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Introductions and Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 23 KB


The meeting was chaired by Beryl Lloyd. The Chair welcomed all to the meeting and reminded Forum members to observe and respect the code of conduct.


PACT meeting - Greater Manchester Police


PC Sarah Firth and PCSO Saba Mahmood attended for this item.


The Forum was informed that from May 2016 the Ward would be served by a Neighbourhood Policing Team. This would represent a complete restructure to present arrangements and would result in the Ward having one more Police Officer, in addition to four PCSO’s.


It was hoped that by operating a Neighbourhood Policing model, officers would develop a good working knowledge of the Ward and would be in a better position to respond to problems.


The Forum in general where supportive of the approach outlined.


Updates were then provided on a number of the issues raised at previous meetings:


-       Drug dealing near Falinge Park


The officer informed the Forum that patrols in this area have been increased and the situation seems to have improved.


-       Anti-social behaviour near to Hamer Hall Crescent


The officer informed the Forum that patrols in this area have been increased and the problems seem to have reduced.


-       Travellers on Cronkeyshaw Common.


The travellers have now moved on.


-       Drug dealing on Greenbank Road


The Officer informed the Forum that she had checked the number of reported incidents of drug dealing in this area, which was low. It was reiterated that for data to be useful and subsequently acted upon, it needs be reported.


It was explained to the Officers that during the Winter months it was difficult to see individuals, however visits and door knocking to certain addresses on Greenbank Road was common.


The Officers understood the situation and where keen that more be done to address the problems being experienced by some residents.


The Officers were also informed that the parking of vehicles on Red Lane and Baillie Street was problematical.


           A question was raised in relation to home visits following a 101 call.

           The Forum was informed that home visits do not necessarily result

           as a consequence of a 101 call. However all calls are logged.

             It was explained that a team of local Call Resolution Officers had

             recently been recruited. The role of this team is primarily to deal with    

             101 calls and determine how these incidents should be more

             effectively dealt with.  


              It was also explained that GMP is now operating an appointments

              system for home visits.















Minutes of last meeting, matters arising and updates pdf icon PDF 66 KB

Additional documents:


The minutes were approved as a correct record subject to the following amendments being made. The issues listed below had been raised at a previous Area Forum meeting but omitted from the record:


-       Debris on Wilson Street, near to Athena Roofing

-       The reinstatement of the railings at the Taylor Street pelican crossing

-       Concerns over the Greenbank School wall.

-       Ownership of the perimeter wall surrounding Lidl

-       The Banson Tool Hire gully

-       Signs attached to a variety of Council assets


No other matters or updates were provided.


Healthwatch Rochdale


Elaine Grace, Community Engagement Officer, attended the meeting to inform the Forum of the role and purpose of Healthwatch Rochdale.


The Forum was informed that Healthwatch Rochdale (HWR) is the local consumer champion of Health and Social Care Services. HWR have statutory powers to ensure that the voice of the general public is heard.


HWR gathers feedback from the general public about their experiences of Health and Social Care services. HWR collate and analyse the feedback received from the general public and report this to the Clinical Commissioning Group, the Local Authority and other service providers both locally and nationally.


HWR provides a signposting service, an independent complaints advocacy service, 1-2-1 conversations with staff and drop in sessions across the four Townships. Forthcoming sessions will be held at Number One Riverside on the 28th January, 25th February, 24th March, 28th April, 26th May, 23rd June and 28th July, 10am till 3pm. Sessions will also be run at Rochdale Leisure Centre on the 2nd February and 1st March.


HWR had recently been involved in projects in relation to GP Surgeries.


The Forum did raise concerns about GP waiting times.


A Ward Councillor endorsed and supported the important role HWR have in representing service users and encouraged the community to engage and use the services provided.


 Information about HWR can be found on







Waste Recycling Service in Rochdale


Ian Rogers, Recycling Improvement and Participation Officer attended the meeting for this item.


It was reported to the Forum that since the implementation of the new waste recycling service, recycling rates in the Ward and Boroughwide have been moving in the right direction.


