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Introductions and Apologies/Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


All were welcomed to the meeting and apologies were noted.  Attention was drawn to the code of conduct, a summary of which was read out.  All attendees were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


Minutes from the last meeting/updates pdf icon PDF 67 KB


The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.  Action updates were provided.

Matters arising

Parking/Objection (Action 1)
The issues are ongoing.  The Police will continue to pay passing attention to vehicles parking on pavements and causing obstructions.
Action 1: Request PCSOs speak to vehicle owners and advise of the danger they are causing with their parking (PC Hoque)

Bins on pavements (Action 2)
Residents reported that wheelie bins were continually left out, and also caused an obstruction for road users.  Enforcement action is now needed rather than advice being given as it doesn’t have any effect.
Action 2: Request tougher enforcement action (Tracey Knight)

Speeding/Driving offences (Action 3)
Residents want to pursue the request for a further speed survey.  A resident advised that he had written to Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Beverley Hughes, to raise vehicle speed concerns.  A response had been received and it was read out to the forum.
Action 3: Pursue speed survey response and action from GMP (PC Hoque)

Dog fouling (Action 5)
Residents advised that they haven’t seen any evidence of ‘No Dog Fouling’ stickers being displayed in the area.
Action 4: Request ‘No Dog Fouling’ stickers to be delivered to the Chair for local distribution (Tracey Knight)

Newbold Moss – Off-road bikes (Action 7)
A resident raised some concerns regarding the design and location of the recently approved kissing gate installation.
Action 5: Raise concerns with Highways and request they contact the resident to discuss (Tracey Knight)

Newbold Moss and Milnrow Road potholes (Actions 9 & 11)
Residents reported that the potholes on Newbold Moss and Milnrow Road are getting worse.  The Highways resurfacing programme was discussed.
Action 6: Provide Highways Resurfacing Programme update report to the next meeting (Tracey Knight)

Broad Lane/Weston Avenue yellow lines (Action 10)
Awaiting response from Highways regarding Broad Lane/Weston Avenue yellow lines request.
Action 7: Chase update and feedback at the next meeting (Councillor Brosnan)

Witley Road drainage (Action 12)
Witley Road flooding on the dropped kerb is still outstanding; it was also reported the same flooding issue is happening at the bottom of Fishwick Street at the new dropped kerb.
Action 8: Chase Witley Road update and report Fishwick Street issue (Tracey Knight)


Greater Manchester Police - PACT meeting


PC Hoque introduced himself; he is the new Neighbourhood Beat Officer for the area.  He is currently undertaking training and he will be operational in two weeks.  Contact him on

The following statistics are for the period September to December.

Crime Statistics
Burglary dwelling:                     32
Burglary other:                          8
Taking of motor vehicle:          13
Taking from motor vehicle:      20
Robbery:                                   2
Anti-social behaviour                47


·         The high anti-social behaviour figure is due to bonfire night activity.  Hot spot areas where youths are smoking drugs have been identified.  Positive engagement with youth workers is planned.

·         Residents were given security advice for the festive period and dark nights.  Keep a light on and keep valuables out of sight and reach.

·         Residents were advised to continue reporting crimes and information to the Police.

·         There has been a recent spike in theft from taxis.  Advice was given regarding not keeping valuables in vehicles and reporting each incident as it is gathered for intelligence.

·         A recent vehicle break in was captured on CCTV; it showed a device being used to unlock the car without any damage.  Residents were advised to keep their car keys in a tin or take them upstairs out of distance.

·         The recent traffic operation on Halifax Toad was a success.  It was a multi-agency project that dealt with all manner of traffic offences, and it is hoped to be repeated in the future.

·         Residents requested information regarding community speed watch initiatives; they have been advised previously that the equipment is broken.  Residents are willing to volunteer as part of a project.

Action 9: Request repair/replacement community speed watch equipment (PC Hoque)

·         Officers are trying to arrange a local drink driving operation; this will be confirmed shortly depending on available resources.

·         Councillor Brosnan requested assistance regarding some information she has received.

Action 10: PC Hoque to arrange the collection of the information (PC Hoque)


Open Forum


HGVs accessing Croxton Street
A resident raised concerns regarding the increasing amount of HGVs accessing Croxton Street, presumably directed by GPS, and the safety concerns this raises in the residential area.
Action 11: Request Highways’ advice regarding suitable signage to prevent this issue (Tracey Knight)

Youth Service
The forum was updated on the services and activities on offer to young people in the local area.

Road humps
adiscussion took place regarding the criteria for road humps on A and B roads.  The forum would like to express their views to Highways that the criteria should be preventative rather than cure.
Action 12: Request criteria for the road humps and pass on the forum’s views to Highways (Tracey Knight)

Street lighting
The street lighting in Upper Hayes Close was discussed and the lack of consultation by Eon with residents.  Residents also asked who pays for street lighting.
Action 13: Contact Street Lighting Manager to pass on residents’ concerns (Tracey Knight)
Action 14: Establish who pays for street lighting (Tracey Knight)

Car wash at the bottom of Moss Street
The water from the car wash is collecting on the footway and carriageway; it was discussed whether the water is recycled and reused.
Action 15: Establish if the business is licensed and is there any rules on conservation of water (Tracey Knight)
Action 16: Seek advice from Highways regarding the pooling of water on the footway and carriageway (Tracey Knight)


Ward Fund


There was nothing to report.


Ward News


Robinsons Common
Site preparation works starts on 7 January 2019; setting up a storage compound, installing an electrical supply cabinet, and setting out the footprint of the kick pitch.  The contract period is 8 weeks, and works are due for completion early March 2019.  The outdoor gym works are planned to take place in March 2019 after completion of the kick about area.

Police Operations
The Police were thanked for the recent successful operations undertaken; they have had a positive impact for the community in particular parents of young people.  Turf Hill Community Centre now has an informal meeting group for local people as a result.  Kingsway Park High School is engaging well and proactive in dealing with the issues.

Petrus Community Store
Petrus are running a Christmas present appeal and the response has been huge.  The people of Rochdale have been extremely generous with their donations which will benefit disadvantaged children.  Petrus were thanked for their good work.


Date and time of the next meeting


Thursday 14 March 2019 at 6.30pm
Newbold Baptist Church, Milnrow Road, Rochdale