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Welcome, Introductions, Apologies and Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


The Chair welcomed all to the meeting and reminded Forum members of the need to adhere to the Code of Conduct for the duration of the meeting.


The Forum was informed that the running order of the published agenda would be slightly amended as follows:


-       item 2 – Greater Manchester Police including PACT meeting.


-       Item 3 – Appointment of Chair and Vice Chair


-       Item 4 – Common and Pond Working Group Update


-       Item 5 – Open Forum


Apologies had been received from six residents and Councillor Wazir.


Greater Manchester Police including PACT meeting (start at 6.30pm)


PC Harvard and PCSO Vohra attended the meeting for this item.


The following incidents had been reported since the last Area Forum meeting:


Burglary 4 + 4 attempts


Theft from motor vehicle 6 + vehicle interference issues


Theft of motor vehicle 1


Criminal damage / Anti-social behaviour – Patrols have been undertaken at various locations and times including the cattle grid area that was identified as a hot spot area at the last meeting. Incidents identified from these visits is very low with little evidence available to pursue prosectutions.


GMP Surgey’s are being held at Tesco Express on a monthly basis. This will be advertised via social media links.


GMP are preparing to hold a community speed watch event in the Ward – residents are welcome to attend. Anyone interested should contact PC Harvard on


Residents raised the following issues:


-       A resident informed the Forum of the Shawclough and Healey Facebook page that had been introduced to assist the community to become aware of criminal activity in the area. GMP commented that they are aware of this facility, however it was stressed that it is not a GMP site and any incidents must be reported to the Police on 999 – 101 or the live chat facility.


-       It was commented that the 101 and live chat reporting facilities are poor and significant improvements need to be made.


-       A resident described a serious assault on the moors and requested that GMP has more of a presence in the area. It was explained that there are logistical problems of attempting to police an area of this nature, the moors cover a number of police jurisdictions, accessibility can be a problem and land ownership can vary. However GMP will attempt to raise their profile in the area where possible.


-       Residents are still experiencing problems with off-road bikes.


It was agreed the Forum priorities over the next three months will be – Burglary – Moorland visits (beyond Pot House Lane) – Anti-social behaviour.




Appointment of Chair and Vice Chair


Sheila Acton was appointed Chair.


John Kennedy was appointed Vice-Chair.


Common and Pond Working Group Update pdf icon PDF 149 KB


Ian Trickett, Environmental Management attended the meeting for this item.


The update provided to the Forum can be accessed via the link below:


It was also explained to the Forum that a quote (£6420) had been received in connection with the repair of the footpath that had recently been subject to a number of thefts of flags from the area. It was agreed that £3000 could be used from Ward Funds to support this initiative, £3000 would be sought from delegated approval via Councillor O’Neill and Environmental Management would make a contribution of £420.


The Forum was also informed that a camera had recently been installed at the Base in an attempt to combat thefts in the area.


A resident also commented about the poor condition of the Coptrod Play Area.


In response to this it was explained that a detailed examination of all play areas will be taking place going forward.


Open Forum - An opportunity for local residents to comment on issues in the Ward (start at 7pm)


Residents raised the following issues:


1.    A pot hole has appeared on Dell Road. It was commented that this is being dealt with.


2.    The steps at Waigap Rise / Stoneyheys require attention as they are overgrown with weeds.


3.    Trees are overhanging onto the footpath on Syke Road. It was commented that the trees are on private land.


4.    Hazelgrove Farm is now occupied.


5.    A resident asked if the Public Space Protection Order is likely to be reviewed as a result of the dispersal of beggars / homeless people from the Town Centre into other areas.


It was commented that this dispersal has been managed and planned and offers those in need of support access to services.


6.    The Story of Christmas will take place at Syke Chapel on Thursday 19 December.


7.    A resident asked if the thirteen trees that had not taken when planted would be replaced. It was commented that Environmental Management had agreed to do this.


