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Introductions and Apologies/Code of Conduct and Terms of Reference pdf icon PDF 70 KB

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The chair welcomed all in attendance to the meeting and apologies were noted.  Attention was drawn to the code of conduct, a summary of which was read out.  All attendees were asked to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.  Attention was also drawn to the addition of the Terms of Reference document for all non-constituted local area forums in the Rochdale area.  The purpose, objectives, powers etc detailed within the document were discussed.


Minutes from the last meeting/updates pdf icon PDF 126 KB


The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and the followingupdates were provided.

Towpath behind Pakeeza Dairy – Affluent
A resident had previously advised they had witnessed a milk-like fluid seeping through on the towpath behind Pakeeza Dairy.  Councillor Ahmed agreed to escalate this matter to the Council’s Enforcement Officer, who attended site to inspect but found no further evidence of the leak.

Sir Isaac Newton Way Roundabout blocked drain
A blocked drain at Sir Isaac Newton Way Roundabout was reported.  Councillor Ahmed visited the location and reported the matter to the Council’s Highways Department for clearance.

Milnrow Road (opposite Newbold Street/next to Sacred Heart School) blocked drain
A blocked drain on Milnrow Road was reported.
 Townships escalated this matter to the Council’s Highways Department who attended and resolved the issue.

Oldham Road/Outside Wellfield Surgery blocked drain
A blocked drain outside Wellfield Surgery was reported.  Townships referred this matter to the Council’s Highways Department who attended and resolved the issue.

268 Kingsway blocked drain
A blocked drain at 268 Kingsway was reported.
Townships escalated this matter to the Council’s Highways Department who attended and resolved the issue. Works have commenced on Kingsway to replace a number of defective highway gullies

Penistone Avenue (near No. 17) unauthorised pavement works
A resident advised tarmac lumps have been made to the pavement which is causing an obstruction.  Townships reported this matter to the Council’s Highways Department who attended to inspect the issue and reported that enforcement cannot be commenced in this case due to lack of evidence to move it forward and the works do not meet an intervention level.

Prince Street/Elder Street bollards visibility improvement
A resident requested that the bollards are painted with reflective/high visibility paint to alert drivers to their existence as they are constantly being struck by vehicles.  Townships escalated this matter to the Council’s Highways Department to cost works to repaint the bollards.


Greater Manchester Police - PACT meeting


Officers from GMP were not in attendance at the meeting.  Apologies were sent.

Always call 999 in an emergency.
Call 101 to report incidents, crimes and matter of concerns.
You can report a crime or incident or suspicious circumstances online on the GMP website.


Open Forum


Bins left out after collection days
A resident advised that residents were leaving emptied bins out on the streets after collection days even though on the calendar of bins collection it states that residents should return bins to their property on the same day as the collection.  The resident stated a number of properties were not retrieving their bins on collection day.
Action: Townships to forward this matter to the Council’s Environmental Management/Recycling Educational Officer to action and report back to the Area Forum.

Properties owned by Guinness Partnership
The Guinness Partnership Officer advised that initially after it had been agreed to clean up/arrange a street sweeper around Guinness properties, the area’s appearance had improved.  Recently the upkeep of the area has declined and concerns were expressed about no consistency to the action.
Action: Guinness Partnership Officer to contact the Council’s Environmental Management to carry out a site visit.

Travellers encamped on Bridge Street/Grafton Street
A resident advised that members of the travelling community had encamped on Council land (Moss Bridge Road/Grafton Street area).  This specific area of land is being developed for a community garden.
Action: Townships to report this issue and the resident’s contact details to the Council’s contact centre for action and feedback.  Councillor Ali to visit the site.  Update will be reported to the next Area Forum.

Kingsway blocked gulley
A resident stated a gulley at the front of 298 Kingsway had not been jet washed like others and it was still flooding.
Action: Townships to forward this issue to Highway Maintenance and report back with response and action.


Future of Area Forums


A report was presented to Rochdale South Township Committee in February 2024 which asked Members to consider the work of the Area Forums and whether they continue to be ‘fit for purpose’.

The committee decided that the decision regarding holding Ward/Area Forum meetings be delegated to each Ward/Area Forum.  It was agreed that Kingsway Area Forum would reduce meetings from four times a year to twice yearly with the next two meetings to be held in September 2024 and March 2025.


Members/Ward Funds


Residents were advised that Township funding for this financial year has now all been allocated.


Ward News


Councillor Ali gave a verbal update on ward news:


·           Councillors had replaced locks on a number of alley gates in the area and handed out keys to residents that had access to the gating system.  The repairs, new locks and keys were generally appreciated but Councillor Ali noted that a walk around the area a few days later was disappointing as rubbish had already again started to accumulate in the alleys.

·           The children’s play area on Robinsons common is a great success.  It is well used by local children and families and it has reduced the number of children playing on the streets in the area.

·           Fly tipping is still a problem in the area especially with residents leaving rubbish around street litter bins.  It was explained that notices can be given out which can lead to fines but evidence of address/business is required.

·           Parking on footpaths is an issue in the area.  The Community Safety Officer explained that as yet GMP have no powers with regards to this issue, but he was happy to speak to residents to explain the dangers and act in a mediation role.  Councillor Ali to share address with the Community Safety Officer to take action.

Rachel Hudson
Councillor Ali offered his thanks and that of the Kingsway Area Forum to Rachel who is moving area from Rochdale South Township to Heywood Township.


Date and time of the next meeting


Tuesday 17 September 2024 at 6.30pm