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Introductions and Apologies/Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


All were welcomed to the meeting and apologies were noted.  Attention was drawn to the code of conduct, a summary of which was read out.  All attendees were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


Minutes from the last meeting/updates pdf icon PDF 75 KB


The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and the following updates were provided.

Witley Road flooding issue on dropped kerb
Townships awaiting confirmation from Highways that the remedial works have now been carried out.
  Highways advise the works will be completed by 13 August 2019.

Kissing gate on Belfield Lane
Residents stated a gate located on Belfield Lane near the Fox Public House is now a redundant feature and enquired whether it could be removed.  The land in question is not Council-owned and therefore the Council cannot carry out any works as it is private land.

Milnrow Road further speed survey
Matter raised by Councillors and GMP as to whether any further speed surveys could be carried out in a different location - Highways advised
the previous surveys were located in two places on Milnrow Road chosen after consultation with GMP.  They also stated that due to junctions, the location of driveways and lighting columns, further surveys could not be moved to different locations and the surveys would have to be taken in the same places.

Belfield Lane Pond drainage
Residents previously raised concerns about possible unauthorised works to the ponds in the area.  The Council’s Planning Department advised works had ceased and no further development had taken place.  Councillor Ali had requested the matter be investigated again as he was unhappy with the level of damage caused to the trees and water from the springs at the ponds is still coming through.  Update received from the Planning Department is t
he Environment Agency have confirmed that the work undertaken is not immediately adjoining or within 8m of Stanney Brook which is a designated ‘main river’, and they also stated that with regards to biodiversity the lodges have no local or wildlife designation, and they do not hold any species records for this site.  As a result of these conditions, it is unlikely that there will be any further involvement from the Environment Agency.  In terms of the pond itself, this could have been drained at any time without requiring planning permission and without requiring consent from the Environment Agency.  No consent was needed for the felling of the trees.  Whilst planning permission was required for the engineering operations that occurred which culminated in the infilling of the pond, given the situation there would be little merit in requiring any imported material to be removed as the Local Planning Authority could not require the pond to be reinstated, or for any planting to take place to compensate for that which has been removed.

Albert Royds Street and Kingsway speeding vehicles
Previous concerns about speeding vehicles could be addressed in the future by way of a further speed survey.

Newbold Moss potholes
This matter has been escalated to Highways.

Milnrow Road memorial site
A clear-up has been undertaken.

Kingsway Retail Park traffic filter light

This matter has been escalated to Highways and Townships are awaiting a response.

Percy Street potholes

Potholes have now been repaired.


Greater Manchester Police - PACT meeting


Crime statistics were not available to be circulated as the computer systems at GMP are in the process of being upgraded and figures would not be a true representation.  Comprehensive figures will be provided at the next forum.

Crime Statistics


Anti-social behaviour has recently been reported around the Newbold estate.  A gang of youths has been causing problems with fighting and vehicles being damaged.

A cannabis farm containing 40 plants was uncovered last week and the area will be prioritised by Officers.

An increase in burglary and theft from motor vehicles near the Broad Lane corner up to Oldham Road.  Intelligence is being gathered on a group of youths who have been committing burglaries.

Aggressive beggars situated outside Morrison’s have been noted as being displaced by the Town Centre Wardens and GMP are working with the store’s security to ensure their removal.

Organised Crime Team have made 15 arrests on raids, some from the Newbold area, with 13 being charged and remanded to Court for offences concerning child criminal exploitation.

Additional patrols of dedicated Officers monitoring anti-social behaviour hotspots will be in force all summer and they will address reports of off-road biking; residents provided some sites to GMP including Croxton Avenue, Lock 49 tow path and Woodbine Street.


Ward Fund


Funding streams are now available and residents are welcome to put forward ideas.


Open Forum


Rosefield Crescent speed hump request
A resident asked for a speed hump on Rosefield Crescent due to speeding vehicles.
Action 1: Townships to raise the matter with Highways

Newbold Street ‘Keep Clear’ sign
The ‘Keep Clear’ sign needs repainting.
Action 2: Townships to raise this request with Highways

Croxton Loop ‘Give Way’ signs
The painting of the ‘Give Way’ signs around the Croxton loop needs to be prioritised with Highways.
Action 3: Townships to escalate the matter to Highways

Newbold Moss salt bin
New salt bin required on Newbold Moss to be funded from Kingsway Ward Fund.
Action 4: Townships to contact Highways about the installation of the salt bin

Rosefield Crescent pavement repairs
Pavement repairs/reinstatement is required outside Nos 5 – 11 Rosefield Crescent.
Action 5: Townships to raise the issue with Highways

Croxton Avenue No HGVs signage
A request for signage at the bottom of Croxton Avenue to state ‘No HGVs’.
Action 6: Townships to raise this request with Highways

Reservoir Street parking restrictions
Concerns raised that double parking on Reservoir Street makes visibility for other drivers dangerous.
Action 7: Townships to escalate the matter to Highways

Abandoned Morrison’s trolleys
Residents reported trolleys are being abandoned all around the Newbold area.
Action 8: Townships to raise this issue with Environmental Management

Turf Hill Road flooding
Councillors noted that the recent response to the flooding by the Council’s Departments was very helpful and appreciated.
Action 9: Townships to forward this compliment to the Director of Neighbourhoods


Ward News


Robinson’s Common and Open Day
The outdoor gym equipment area is now complete.  A successful open day event was held on 27 July 2019 with over 200 people in attendance.  A steering group is in the process of being formed to arrange for a children’s play area to be added to the site and representatives from the Newbold hub, the children’s centre and housing associations will be invited to attend.

Councillor Ali reported that complaints of children congregating around streets in the area are down as a result of the new equipment as kids are using the facilities.  There are plans for more trees to be planted around the site as a screen for the surrounding houses.

Next open day to be held on Tuesday 20 August 2019 at 10-4pm


Date and time of the next meeting


Monday 11 November 2019 at 6.30pm
Newbold Baptist Church, Milnrow Road, Rochdale