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Venue: Wardleworth Community Centre, South Street, Rochdale OL16 2EP. View directions

Contact: Andy Dawson 

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Andy Dawson introduced himself to the forum and thanked everyone for attending.  Members of the forum was asked if anyone would like to chair the Central Area Forum.  Hellal Choudhury came forward to chair the meeting and forum members were asked if there were any objections.  No objections were received.  The chair introduced himself to the forum.

Attention was drawn to the code of conduct and a summary was read out.  All attendees were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


Minutes from last meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 74 KB


The minutes of the previous meeting of 19 September 2013 were agreed and all previous actions were updated.

Maude Street Leak and Fly tipping
A resident pointed out at 95 Maude Street there is a slow leak coming from the building which is causing problems and has not been resolved.

It was suggested that a letter is posted through each of the properties on Maude Street due to the fly tipping in the back alley.
Action 1: Contact Strategic Housing Services regarding the leak. (A. Dawson)
Action 2: Contact Environmental Management to ask to leaflet the residents of Maude Street. (A. Dawson)

Litter bins/Clean-up Scheme
Councillor Ali said that he will be looking at additional litter bins and supplying skips for a clean-up scheme for the area.  It was mentioned that the problem with additional litter bins would be down to Environmental Management having the resources to empty them.
Action 3: Look at possibly installing additional litter bins. (Councillor Ali)
Action 4: Arrange a clean-up scheme for the area. (Councillor Ali)

Kick pitch floodlights
A resident mentioned that it may be an idea to have the floodlights on the kick pitch restored.  Residents were informed that this issue had been looked into before and that the reason for not having them restored is due to vandalism.  However, using Ward Funds to restore the lights was an option and the Area Forum Sub Goup would be consulted if necessary.
Action 5: Look into having the flood lights turned back on. (A. Dawson)

Litter Pick
Residents asked if a litter pick can take place.  Councillor Ali said there have been a number of litter picks and collected on average approximately 4 tons of litter.

Action 6: Organise another litter pick. (Councillor Ali)

Ramsay Terrace Vermin
Ramsay Terrace are having problems with rats and mice.  Councillor Iftikar Ahmed said that he has been working with KYP to address similar issues.
Action 7: Contact KYP. (Councillor Iftikar Ahmed)

Unemptied bins
No update was available after contact with Environmental Management and the MP’s office to report the rubbish bins were put out in time and in the correct location for them to be emptied.  Five weeks on the bins have still not been emptied.

Action 8: Raise the issue with Environmental Management. (Simon Danczuk MP)


Greater Manchester Police and Community Safety


No attendance or updates from GMP.


Blue Orchid - Starting a Business


Shamuna Ahmad was introduced to the forum to provide information on setting up and support for potential new businesses.

Blue Orchid Management Consultants is the largest provider in Business Start Up Support in the north-west and provides a programme of one to one business support, coaching and training available to people who live throughout the UK, particularly those considering self-employment or starting their own business, including individuals who are unemployed or facing redundancy.

Drop in sessions are held at Number One Riverside every Thursday.  The first Thursday of the month offers business advice.  Second Thursday of each month provides advice on Accountancy & Taxation.  Third Thursday of the month provides advice on Marketing.  The last Thursday of the month offers advice on business banking & finance.

Various leaflets were available for residents, however, for further information contact 0161 341 0245 or visit

Shamuna was thanked for attending the forum and providing valuable information.

Pathfinder Project
Sarah Parkington was introduced to the forum to provide information on the DEFRA Pathfinder Project.

The project is part of a nationwide scheme to help people become more resilient to flooding as this is actually the most common and widespread natural disaster in the UK.  Residents were informed that flooding can happen at any time and is unpredictable.  Flooding is not always down to bad weather, but can be due to other incidents such as burst pipes or blockages.  Blockages caused by leaves, litter food waste and fatty materials being disposed of down the drains.

The Pathfinder Project is working with all agencies involved with managing flood risk in the neighbourhood and aims to make sure that measures are in place to help manage, reduce flood risks and provide the opportunity for local people to be more involved in the process of managing flood risks.

A briefing note was handed out to residents which provides further information and Sarah can be contacted on 07858382506 or email

Sarah was thanked for attending and providing the information.


Open Forum


Street drinking
Residents raised concern over street drinking in the area which is happening on a daily basis.  This has been raised with RMBC Community Safety Team.
Action 9: Contact Community Safety and request an update. (A. Dawson)

Anti social behaviour
Residents were encouraged to report incidents in the area to GMP which will highlight them as hot-spots if reported a number of times.  Reporting incidents can be done confidentially by ringing Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Service cuts
Concerns were raised about the number of cuts that have been made to GMP and RMBC and that there should be no further cuts to either service.  Residents and ward councillors asked for these concerns to be minuted.

Damp in South Street Property
A resident on South Street mentioned that he has had a timber platform partially removed from the side of his house by Strategic Housing.  The remaining platform is apparently causing damp to the inside of his house.
Action 10: Contact Strategic Housing. (A. Dawson)

Trafalgar Square Drains
The drains behind Trafalgar Square have not been cleaned.
Action 11: Sarah Parkington said she will raise the issue. (Sarah Parkington)

Blocked drains guidance
The issue of what is put down the toilet was raised due to blocked drains.  There is a leaflet available from United Utilities that provides guidance.
Action 12: Provide a number of these leaflets to the Community Centre for distribution to residents. (Sarah Parkington)


Environmental Management and Enforcement Update


Residents were informed that issues have been highlighted by Environmental Management and are being dealt with.  Some issues are:

24 Trafalgar Street, Rochdale – fly tipping of approximately 6 black bags and numerous carrier bags and gas bottle at the collection point opposite.
Side of 5 Brunswick Sreett, Rochdale – fly tipping of mattress and wood.
Opposite 29 Selby Street, Rochdale – fly tipping of sofa on the footpath.
Rear 66 Oswald Street, Rochdale – fly tipping of mattress and chair at the rear.

Residents are encouraged to contact Environmental Management on the 0845 226 1800 number if they have any information that can help identify those responsible for fly tipping as all in attendance agreed it is the residents that are responsible for making the area look untidy.  Praise was given to Environmental Management for providing a large number of waste bins to properties in the area.

Noted there have been a number of items dumped in the river from Hector Avenue and College Street.
Action 13: Look into removing the items. (Sarah Parkington)


Ward News


Residents were informed of:

Ward Funds
Residents were informed that there is £6,000 ward capital funds available and £1,000 capital and £1,000 revenue Members funds.  If the ward funds are not allocated by the end of November 2013 then it will go into a central pot for other wards to bid on for schemes in their wards.


Date and time of the next meeting


6.30pm Thursday 20 March 2014 at Wardleworth Community Centre