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Welcome, Introductions, Apologies and Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


All were welcomed to the meeting and introductions made. Forum members were reminded to adhere to the code of conduct for the duration of the meeting.




Election of Chair, Vice Chair and Area Forum Sub Group


Asrar Ul-Haq was elected Chair.


John Kennedy was elected Vice Chair


Samina Ul-Haq was added to the Ward Sub Group.


Ward Sub-Group members for 2023/24 are:


Asrar Ul-Haq

John Kennedy

Councillor O’Neill

Councillor Wazir

Councillor Ayrton

Samina Ul-Haq

Pam Hodgkinson

Donald Barnett

Neil Dixon

Jim Murphy

Sheila Acton

Richard Lord

Ben Greenwood



Greater Manchester Police (start at 6.30pm)


GMP reported the following issues:


1 Informed residents of the Police.Uk website ( which provides information about crime in your area simply by entering your post code and the Bee in the loop website ( which provides updates on incidents and emergencies in your area and additional information on a variety of topics. If you sign up to this website you will receive texts/alerts on local issues.


2 Crime figures since the last forum. Figures in brackets are for the previous three months.


           Residential Burglaries – 11 (11)

           Commercial Burglaries – 5 (4)

           Robbery – 1

           Vehicle Crime – 17 (15)

           Criminal Damage – 19 (Majority in Shawlough and Syke)

           Shoplifting – 8 (13)

           Public Order – 24 (36)


It was asked if comparable data could be provided for crime figure updates going forward. This was agreed.


It was also asked if more detail could be provided indicating incident/crime areas in relation to crimes, for example street names. Although GMP agreed to do this for future meetings it was commented that they would need to discuss this further to understand the level of information that can be introduced into the public domain.


Additional information in relation to the above figures includes:




·         8 were residential and 4 were shed burglaries

·         Peak times 8pm – 5am

·         4 x Shawclough area

·         5 x Healey area

·         2 Syke and Fieldhouse area


Vehicle Crime


·         12 were theft from vehicle

·         5 vehicles stolen

·         Spate of vehicle thefts without keys

·         Majority were 9pm – 6am

·         Advice to prevent keyless thefts – Crook lock to be put on steering wheel and/or faraday pouch or similar to put keys in.

·         Majority in Shawclough area




·         Tesco Express common location – One prolific offender who has previously assaulted staff was arrested last week and charged with a number of offences




Anti-Social Behaviour


·         At the last forum members were informed that anti-social behaviour incidents were happening in the Whitworth Road area. These incidents were being caused by a group of youths which also included the targeting of a family. There was an escalation in the weeks after the last forum which led to multi agency actions to deal with the issues. This resulted in:


-       4 x Youths arrested for public order offences

-       One adult arrested and charged with witness intimidation

-       No incidents being reported linked to this for several months

-       Safeguarding put in place for the family

-       Community Safety have put up a CCTV camera to help detect offences

-       4 x Youths referred to the Youth Offending Team to prevent them from getting involved in further criminality

3 Anti-Social Behaviour hot spots were reported as being Syke Woods / Walton Lodge which had resulted in incidents of:


·         Fires

·         Youths drinking alcohol

·         Burnt out motorbike

·         Several birds killed and eggs destroyed

Investigations are ongoing into these incidents. Although some images of the youths involved are available they are not known in the Syke area. The images have been passed to Lancashire Police to see  ...  view the full minutes text for item 314.


Open Forum - An opportunity for local residents to comment on issues in the Ward (start at approx 7pm)


The following issues were raised:


1.    A resident raised concerns that numerous tents have appeared close to the area known as Ironwaters. As a consequence general anti-social behaviour has increased in the vicinity – littering, noise, fires, drunkenness, etc.


Charles Cordingley (Community Safety Officer) agreed to investigate this further.


2.    Residents from Fallowfield Drive commented that Planning had not provided an update concerning the ongoing CSF issue and the setting up of a Fallowfield Drive Sub-Group had not happened.


The Township Officer explained that the notion of a sub-group was misunderstood. He explained that it was his intentions to ask the services involved in this issue – Children’s Services, Planning, Community Safety and Greater Manchester Police – to meet with residents. Although services had been asked a response had not been forthcoming. However it was explained that an internal stakeholder meeting had taken place involving the services mentioned above. The Township Officer also agreed to contact Planning for an update.


The Chair, residents of Fallowfield Drive and Ward Councillors repeated the request for a meeting to be arranged with the appropriate services to discuss this ongoing issue. The Township Officer agreed to repeat his earlier request.


3.    A resident reported overhanging trees within Falinge Park which impacted upon pedestrians along the footpath on Falinge Road. It was commented that this issue was first reported twelve months ago which has resulted in the situation becoming worse.


4.    It was reported that United Utilities had recently completed work within Healey Dell but had left the site untidy. The Township Officer agreed to investigate this further.


5.    A discussion took place in connection with the fence that had been erected by the angling club at Buckley Wood Reservoir contrary to the Councils wishes.


