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Introductions and Apologies/Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


The Chair welcomed all and asked that everyone respect the Code of Conduct for the duration of the meeting.


Apologies had been received from Councillors Brett and Zaman, B. Bevan and S. Ahmad.


The Forum observed a one minute silence in respect of John Beasley, ex Councillor and Mayor of Rochdale.


Greater Manchester Police including PACT meeting


Inspector Callaghan, PS Shirazi, PC Ahmed and PCSO’s Nasir, Aziz and Beever attended the meeting for this item.


The Forum was informed that:


-           There was a positive response to Hate Crime Awareness Week

-           A low-loader vehicle had been ceased in connection with a number of 

           vehicle thefts.

-           A number of drug related arrests had been made in the Ward.


Residents asked the following questions:


-       What is the process for assisting women who have been subject to domestic abuse to return to their homes to collect belongings.


It was suggested that each request for assistance is judged on a case by case basis and no one approach could be applied because of the complexity in nature of these type off cases. If alleged victims required assistance it was advised that they could contact 101 to seek advice.


-           Drug dealing is taking place on King Street South and Overt Street


Residents were advised to report any criminal activity to 101 with as much information as possible.


-           It was commented that the Forum wanted a dedicated neighbourhood

           team back in the Ward.


-           It was asked if any data was available to inform about the crimes

           committed in the Ward since the last Area Forum meeting.


It was reported that no data was available at tonight’s meeting.The Forum was advised to access the UK crime data website.


-           It was asked what GMP’s policy was on responding to victims of crime.


The Forum was advised that responses would be assessed on a case by case basis. All victims of crime would receive a response. In some cases however this response may be a phone call. Because of resource issues it would not be possible to visit all victims.


-           It was asked if the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme still operates.


It does, however it is not GMP led. However PCSO Beever stated he would assist residents with this.


-           A resident asked why police officers where spending time on

           administrative duties.


 The resident raising the question would be spoken to separately.





Open Forum


The following issues were raised during the open forum:


1.    A resident raised concerns about cars being parked on pavements. In some instances this inconsiderate parking caused difficulties for pedestrians to pass.


These concerns were fully understood, however limited powers are in place to deal with issues of this nature. For example if the vehicle is parked dangerously or is causing an obstruction it is a police matter. If the vehicle is parked in an anti-social way the Public Realm Officer in the Ward could possibly deal with it under the remit of the Public Space Protection Order. However it is important that incidents of this nature are reported via the appropriate channels.


2.    A resident stated that GP surgeries are no longer accepting the yellow top containers containing used syringes.


This would be investigated further.


3.    Concerns were raised about the lack of young people that attend the Area Forum meeting which results in issues that are linked to younger people not being addressed at the Forum.


It was agreed that more effort should be made to encourage young people to attend the Forum meeting.


4.    It was suggested that drugs are causing severe problems in the Ward and that it would be beneficial if the Alcohol and Drug Team could be attend a future Forum meeting.


5.    A resident raised concerns about bins being left out which causes a potential problem for pedestrians. Cecil Street and Clifford Street were given as examples.


This would be reported.


6.    A resident asked if bollards could be placed on Vine Street car park to stop vehicles damaging her fence.


It was agreed that this would be considered during the next financial year.


7.    A resident asked if it would be possible to remove the clothes bank on Mansfield Street as this encourages fly tipping.


It was commented that many of the clothes banks that were situated in the Ward have been removed, however it has proved difficult to contact all the clothes bank owners.


8.    It was reported that a private parking sign has been placed on the public car park on Harper Street.

This would be reported.





Road Repairs


The Forum was informed that numerous roads in the Ward would be improved over the next couple of years.


At this stage Mellor Road to Albion Road, Wood Street to Oldham Road, Norman Road to Dane Street and Tweedale Street would see improvements. However discussions with highways are ongoing and other roads may be identified. Ward Councillors are also attempting to complete these works as soon as possible.


Concerns were raised about the condition of Great George Street, which has been reported to highways and the quality of patching work that is completed.


A petition had also been received from residents concerning the condition of Ambrose Street. The Forum was informed that Ambrose Street was not adopted and was therefore the responsibility of the residents / businesses on Ambrose Street.






Update on Traffic Consultation Events


The Chair provided a background to the traffic consultation events which have now concluded. Although the public’s response to the consultation events was mixed residents were thanked for taking the time to get involved.


The Township and Engagement Officer informed the Forum that many ideas proposing highway improvements had been received. All the suggestions put forward would be assessed and evaluated by Highway Officers. Because of the amount of work involved in this review it was likely to be towards the end of the year before any firm proposals would be considered. The Forum was also informed that residents who had forwarded suggestions will receive a response.


A number of general themes had emerged from this exercise which included:


-       One way schemes being introduced on Castlemere Street, Mere Street and Kent Street.


-       Introduction of parking restrictions on Milkstone Road.


-       The opening up of Ann Street onto Drake Street.


-       Making Lower Tweedale Street two-way.


-       Introduction of parking restrictions on Tweedale Street.


The Township and Engagement Officer agreed to keep the Forum updated whenever possible.




Minutes from previous meeting/Matters arising/Updates pdf icon PDF 66 KB


The minutes of the Milkstone and Deeplish Area Forum meeting held on Monday 26th February 2018 were approved as a correct record.


The following updates were provided:


-       It was reiterated that more needs to be done to publicise the Area Forum given the low attendances at recent meetings. It was agreed that social media, community centres, Crescent Radio and Mosques could be used to facilitate this.


-       It was explained that a planning application had been received to re-site the Medina Cash and Carry cash machine onto Dorset Street. The existing machine would continue in operation until this application had been determined.


-       The condition of Kent Street Car Park had been reported.


Councillor Updates


Councillor Sameena provided the following updates:


1.    The Council had recently successfully applied for an interim court injunction to stop travellers setting up unauthorised encampments in the borough. This should enable the Council and Police to deal quicker with incidents of this nature.


          Travellers coming into the borough must use the designated sites.


2.    It is hoped that a number of affordable new homes will be built in the Ward soon. The Durham Street site was cited as an example.


3.    Financial support was being made available to develop the Fire Station museum.


4.    A number of in-bloom projects are planned near to the station gateway. Volunteers are also being sought to help with these projects.


5.    Gates have recently been fitted at the station to stop fare dodging.


6.    Child obesity is a major problem in the Ward. Parents are being encouraged to reduce significantly the amount of sugar being taken by children.


7.    A number of football clubs in the borough have signed up to the ‘smoke free campaign’





Date and time of next meeting


Dates will be circulated as soon as possible.