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Introductions and Apologies/Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


The Township and Engagement Officer welcomed all to the meeting. It was explained that the meeting would be in two parts; part one would be the Annual General Meeting which would see the election of the Area Forum Chair and Vice Chair for the next twelve months. Part two would be the ordinary meeting concentrating on the PACT and Open Forum.


The Forum was reminded about the Code of Conduct and asked to comply with the code throughout the meeting.


Apologies had been received from Councillors Brett and Zaman, B. Bevan and M. Reynolds.


Election of Chair and Vice Chair


Shahid Mohammed was elected Chair and Ahmed Nawaz Vice-Chair of the Area Forum.


Greater Manchester Police including PACT meeting


PCSO Nasir and Beever attended the meeting for this item.


The Forum was advised that it still did not have a dedicated Police Officer for the Ward. 


Residents raised the following issues:


-       A number of thefts had occurred on Crawford Street.


The resident was informed that Crawford Street is in the Kingsway Ward, therefore if he wished to discuss this he would need to attend the Kingsway Area Forum. The Township and Engagement Officer agreed to inform him of the date of the Forum’s next meeting.


-       Residents raised concerns about vehicles speeding (cars, scooters, quad-bikes) in and around Kensington Street / Ashfield Road. Milkstone Road was also identified as another problem area for speeding. It was asked if an operation could be undertaken to help deter this.


This would be investigated further by GMP who also advised residents to report details of incidents of this nature, with as much information as possible, via the 101 number.


-       A number of residents attended the Forum to explain the problems they were facing because of anti-social behaviour on Pioneer Street Car Park.


GMP acknowledged they were aware of the problems being experienced and had visited the site on numerous occasions.


GMP and residents asked if a barrier could be installed on the site to deter young people attending the site in cars and causing nuisance late at night.


The Township and Engagement Officer agreed to investigate this further. The Ward Councillor commented that she would mention this issue to the Public Protection Team.


-       Residents raised concerns about prostitution continuing in the Ward.


GMP are very much aware of prostitution in the Ward and associated problems this brings.


It was explained that should street workers receive two warning within 28 days this can result in a fine or caution. Drivers who are seen in the ‘red light area’ receive warning letters.


It was further explained that dealing with this particular client group is extremely difficult because of their complex and chaotic lifestyle. However work will continue to address this problem and residents were encouraged to keep reporting incidents of this nature, via the 101 number.


A lengthy debate took place about young people causing anti-social behaviour in the Ward and the responsibility parents had in managing this. It was suggested that Rochdale Council of Mosques be provided with a statement from the Forum asking them to reinforce and encourage parents to take an interest in what their children are doing.




Open Forum


The following issues were raised:


1.    A resident commented that the safety barriers at the junction of Tweedale Street and Milkstone Road had been collided with again. It was asked if another type of safety barrier could be installed. It was also asked if the ‘S’ bend close to the above junction could be reconfigured.


It was stated that the issue regarding the ‘s’ bend had been raised repeatedly, however Highways position on this had not changed – it would not be possible to change the road layout.


The Township and Engagement Officer agreed to investigate if alternative safety barriers could be installed.


2.    A discussion took place about attendance at Area Forum meetings. A suggestion was put forward, which was seconded about Castlemere and Deeplish Community Centre’s sharing Area Forum meetings which would see both Centre’s holding two events per year starting municipal year 2019/20. This was agreed subject to review.


As a consequence the next meeting of Milkstone and Deeplish Area Forum would take place at Castlemere Community Centre on Monday 3 December 2018.


The final meeting of the Area Forum, in this municipal year would take place at Deeplish Community Centre on Monday 25 March 2019.


3.    Concerns were raised about the current state of Stoneyfield Park and that improvements were needed urgently.


4.    A resident asked what plans are in place for the land that was once occupied by Sudden Community Centre. This will be investigated.




Minutes from previous meeting/Matters arising/Updates pdf icon PDF 72 KB


The minutes of the Area Forum meeting held on Monday 18 June 2018 were approved as a correct record.


The following updates were provided;


1.     Residents Parking Permit


Highways had contacted the residents who raised this issue. The Forum was informed that this request would not be possible.


2.    Drinking, Trespassing and Illegal Tipping – 7-31 Oldham Road.


This had been reported.


3.    Introduction of a right hand turn off Drake Street into Oldham Road


The Forum was informed that this request would not be possible because of safety concerns.


4.    Young people attending the Forum


The Forum was informed that a meeting with Youth Services was planned to discuss this matter further.


5.    Potholes


The Forum was informed that an active pothole repair programme is in operation and notification of repairs being required can be accessed via the portal on the Councils website.


In response to a question concerning defective repairs residents were informed to use the above portal or contact – 01706 647474 / 0300 303 8879 to report.


6.    Bridlington Square


The three issues relating to Bridlington Square – keep clear sign, road surface and blocked gullies – had all been reported.


No other updates, to issues raised at the previous meeting were available at this stage.


Councillor Updates


1.    Information was circulated regarding the ‘Community Connectors’ initiative who can help find information and refer you to local services to improve wellbeing such as support with healthy lifestyles, housing, employment and money management – / 0300 303 0360


2.     The Forum was informed that the latest savings proposals are on the

      Councils website for comment. Hard copies of the savings proposals  

       can also be viewed at libraries and customer service centres.



Date and time of next meeting


The next meeting of Milkstone and Deeplish Area Forum will take place at Castlemere Community Centre on Monday 3 December 2018.