As part of the work to be delivered under the public facing brand of Recycle for Greater Manchester, we will be developing a mixed recycling campaign covering all material streams (comingled, paper and card, food and garden) in 2013/14.  This pilot to be carried out on Friday on bin collection route 15 which is mainly Newbold, Belfield and part of Wardleworth will establish what works best to encourage behavioural change.

We will consult with stakeholders to identify best practice in how to communicate how to avoid contamination and also how to encourage residents to recycle and reduce the amount of waste that goes to Landfill.

The aim of this pilot is to get more residents to take part in recycling initiatives and those that already take part to recycle more and reduce their contamination less.  If the pilot is successful, we will be looking to replicate the successes across all areas of the borough.

The pilot will produce a community guide to help residents and communities to improve the quality and quantity of recycling and reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

The chair and residents expressed their concerns over the lack of ward councillor attendance to this area forum.  The forum was informed that Councillor Sultan Ali had a bereavement in the family and apologies had been received.


Kingsway Link


The chair informed all in attendance that there will be a change to the agenda as David Campbell from Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation who is carrying out work on behalf of TfGM and wanted to speak about The Kingsway Link – Is it meeting community needs.

David informed the forum that “Local Link” services are door-to-door bus services that will pick you up and take you where you want to go.  They are supported by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), who invests in improving transport services and facilities.

The Kingsway Link is a door-to-door bus service for people living in the local area to get to and from the Kingsway Business Park.  It also provides a link to the Business Park for passengers arriving at Rochdale Bus Station, Train Station, and the Kingsway Business Park Metro-link Stop. 

David is looking into what the needs of residents are as the service is not well used.  Only one resident had heard of the scheme.  It was suggested that the message had not got out to the people and that it is mainly used for people who work at Kingsway business park.  Residents suggested that they would consider using the service should they have more information.  The use of social networks such as Facebook would be a good idea.  David noted the forum’s comments and will feed back to those concerned.


Open Forum


Residents raised concerns over travellers on Weedon Street, Yorkshire Street and Lomax Street.  Residents are experiencing an increase in fly-tipping and rubbish which is being dumped on a daily basis.  Residents were informed that RMBC are doing all they can to help speed up the process of moving travellers on.

Residents were also informed that if they are encountering problems from travellers they should telephone the Environmental Management contact centre on 0845 226 1800.  If travellers are on private land it is up to the owner of the land to have them moved on.

A resident asked if the mattresses could be moved from Ball Street.  The mattresses previously reported at the last Central Rochdale Area Forum had been removed, however, these mattresses have recently been left.

Residents pointed out that since the introduction of a charge for the removal of bulky items flytipping has increased.
Action 2: Arrange for Environmental Management to visit the site (Paul Whiting)

Lights at junction of Entwistle Road/John Street
Residents mentioned that there are not enough lights at the junction of Entwistle Road and John Street as drivers do not know when the lights have turned red or green.
Action 3: Arrange a meeting with Highways at the junction. (A. Dawson)

Leak at Maude Street
A resident pointed out that at 95 Maude Street there is a slow leak coming from the building which is causing problems.
Action 4: Contact Private Sector Housing Department to investigate. (A. Dawson)

Grants for home improvements

Residents asked if there are any grants available from RMBC for improving their homes.  Residents were informed that there are no grants available from RMBC.  There have been cuts throughout the Council and potentially more cuts to follow so money is not as freely available as in previous years.  At this point almost half the residents left the meeting.

Missed bin collections

Residents mentioned that their bins had not been collected on Kitchen Street, Ramsay Street, Ramsay Terrace, Gower Street and Ernest Terrace.  The forum was reminded that if the bin waggon could not gain access they would not be able to empty bins.  If this happens residents should contact 0845 226 1800 to arrange another date for collection.



Environmental Management and Enforcement Update


Unfortunately there were no updates available to present to the forum other than what has already been discussed.


Ward News


Residents were informed that there is a Wellbeing Roadshow which is being held at Wardleworth Community Centre on the 5th July 2013 between 2.00pm and 5.00pm. This roadshow will provide information on various health issues and a questionnaire.



Date and time of the next meeting


Thursday 19th September 2013 at 6.30pm

Wardleworth Community Centre