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Venue: Newbold Community Church, Milnrow Road, Rochdale OL16 5DW. View directions

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Introductions and Apologies/Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


All were welcomed to the meeting and apologies were noted.  Attention was drawn to the code of conduct, a summary of which was read out.  All attendees were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


Minutes from the last meeting/updates pdf icon PDF 69 KB


The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and the following updates were provided;

Milnrow Road – possibility of installing a speed camera

Residents requested a permanent speed camera to be installed on Milnrow Road.  Rochdale Council’s Highways Department has responded to advise that the average speeds for the road are under the 30mph speed limit and it would not meet the Greater Manchester and Drivesafe criteria for a camera.

Unauthorised use of premises on Milnrow Road
The forum was informed that planning enforcement can only update the forum with basic facts on case matters that result in legal action.  The Council has issued a Planning Contravention Notice to the owner and they are continuing to monitor the situation.

Bertha Road indiscriminate parking
Parking Services were requested to attend the junction of Bertha Road again.

Newbold Street lineage not completed
Rochdale Council’s Highways Department keep attempting to finish the lineage on Newbold Street but have been blocked by a parked car for sale.  Highways Officers will speak to the owner.

Cook Street double yellow lines requested
Highways are liaising direct with Councillor Brosnan on this matter.  No update.

Pakeeza Dairies Ltd – liquid/residue near canal next to the bridge
Ward Councillor previously expressed concerns over the apparent release of some form of liquid or residue.  The matter was raised with British Waterways and Environmental Health.  Both agencies attended the site and reported no contamination or pollution issues.  The liquid may be waste water/a drainage issue and therefore needs reporting to United Utilities instead as it poses a hazard to walkers.
Action 1: Escalate to United Utilities


Greater Manchester Police - PACT meeting


Crime Statistics

Last Quarter

Previous Quarter

Burglary dwelling



Burglary other



Theft of motor vehicle 



Theft from motor vehicle


62  (hot-spot area – Belfield)

ASB and criminal damage


49  hot-spot area – Newbold)

Street robberies




·           Some prolific burglars have recently been arrested and now in custody.  Officers have taken on some new initiatives; plain clothes and change of shifts to night-time in order to improve matters.

·           Issues have arisen again recently involving the Newbold Tram Stop and the Council’s Public Realm Inspectors are working closely with officers from Rochdale Boroughwide Housing to tackle this matter.

·           Off-road bikes are always an issue and GMP has re-introduced their specialised unit in order to deal with this problem.

·           GMP recently executed a warrant on a property where a large cannabis farm was discovered that also had links to two more properties and it is likely a prosecution will follow.

·           The local PCSO has secured funding from the High Sheriff Trust for a biking scheme for vulnerable adults at Petrus.

·           Councillor Ali raised an issue regarding anti-social behaviour with children throwing rocks at passing barges and jumping on-board them.


Open Forum


Milnrow Road speed survey placement
Residents expressed concerns that the speed cables on the road were located in an incorrect place for the survey and it would serve better to be placed on the long straight on Milnrow Road near to the Kenworthy Street turning.
Action 2: L
iaise with local Ward Councillors and Rochdale Council’s Highways Department to consider the request

Croxton Avenue speed humps
Residents stated Croxton Avenue needs additional speed humps installing along with humps on Newbold Moss.
Action 3: L
iaise with local Ward Councillors and Rochdale Council’s Highways Department to consider the request

Belfield Lane speed humps
Residents stated the speed humps along Belfield Lane are inadequate, need re-doing and do not slow traffic down.  Councillor Ali suggested it is due to a drainage issue on the lane and to request Highways inspect the gulleys.

Action 4: Escalate to Rochdale Council’s Highways Department to consider the request again

Milnrow Road request to remove waiting restrictions
A resident attended to request the parking restrictions on Milnrow Road (opposite Newbold Tyres) for the business premises are removed as he cannot park on the main road near to his property.
Action 5: Liaise with local Ward Councillors and Rochdale
Council’s Highways Department to consider the request

Albert Royds Street/Rochdale Road corner – dangerous crossing corner

A resident raised concerns about the danger to pedestrians crossing the road at the corner of Albert Royds Street/Rochdale Road.
Action 6: E
scalate to Rochdale Council’s Highways Department

Woodbine Street street lights
A resident complained that there are four street lights that are out on Woodbine Street.
Action 7: Escalate to Eon

Newbold Street (corner) street light
A resident complained that the street light on the corner of Newbold Street is continually switched on.
Action 8: Escalate to Eon

Croxton Avenue Loop – signs
A resident advised the ‘Give Way’ signs on the road need repainting and new ‘Give Way’ signs on the road need painting on the streets leading into Croxton Avenue.
Action 9: Escalate to Rochdale Council’s Highways Department

Newbold Moss and Croxton Avenue resurfacing
A resident requested the resurfacing of the full roads.
Action 10: Escalate to Rochdale Council’s Highways Department

Belfield Lane litter picking/cleaning
A resident complimented the Council’s Environmental Management Department on the litter picking/cleaning carried out on Belfield Lane.
Action 11: Inform Rochdale Council’s Environmental ManagementDepartment


Ward News


Bulky Waste Amnesty
A further scheme has been funded from Kingsway Ward Fund.  A very good response was received and all collection slots taken up.

St Peter’s School
The parking situation may improve in due course as works have started on the turning circle.

Robinson’s Common
Some progress is being made in respect of this initiative and Ward Councillors will update further soon.


Date and time of the next meeting


Thursday 23 November 2017
Newbold Baptist Church, Milnrow Road, Rochdale