For example, recycling rates in the Ward for the six week period between November and December 2015 have progressed from 31% to 46%. The recycling rate Boroughwide is currently 49%.


The Officer attending the meeting accepted that the implementation process suffered from a number of teething problems, however lessons have been learned and improvements have been made. The services changes made were considerable.


The following issues were raised by residents:


-       It has been difficult to communicate the problems being experienced


Response – This comment will be relayed to the Customer Contact Centre Supervisors.


-       The kitchen caddy needs to be bigger


Response – The size relates to the size of liners and is given as a free option to residents. Residents may find something different that suits their own needs.


-       Contacting the service via the telephone number and email address published has been difficult


Response – This comment will be passed to the Customer Contact Centre Supervisors.


-       Implementation of the new service was rushed


Response – The new service was required due to the need to increase recycling rates and financial pressures. Information was given to residents and a public consultation was undertaken. The change was a staggered roll out across the Borough, however because of the logistics of changing collection patterns this was the most efficient way of doing it.


-       Brown bins are being missed at various locations in the Ward


Response – Residents should report this as soon as possible.




-       Receiving delivery of a caddy has been difficult


Response – There was a higher than expected demand for these and teams are still out delivering them.









Open Forum


The following issues were raised during the Open Forum:


-       Karen Hayday, Hourglass Environment Ltd, attended the Forum to request support for funding for The Growth Project.


The Growth Project is located and undertakes its activities at Kellet Street, Rochdale, a Council allotment site. The project has been in operation for 8 years and works with people who suffer from mental and physical health issues, in developing horticultural techniques and building and joinery skills.


It was explained to the Forum that the Kellet Street site was severely affected by the floods and various pieces of equipment/materials had been destroyed. As a consequence the Forum was being approached to support funding to help with remedial work on the site. Hourglass Equipment Ltd had already received support to the value of £1642.36 from Rochdale Clean and Green Priority Group and where requesting additional support to the value of £2430.


The Forum agreed to support this application to the value of £2430.


The following information was circulated:


-       Information on the ‘Pavement Parking (Protection of Vulnerable Pedestrians) Bill 2015-2016 that is being debated in Parliament. The Bill proposes to strengthen the law on pavement parking while giving highway authorities powers including banning pavement parking.


-       Contact numbers and email addresses in relation to street lighting fault repairs.


-       Information on the additional 20mph repeater signs that are going to be placed at various locations around Foxholes Road / Greenbank Road


A resident asked that the following Ward issues be reported to the appropriate service:


-       Recycling Centre sign


It was reported that the above sign, located on Jarvis Street, should be removed as the Recycling Centre is no longer in operation.


-       Taylor Street Car Park


A grass verge opposite the above car park has been damaged and needs repairing.





-       Littering


Littering is a problem near to the ambulance station on Whitehall Street.


-       Bollard


It was reported that a bollard should be placed on the alleyway off Howard Street to stop traffic driving across the footpath.


The Forum was informed that this may not be possible as the land in question belongs to Rochdale Boroughwide Housing.


-       Inconsiderate Parking.


It was reported that cars are stopping/parking on the pedestrian area of the Car Park on the site of the old bus station.


-       The streetlighting contractors have left a road sign behind a lamp post on Whitehall Street.


-       Blocked gullies on Whitworth Road


-       Globe Taxis


It was reported that taxis are parking across the dropped kerb on Princess Street.


The Forum was informed that a visit had been made to the above offices in an attempt to resolve the above matter amicably. However a further visit will be made.


-       Gower Street Youth Base


A resident asked what the current position regarding the above youth base was. Would it close or not?


A definitive answer could not be given.


Residents asked what plans have been put in place to deal with flooding problems that may occur in the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 51.


Ward News


Nothing was reported.


Date and time of the next meeting


Thursday 10th March 2016

Wardleworth Community Centre, South Street, Rochdale.

6.30pm – 8.30pm


The next meeting at St Patrick’s RC Primary School, Foxholes Road, Rochdale has still to be determined.