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Introductions, Apologies and Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


The Chair welcomed all to the meeting and advised forum members of the need to adhere to the code of conduct for the duration of the meeting.


Apologies had been received from Councillor Sultan Ali


PACT meeting - Greater Manchester Police


PC Marvell, PS Walsh, PC Ali and PCSO Stewart attended the meeting for this item.


The forum was informed that over the previous couple of months GMP had been involved in the following issues:


-       A drug warrant had been executed on Edmund Street

-       An offender had been arrested and charged with drug and firearms offences

-       Traffic operations had been undertaken on George Street, Entwistle Road, Howard Street, Heights Lane and Trafalghar Street.

-       Ongoing drug and anti-social behaviour issues across the ward, for example Hope Street, Oswald Street.

-       A prolific burglar had been jailed which has resulted in a significant reduction in commercial burglaries in the Lower Falinge area.

-       Car theft is a problem across Greater Manchester which has resulted in many of the cars that are stolen being found in the College Bank area.

It was also commented that the neighbourhood policing team are extremely keen on building positive relationships with the community. To support this GMP are looking to restart police surgeries in the near future. Further information in connection with this will be circulated when available. Forum members were in support of this.


A charity football match had also been held to strengthen links.


Residents raised the following issues:


-          In response to a discussion concerning anti-social behaviour on Oswald Street it was agreed that the area had improved and the problems being experience by residents had reduced. However it was commented that incidents still occur near to the garages in the area. It was also agreed that the deployable cameras in the area should remain for the time being.


-          It was commented that it was important that residents reported any criminal activity as GMP resources allocated into an area are determined by data collection.


-          In response to a question it was suggested that the best way to report incidents anonymously was via Crimestoppers although it is hoped that local GMP surgeries may assist in relation to this.


-          It was highlighted that cars are being parked in the Gower Street area for long periods and if any investigation could be undertaken concerning the vehicles in question.


-           It was also asked who owned the car park on Jermyn Street. In response it was confirmed that the council owned the car park.


-          A resident raised concerns about speeding and the parking of cars, vans and lorries on Buckley Road. It was suggested that a traffic operation should be undertaken in this area. The forum was also informed that a speed survey had been commissioned for Red Lane.


-          Concerns were raised about speeding and drug dealing on West Street / Ball Street.


-          Following a general discussion about speeding in the Ward it was commented that GMP’s approach to this may change in the future as the new Chief Constable has identified speeding as a priority.


-          It was commented that Lower Falinge residents have reported anti-social behaviour and car damage on the car park in the area.




Minutes of last meeting, matters arising and updates pdf icon PDF 78 KB


The minutes of the area forum meeting held on Monday 8th November 2021 were approved as a correct record.


The following updates were provided;


-          It was confirmed that the cctv on Oswald Street would remain on site for the foreseeable future. Additional cameras for the Ward may be available in the future. If this happens it would be necessary to identify hot spot areas.


-          It was confirmed that the issues relating to South Street kick pitch –  floodlights not working, bushes requiring cutting back and gate     replacement had been reported. A resident stated that no work had been undertaken.


-          It was confirmed that the banking area close to the bridge on Selby Street had been cut back. However it was suggested that additional work is required.




Open Forum


A lengthy discussion took place about fly tipping problems in the area with a number of problematic areas being identified. In general it was agreed that it was unfair for the Council to take complete responsibility in addressing this issue. The community also had an important role to play.


In response to a question about the use of skips to help clear up fly tipped areas it was suggested that future planning about this is put on hold until the Council’s new fly tipping policy is published. It was explained that as part of this policy free bulky waste collections would be introduced.


It was asked if more litter bins could be placed in the Ward


A resident asked how often the street cleaning vehicle visited the ward. This would be investigated.


A resident asked if any progress had been made with the request for a grit bin on Hector Street. It was explained that there is currently an eight week delay in receiving grit bins. Because of this it was suggested that this request be considered in the next financial year. This was agreed.







Ward News


All Ward issues had been discussed earlier in the meeting.


Date and time of the next meeting


No dates have been set for the next meeting. However it is likely to be in May/June 2022 at Wardleworth Community Centre.