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Venue: Wardleworth Community Centre, South Street, Rochdale OL16 2EP. View directions

Contact: Gary Finch 

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Introductions and Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 23 KB


The meeting was chaired by Farooq Ahmed. The Chair introduced all to the meeting and reminded Forum members to observe and respect the code of conduct.


PACT meeting - Greater Manchester Police


PC Wynne provided a brief overview of the Incident Response Policy.


The objective of the incident response policy is to deliver a response to incidents, which meets the needs of the community, whilst identifying and mitigating risk and harm.


The key points of the policy are; to grade incidents based on the individual circumstances of the incident; improve the management of public expectation and make better use of force resources.


Call handlers primarily make the grading decision based on the individual circumstances of the call. Incidents are graded 1 to 5.


Grade 1: Emergency Response – Attendance with 15 minutes of call receipt.


Would include: danger to life, use or immediate use of violence, serious injury to a person, serious damage to property.


Grade 2: Priority Response – Attendance within 1 hour of call receipt.


Would include: genuine concern for someone’s safety, an offender has been detained and does not pose a risk, a witness or other evidence is likely to be lost if attendance is delayed beyond one hour.


Grade 3: Routine Response – Attendance within 4 hours.


Would include: where a caller refuses a scheduled grade 4 response, failure to resource as a grade 3 will result in a loss of public confidence.


Grade 4: Scheduled Response – Attendance or other resolution within 48 hours.


Would include: where a better quality of police action can be provided if it is dealt with by a pre-arranged police response, the response time is not critical in apprehending offenders.


Grade 5: Telephone Resolution – First time telephone resolution of a call.


Would include where a matter can be appropriately dealt with by telephone resolution, thereby avoiding the unnecessary deployment of policing resources.


Forum members were also informed that the information they had requested on behaviour contracts would be provided at the next Area Forum meeting.


PC Wynne informed the Forum that a number of sheds / garages had been broken into in the Ward and reminded residents to be mindful of this and ensure they lock their property at all times. Incidents had been reported on Park Road, Taylor Street, Heights Lane, Entwistle Road and All Saints Terrace.

A number of questions / concerns were raised by residents:


The area was experiencing problems with off road biking.


Response: Incidents, including as much detail as possible should be reported on the 101 number.


It was reported that the Town Centre is experiencing problems from beggars.


Response: The police are aware of this problem and are currently investigating this issue.


Concerns that PCSO’s have very few powers


Response:  New legislation is likely to help this situation.


Drug dealing is a problem in the area and around the Shell Garage.


Response: Any drug activity should be reported via the 101 number or Crimestoppers giving as much detail as possible. This information can be given anonymously. The Forum was also informed that work with the young people who congregate at the Shell Garage is ongoing.


Residents raised concerns about speeding on Whitworth Road and Entwistle  ...  view the full minutes text for item 18.


Minutes of last meeting, matters arising and updates pdf icon PDF 64 KB


The minutes of the Central Rochdale Area Forum held on Tuesday 12th March 2015 were approved as a correct record.


Matters arising and updates included:


·         A resident raised concerns about refuse collections being hindered because of inconsiderate parking particularly on Kitchen Street, Ramsay Street and Ramsay Terrace.


Action 2: Gary Finch to investigate.


·         It was reported that the commercial bin on Trafalgar Square / Copenhagen Street was still there.


Gary Finch (Township & Engagement Officer) informed the Forum that he had reported this to Environmental Management who had been unable to locate the bin.


      Action 3: Gary Finch to investigate


·         A resident stated that his bin was still being used by other residents. On occasions this resulted in the bin not being emptied because of contamination.


Gary Finch (Township & Engagement Officer) informed the Forum that this issue had been reported to Environmental Management who had responded by undertaking a leaflet drop in the street.


The resident confirmed that no leaflet drop had taken place.


      Action 4: Gary Finch to investigate


·         The Forum was informed that £5000 from 2014/2015 Ward Funds had be committed to environmental improvements in the Ward.


·         The Forum was informed that St Patrick’s RC Primary School had been identified as an additional venue for Central Rochdale Area Forum. The first meeting to be held at the venue will take place on Monday 5th October 2015, commencing 6.30pm.






Open Forum


The following issues were raised during the Open Forum:


1.    A resident asked if benches could be placed on land at the rear of Morley Street. It was agreed that this request be supported, subject to costs from Ward Funds.


Action 5: Gary Finch to progress


2.    A resident asked if it would be possible to erect fencing along Hey Brook situated at the back of Morley Street / Hector Avenue.


Action 6: Gary Finch to investigate


3.    A number of blocked gullies were reported on Whitworth Road, West Street and Yorkshire Street.


Action 7: Gary Finch to report


4.    A resident asked if the sign / advertising board that is placed on land near to Clementina Street off Whitworth Road could be removed.


Action 8: Gary Finch to investigate.


5.    Concerns were raised about the building work being carried out at the rear of the Ruchi Restaurant on Whitworth Road and if this complied with planning permission.


Action 9: Gary Finch to investigate


6.    A resident raised concerns regarding the damage that was being caused to a number of grass verges in the Ward by contractors.


 Action 10: Gary Finch to report to the appropriate Service. The

                    Forum was informed that in cases of this nature

                    Contractors had six months to carry out any remedial



  7     A resident raised concerns about the inconsiderate parking of private

         hire vehicles on Princess Street, off Whitworth Road. It was believed

         that a bollard would resolve this problem


Action 11: Gary Finch to investigate


8.      A resident raised concerns about noise problems from ‘Regenda

  on East Street.


     Action 12: Gary Finch to report.


9.    A question was asked about the frequency of grass cutting on the land close to Hey Brook at the back of Morley Street.


Action 13: Gary Finch to investigate


10.Concerns were raised about Hopwood Hall College students using College Bank Way as a route to the college. However there is no footpath access on this busy route.


Action 14: Gary Finch to report to the appropriate service.


11 A resident sought clarification on the strategy adopted when replacing

     street lighting columns.


Action 15: Gary Finch to investigate.


      12. A resident asked if an additional litter bin could be located on

            West Street.


      Action 16: Gary Finch to investigate.


      13. A resident raised concerns about the rubbish accumulating in the

            alleygated area between Maud Street and Greenbank Road.


            The Forum was informed that residents were responsible for making

            sure alleygated areas are kept clean and tidy. However the incident

            will be reported.


      Action 17: Gary Finch to report to the appropriate service.


      14. A resident reported that a large quantity of council recycling leaflets

            have been discarded between Dean Street and Cook Street.


      Action 18: Gary Finch to report to the appropriate service.


The Forum was also informed / reminded about the forthcoming Equalities Listening Event and Townhead Junction improvements.










Environmental Management and Enforcement Update


No update provided.


Ward News


No Ward news was provided.


Date and time of the next meeting


The next meeting of Central Rochdale Area Forum will take place at Wardleworth Community Centre on Thursday 17th September 2015, commencing 6.30pm and not Monday 13th July 2015 at St Patrick’s RC Primary School.