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Venue: Newbold Community Church, Milnrow Road, Rochdale OL16 5DW. View directions

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Introductions and Apologies/Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


All were welcomed to the meeting and apologies were noted.  Attention was drawn to the code of conduct, a summary of which was read out.  All attendees were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


Minutes from the last meeting/updates pdf icon PDF 73 KB


The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and the following updates were provided.

Pakeeza Dairies Ltd – liquid/residue near canal next to the bridge
The matter was escalated to United Utilities.  No further update.

Milnrow Road – speed survey placement
The local Ward Councillors were emailed to consider the request to fund another survey on a different place on the same road.  No further update.

Croxton Avenue – speed humps
A resident stated that Highways reported there are no recorded accident statistics to support the necessity of speed humps.  The Chair recommended residents note and photograph any further accidents in support of this request.

Belfield Lane – speed humps
Highways inspected the speed humps and reported that they are still within the criteria set out within the regulations and do not require attention.

Milnrow Road – request to remove waiting restrictions
The matter was raised with the Council’s Highways Department.  No further update.

Albert Royds Street/Rochdale Road corner – dangerous crossing corner

The matter was raised with the Council’s Highways Department.  No further update.

Woodbine Street – street lights
This matter was escalated to Eon and resolved.

Newbold Street (corner) – street light
This matter was escalated to Eon and resolved.  A resident advised there was still one street light out on the footpath.
Action 1: Issue to be reported to Eon

Croxton Avenue Loop – signs
The matter was raised with the Council’s Highways Department.  The update received from Highways as follows: the matter has been investigated, the lines have not been maintained for many years and are currently almost non-existent and hence ineffective.  Records show there have been no recorded accidents at the junction in the last three years.  It has therefore been determined that the lines are unnecessary.  The advice provided by the Department for Transport is that give way or stop lines should only be considered where a minor road intersects with a major road.  Where no markings are provided then no one has priority and the junction should be treated as courtesy junction by all motorists.  Experience has shown that where junction marking are provided then the speeds on the route given the priority increase.  Additionally National policy requires us to reduce to the minimum the use of signs and lines on the public highway thus reducing the clutter caused by them.  A further consideration we must give is that of future maintenance costs.

Newbold Moss and Croxton Avenue – resurfacing
Highways have been requested to inspect and consider the resurfacing of the full roads. 
No further update.


Greater Manchester Police - PACT meeting


Crime statistics

Burglary dwelling                Last quarter 35            Previous quarter 31

This type of burglary occurred in the areas of Buersil Avenue, Sedgley Avenue, Newbold Estate and Belfield/Croxton Avenue and it was mostly forced entry along with a couple of insecure premises.  One was a distraction burglary where the victim was asked to retrieve a football from the back garden and the burglar entered and stole from the property.

Burglary other:                     Last quarter 10            Previous quarter 17
This crime occurred mainly in the Oldham Road/Dodgson Street area.

Robbery:                               Last quarter 3              Previous quarter 8

Two robberies were reported in Crawford Street in October.

Theft of motor vehicle:        Last quarter 7              Previous quarter 9
Thefts occurred mainly in the Newbold area.

Theft from vehicle:              Last quarter 8              Previous quarter 17
Thefts occurred in the Newbold area which is proving a hot-spot.

Criminal damage:                 Last quarter 59            Previous quarter 60

This crime occurred in the Newbold area with three incidents being on the Metrolink.

ASB:                                      Last quarter 69            Previous quarter 70

1/3 of the incidents occurred in the Newbold area with the hot-spot locations being the Metrolink and Morrison’s areas.

Good news
Three drug warrants were executed on Waterman View and a large amount of suspected A class drugs and cannabis were discovered resulting in three arrests.  The suspects are currently under investigation while further enquiries take place.  Regenda Housing is aware of the warrants and will be looking into tenancy enforcement.

Crime prevention advice
Residents were advised to make sure a light is left on while out, especially early evening and night time to help prevent being an easy target for burglars.  Do not leave cars unattended while you de-frost them during cold weather, even for a few seconds as there are criminals who will walk the streets looking for opportunities to take vehicles in these circumstances.  Insurance companies are unlikely to pay out if the owners have left the keys in the vehicle.

PC Walsh advised the forum that he is also covering Kirkholt as there is no beat officer in that area at present.  He advised that GMP has halved the officer numbers on the streets so the emphasis has to be on the more serious vulnerability issues and crime hot-spots and repeat matters.


Open Forum


Speeding vehicles on Rosefield Street
Residents advised there was a problem with speeding vehicles on Rosefield Street and they enquired, along with the Chair, whether there was the possibility that they themselves can take upon the role of ‘community speed wardens’ to check speeds of vehicles.
Action 2: Contact GMP for advice about community speed initiative.

Parking issues near Croft Shifa
A request was made for additional assistance from Parking Services in targeting illegally parked vehicles on double yellow lines near to the Croft Shifa building.
Action 3: Contact Parking Services to request additional patrols are carried out.

Footpath rear Newbold Moss
A request was made for an update from the Council’s Environmental Management Department’s Officer J. Simpson to attend a site to look at the land levels near to the footpath at the rear of Newbold Moss onto Rochwood.
Action 4: Raise the matter with J. Simpson in Environmental Management

Litter/Grot spots
Littering and fly tipping grot spots were highlighted for the Public Realm Inspector/Council’s Environmental Management team to address with premises owners; including the industrial waste bins situated at the bottom of Pine Street (one-way street near to Newbold Post Office) and also a takeaway on Milnrow Road that isn’t properly disposing its waste.
Action 5: Report issues to Environmental Management


Ward News


The kick pitch at Robinson’s Common is still progressing nicely with a planning permission being submitted.  A wild flower meadow to be planted near to the area along with an allotment is planned.

The forum was asked to consider any local community groups or identify areas of need which could potentially benefit from a Township grant from Ward or Member’s Funds.


Date and time of the next meeting


Thursday 15 February 2018
Newbold Baptist Church, Milnrow Road, Rochdale