8.    A discussion took place about the availability of dog waste bags.


9.    A discussion took place regarding the possibility of installing a notice board onto the Common, close to Syke Base. The cost of this installation would be sought.


10.A resident commented that a traffic survey was undertaken on Shawclough Road recently.


Updates on issues raised at previous meetings


Updates provided:


1.    The steps at Waingap Rise are in a dangerous condition – No progress


2.    Shawclough Road re-lining / re-surfacing – The work is planned for October.


3.    Bentley Street Traffic Calming – Work completed.


Members/Ward Funds


The Forum was informed that at the commencement of the meeting the following funds were available:


 Ward Funds - £7344


Councillor Heakin - £290


Councillor O’Neill - £1750


Councillor Wazir - £1750


Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 22 August 2019 pdf icon PDF 70 KB


The minutes of the Area Forum meeting held on Thursday 22 August were approved as a correct record.


Matters arising from those minutes not listed as agenda items


The Forum was informed of the following:


1.    The following issues had been reported:


-       White goods which are for sale are still being stored on the pavement outside a shop on Whitworth Road.


-       Signs advertising a coffee morning have been secured to a tree at Horse Carrs. It is understood this has been resolved.


-       The trees at Hawley Green / bus shelter on Shawclough Road are overgrown and require cutting back. It is understood this has been partially completed. The bushes outside number 16 still require attention.


-       The triangular piece of land at the junction of Dell Road / Shawclough Road requires cutting. It is understood this has been resolved.


2.    Lighting columns 35 – 22 – 12 will be used to facilitate the speed survey on Dewhirst Road.


3.    Grit Bin – Pot House Lane / Dewhirst Road has been installed


4.    The land at Ironwaters that had been identified for the placement of a litter bin is not Council owned, therefore it cannot be used. As an alternative it was suggested that a litter bin be placed on Council owned land nearer to Syke Base.


5.    No response had been received regarding the request from Highways to undertake a speed survey on Whitworth Road.


6.    Two new litter bins will be installed close to Shawclough Stores. The concrete bins currently in place will be removed. Councillor Heakin has agreed to fund this.




Councillors' News


The following issues were raised:


1.    70% of Primary Schools have signed up to the ‘Dippy’ exhibition.


2.    South Parade is currently being transformed to match the area around the river.


3.    Drake Street is being targeted to increase residential accommodation in the area.


4.    Rochdale Town Hall has featured on a number of television programmes recently – Peaky Blinders – World on Fire.


Peaky Blinders Tours and Ghost Tours are also available at the Town Hall.


5.    A masterplan for the Station Gateway is nearing completion. This will be looking to improve traffic management in the area, provide additional car parking, improve station facilities and increase residential occupancy.


6.    In response to a comment concerning the demise of the market it was acknowledged that the Council’s plan for the area had not materialised as expected. It was commented that a trader has now taken responsibility for the initiative.


7.    Because of damage being caused to flags on the Common, adjacent to Joy Street the cost of introducing a timber knee rail would be sought.


8.    In response to a question about drones, residents commented that they had not seen any increase of use in the area. Additional information in respect of the use of drones can be found on the Civil Aviation Authority web site.


9.    Consideration is being given to the introduction of a power supply to the triangular piece of land at the junction of Dell Road / Shawclough Road.


News from people in the area and Syke Community Base


The following issues were reported:


1.    Syke Base has been successful in acquiring funding from two sources. The financial support received will be used to employ staff to run additional courses and seek additional funding opportunities.


2.    A roast dinner will be served at the Base on Sunday 20 October at 12 noon. A £4 donation will be requested.


3.    An Autumn Fair will be held at the Base on Saturday 19 October – 11am till 1pm.


4.    Rochdale Ramblers will be having a litter pick in the area on Saturday 16 November – 10am till 12 noon.


5.    A Beever Group has recently started at the Base.


6.    The Base received £300 from last year’s Mayor.


Date and time of the next meeting


6th February 2020, commencing 6.30pm at Syke Base.