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Venue: Newbold Community Church, Milnrow Road, Rochdale OL16 5DW. View directions

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Introductions and Apologies/Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


All were welcomed to the meeting and apologies were noted.  Attention was drawn to the code of conduct, a summary of which was read out.  All attendees were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.

A customer satisfaction survey was circulated to all residents in attendance from the Council’s Street Cleaning Service to fill in and comment on.


Minutes of the last meeting/updates pdf icon PDF 67 KB


The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and the following updates were provided.

Newbold Street – street light out on footpath
Resident had advised there was a street light out on the footpath.  This matter was escalated to Eon and resolved.

Rosefield Street speeding vehicles
Residents had advised there was a problem with speeding vehicles on Rosefield Street and requested, along with the Chair, the possibility that they themselves can take upon the role of ‘community speed wardens’ to check speeds of vehicles.  Residents were informed the Council’s Highways Department has a speed gun (not calibrated - so only used as a ‘judge’ of the vehicle speeds) and four neighbourhood watch signs which can be loaned out.  No high-visibility jackets are available.

Croft Shifa building - illegally parked vehicles
A request was made for additional assistance from the Council’s Parking Services in targeting illegally parked vehicles on double yellow lines near to the Croft Shifa building.  Parking Services advised that Penalty Charge Notices are issued and a period of enhanced enforcement in the area has been requested.

Footpath at rear of Newbold Moss – land levels
A request was made by a resident for an update from the Council’s Environmental Management Service’s Officer, J. Simpson, to attend the site to look at the land levels near to the footpath at the rear of Newbold Moss onto Rochwood.  Update received from J. Simpson is the footpath is not a definitive right of way and she is unable to utilise existing legislation to carry out any action to address the problem with the footpath to the rear of Newbold Moss.  The Council are not the landowner and they are unable to assist as part of the area is in private ownership.  The resident was referred to the Land Registry to obtain details of the land owner.

Littering and fly tipping grot spots

These issues were highlighted with the Public Realm Inspector/Council’s Environmental Management Team to address with premises owners; including the industrial waste bins situated at the bottom of Pine Street (one-way street near to Newbold Post Office) and also a takeaway on Milnrow Road that isn’t properly disposing matters.  Matters escalated and addressed – trade waste bin removed and takeaways visited.


Greater Manchester Police - PACT meeting


PC Walsh (GMP) gave apologies and provided stats after forum.

Crime Statistics          Last Quarter                        Previous Quarter

Burglary dwelling                    31                                38

Burglary other:                        5                                  9

Theft of motor vehicle:           12                                6

(Good News – 50% of vehicles taken were recovered within a couple of days of the theft)

Theft from vehicle                  46                                17

(The majority of thefts from vehicles was a consequence of property being left on view including mobile phones, sat navs and cash)

Criminal damage:                   50                                60

(One offender for damage to a dwelling is currently decision pending)

ASB                                         40                                48

Kingsway Metrolink Stop – Regular issues of groups of youths causing annoyance, throwing items and climbing on roofs.
  In January an incident of 3 x youths caused damage to a tram by throwing objects at the moving vehicle and smashing a door and window.
Ansdell Road – A large group of males and females fighting and upsetting residents.  Other locations are mostly youths throwing snowballs at properties and vehicles.

Crime Prevention Advice
Make sure a light is left on whilst out, especially early evening and night time to help prevent being an easy target for burglars.  Do not leave cars unattended while you de-frost them during cold weather, even for a few seconds as there are criminals who will walk the streets looking for opportunities to take vehicles in these circumstances.  Insurance companies are unlikely to pay out if the owners have left the keys in the vehicle.


Open Forum


Street lighting issue on Upper Hayes Close
A resident raised again the matter of inadequate lighting on Upper Hayes Close that needed to be addressed by Eon.  Two burglaries at the back-to-back flats have occurred allegedly due to the lighting being so poor.
Action 1: Escalate issue to Eon to contact the resident direct about their concerns.

Street lighting issue on Rosefield Crescent
A resident reported there are pockets of darkness and very poor lighting on Rosefield Crescent which is resulting in anti-social behaviour issues with kids loitering.  A site visit has been requested from an Eon officer in the evening to assess it.
Action 2: Escalate issue to Eon to contact the resident direct about their concerns.

Newbold Street and Newbold Hall Drive parking on pavements
A resident reported the problem of cars parking on pavements on Newbold Street and Newbold Hall Drive and they requested that GMP increased their enforcement in these areas.
Action 3: Escalate issue to GMP.

Weston Avenue/junction of Broad Lane – cars parked on both sides of road and visibility is restricted (no lineage)
A resident raised the issue of cars parking on pavements on both sides of the road on Weston Avenue/junction of Broad Laneand requested that GMP increased their enforcement in these areas.  A request was made for double yellow lines.
Action 4: Escalate issue to GMP and the Council’s Highways Department.

Newbold Street completion of lineage
Residents at the forum unanimously requested a specific date for the completion of the lineage works from Balfour Beatty via the Council’s Highways Department.
Action 5: Escalate issue to the Council’s Highways Department.

Jubilee Park fly tipping
A request made by members of the forum for fly tipping issues in Jubilee Park to be addressed.  Councillors Brosnan and Ali will also speak to Environmental Management.
Action 6: Escalate request to the Council’s Environmental Management.

Belfield Lane fly tipping

A request made by members of the forum for fly tipping issues on Belfield Lane to be addressed.
Action 7: Escalate request to the Council’s Environmental Management.

Update report/stats requested – incidences of fines issued/prosecutions for fly tipping
A request made by local Ward Councillors for information on incidences of fines issued/prosecutions for fly tipping in order to update the forum.
Action 8: Escalate request to the Council’s Environmental Management.

Weston Avenue missed bin collections
Residents at 56 and 58 Weston Avenue are experiencing missed bin collections on a weekly basis.
Action 9: Escalate issue to the Council’s Environmental Management.

Weston Avenue/junction Stiups Lane grit bin request
Residents requested the installation of a grit bin at the junction of Weston Avenue and Stiups Lane (previously requested by Councillor Brosnan).
Action 10: Escalate request to Highways Department.

Top of Croxton Avenue/Newbold Moss grit bin request
Residents requested the installation of a grit bin at the top of Croxton Avenue/Newbold Moss.
Action 11: Escalate request to Highways Department.

Albert Royds Street Fire Site – hours of demolition works and noise
Residents complained that the hours of operation in  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Ward News


Robinson’s Common – Update
Councillor Ali informed the forum developments concerning the kick pitch at Robinson’s Common are still progressing well.  Planning permission is now in its latter stages and feasibility and costings are being looked into to install a ‘green gym’ on the land.

Mosques invitations to visit
Representatives from The Medina Mosque attending the forum advised of an open door invitation to the general public to visit any of the mosques of Neeli, Golden or Bilal on Sunday 18 February 2018 between 12–4pm.  Tours of the mosques will take place and tea and biscuits made available to all.

Costa, Kingsway Litter Pick
A resident advised of the community initiative by Costa at Kingsway for residents to participate in litter picks and receive a free coffee.  Next litter pick will be on Sunday 4 March 2018 at 10.30am.


Date and time of the next meeting


To be confirmed - Newbold Baptist Church, Milnrow Road, Rochdale.