It was explained that the issue is currently with the Council’s Legal Team which limits what can be discussed at tonight’s meeting.


Some residents expressed their disappointment in the way the Council had dealt with this matter. It was also stated that the Council is following due process following the action taken by the angling club.


The Township Officer agreed to investigate how long it would be before the Council’s Legal Team had prepared a report on this matter.


6 In response to a question Councillor Wazir explained that the funding application in connection with parking restrictions at the junction of Fallowfield Drive / Shawclough Road would be going to Rochdale North Township Committee in July.






Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 2 February 2023, matters arising and updates on issues raised at this meeting pdf icon PDF 109 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 2 February were approved as a correct record.


The following discussions took place concerning actions from the previous meeting contained on the update sheet:


Action 6 - Extract from minutes (2 February 2023 meeting)


A resident raised concerns that plans to present the Syke Conservation Area Appraisal Report at Committee have not happened and that attempts should be made to have this item on Rochdale North’s Committee Agenda in March.


It was explained that the Conservation Officer had recently gone on maternity leave and that a recruitment process is in operation.


The Township Officer agreed to investigate this.


Update provided at Area Forum meeting 31 May 2023


Advised that the aim is to get the report to Committee in September 2023


Discussion 31 May 2023


Residents expressed their dissatisfaction that plans for the submission of the report to Committee has been delayed again.


Councillor ONeill agreed to speak to Planning regarding this issue.


Action 8 - Extract from minutes (2 February 2023 meeting)


A number of residents attended the forum to raise concerns about the noise being caused by a business in the area.


Residents explained that a generator being used by the business is causing most concern although other operational activities carried out by the organisation result in excessive noise. It was also alleged that the business has contravened planning permission.

Parking problems in the locality were also highlighted.


A representative from the business challenged these views and the Township Officer explained that Environmental Health has investigated the complaints which were not substantiated from a legal perspective. In addition it was believed that the generator would not be in operation in the coming weeks.


The Township Officer agreed to arrange a site visit which would be followed with a meeting with residents.


Update provided at Area Forum meeting 31 May 2023


Ward Councillors, an Environmental Health Officer and the Township Officer visited the site to meet with business representatives. It became evident during the visit that the business was making attempts to mitigate the noise from the site and it was also explained that the generator, the main source of noise on the site, was a temporary measure.


I understand that the generator has now been removed. It was also explained that noise on the site did not contravene regulated noise levels. It was agreed to take no further action and monitor the situation going forward.


As a consequence of the above it was decided that a meeting with residents at this stage would be of no benefit.


Discussion 31 May 2023


In response to a question it was explained that the attendees who visited the site decided that it would be of no benefit to meet with residents as it would only duplicate proceedings.


Residents accepted that the generator on the site has now been removed however noise from dropping waste into the skip still continues. It was also highlighted that some trees had been removed which previously had   screened  ...  view the full minutes text for item 316.


Friends of Syke and Cronkeyshaw (FOSAC) - Update


The Chair of FOSAC provided the following information:


-       A successful litter pick in conjunction with Rochdale Environmental Action Group and Cub and Scouts was held in February.


-       The tyres at Ironwaters have been removed


-       The herb garden has been tidied up and six trees have been planted around the garden.


-       In Bloom entry form has been submitted


-       The Limersgate project (Pack Horse Trail) is ongoing


-       Wildflower areas need to be identified


-       Mowing of Common needs to be discussed


-       Conservation Area discussions continue


-       Improvements to the paths around Syke Woods are to be discussed.


The next meeting of FOSAC will be held on Wednesday 21 June 2023, commencing 6pm at Syke Base.


Members/Ward Funds


It was explained that budgets for 2023/24 will be agreed at Rochdale North Township Committee on the 7th July 2023.


It was asked if Area Forum members could be informed of the funding that is available once agreed.


Ward News


Ward Councillors informed the forum of the following issues:


1.    A Pelican Crossing has been installed on Heights Lane.


2.    A kissing gate has been installed on Bentmeadows in an attempt to deter off-road bikes from using the area as a cut through.


3.    Tree planting is to take place on the Common. Schools are also being encouraged to plant trees in spaces they have available.


4.    Councillors Ayrton and O’Neill informed the forum that an area, close to Healey Triangle has been identified for the planting of a Christmas tree. However it would still be necessary to install a cut tree for this year.


5.    A resident raised concerns about the illegal parking of vehicles on Whitworth Road. This seems to be problematical between Alpine and the junction with Howard Street. It was agreed to report this to parking services.


6.    A resident reported that spray from the car wash on Whitworth Road, close to Tesco Express is displaced onto the footpath. Additional guarding is required. It was agreed to report this.


7.    A resident congratulated the Council on the recent Street Eat event. The forum was informed that Feel Good Family events are planned for the near future.


8.    It was asked if an update could be provided on the installation of the noticeboard on Cronkeyshaw Common.


Date and time of the next meeting


Thursday 10 August 2023, commencing 6.30pm at Thrum Hall Methodist Church.