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Introductions and Apologies/Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


The Chair introduced himself and officers present and welcomed all to the meeting. He referred to the code of conduct and asked all to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


Apologies had been received from Councillor Brett, Mark Reynolds (Crime and ASB Officer), Councillor Sultan Ali, PS Shirazi and two members of the public.


Greater Manchester Police including PACT meeting


PCSO 65125, PCSO 65409 and PCSO 70665 attended the meeting for this item.


The Forum was informed of the following:


-       In the last ten weeks 34 vehicles had been seized by GMP. The reasons for this included vehicles that had been abandoned or stolen, vehicles without tax, insurance and MOT’s and driver offences of alcohol and drug driving.


-       Due to recent events in New Zealand patrols have been focussed on visiting Mosques throughout Rochdale to provide reassurance for local communities.


A number of residents raised concerns about safety at Mosques. Following discussion the Forum was advised that Rochdale Council of Mosques will be leading on this issue and working with partner agencies to put security measures in place. Operation Ramadan will also play an important role in addressing safety concerns.


-       Operation Considerate Vehicle was recently undertaken in the Ward in conjunction with HM Revenue and Customs, Fraud Investigators, Licencing, Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, Department of Work and Pensions and High Court Enforcement. This exercise resulted in numerous driving offences being identified including the non-wearing of seat belts, using mobile phones, tinted windows, speeding, no insurance, no tax, no MOT and drug driving.


It is planned to undertake a similar operation in the near future.


-       A number of arrests for drug related offences have also occurred in the Ward.


-       Operation Streetshield is ongoing targeting prostitution in the Ward mainly around Lincoln Street.


-       An initiative – ‘Safe Plate’ – will be undertaken in the Ward once a suitable venue can be found. The purpose of this initiative is to combat number plate thefts.


-       More opportunities for local residents to attend GMP operations will be made available.


The following issues were raised by residents:


-       Anti-Social Behaviour in Broadfield Park and around the garages (Vivian Street, Ashfield Road, Kensington Street)


-       Off Road Bikes causing a nuisance.


It was advised that GMP has a specialist off-road bike team, however this operates with limited resources covering the GMP area. GMP also has a no pursuit policy.


-       Reference was made to children being used to deal drugs, known as County Lines, in the Ward.


It was advised that specialist teams deal with this nationwide problem.


-       A resident commented that the community had lost trust in public services and more had to be done to re-engage with the public. Concerns were raised about the ineffectiveness of the 101 reporting mechanism and that more needed to be done to promote how the community can communicate with GMP. The live chat facility was cited as an example.


-       A lengthy discussion took place about ASB in an around Pioneer Street. Residents were experiencing groups of young people congregating in the area, many in vehicles, playing loud music, smoking and generally causing a disturbance.


The Township and Engagement Officer acknowledged this had been raised previously and concerns had been passed to the Community Safety Team. GMP also confirmed that they had visited the site and spoken to those present,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 138.


Open Forum


Residents raised the following issues:


1.    Illegal Tipping


Reports were submitted about illegal tipping in the alleygated area that runs between Deepish Road and Middlehurst Road and the area around Osborne Street and Ashfield Road.


2.    Stoneyfield Park


The Forum was informed that approximately £14k had been secured for the development of the above site. It was acknowledged that to make significant changes to the site it was highly likely that additional funding would be required.


For the time being, however Environmental Management, who would be leading on the project needed to know what the community wanted from the site which in turn would enable a costing exercise to be undertaken.


Following discussion it was suggested that improvements to drainage were required on the site and improved lighting around the kick pitch was needed. It was also suggested that changing facilities would be beneficial and that a consultation exercise be undertaken.


A resident also commented that the gates in the park had been welded together.


3.    Bridlington Square


It was reported that access to the garages on Bridlington Square are being obstructed by vehicles.


4.    Mere Street / Castlemere Street


A lengthy discussion took place about the introduction of a one-way system on Mere Street and Castlemere Street. Forum members were reminded that this request was part of the recent highway consultation exercise that was undertaken in the Ward. Highways had concluded that the introduction of such a scheme would not be supported on the grounds of cost and safety. Some residents challenged this finding. Councillors present at the meeting stated they would re-visit this request.


A resident asked why William Street was one-way given the fact that it was a wide carriageway. It was also commented that Kent Street required attention in that residents park on either side of the road making it potentially difficult for emergency service vehicles to access.


It was commented that Highways are currently looking at Kent Street with a view to improving the situation.


5.    Milkstone Road Traffic Regulation Order


In response to a question is was explained that the above order is being progressed.


6.    Code of Conduct


A resident commented that discipline should be maintained at meetings and the code of conduct respected.


7.    S-Bend on Milkstone Road


A resident asked if the road could be re-configured on Milkstone Road to remove the s-bend.


8.    Bollards – Tweedale Street


The Forum was asked if they thought the placement of bollards along a stretch of Tweedale Street would be beneficial to stop parking on the pavement. The Forum was in support of this suggestion.


9.    Placement of Traffic Signs


It was commented that two traffic signs have recently been placed in inappropriate locations on Tweedale Street and Mere Street. This had been reported previously – a reminder will be sent.


10.Pothole Repairs


In response to a question it was acknowledged that a schedule for pothole repairs is in operation, however timeframes for specific repairs were not known.


11.Neighbourhood Watch Presentation


It  ...  view the full minutes text for item 139.


Minutes from previous meeting/Matters arising/Updates pdf icon PDF 76 KB


The minutes of the Milkstone and Deeplish Area Forum held on Monday 3 December 2019 were agreed as a correct record.


It was reported that Electricity North West had been contacted following the issue that was raised at December’s meeting (King Street explosion), however they had requested more details. The Township and Engagement Officer would respond to this as soon as possible.


Members/Ward Funds


The Forum was informed that it would possibly be June before Members / Ward Funds are known.


A discussion took place about the membership of the Area Forum Sub-Group, the outcome of which was:


1.    Current Membership – Chair and Vice Chair of the Area Forum, Three Ward Councillors and 1 resident (Mohammed Salim)


2.    Remove – Mohammed Salim


3.    Add - Ghulam Shahzad, Shabana Anwar and Valeed Ghafoor




Councillor Updates


The following issues were raised:


1.    Two Housing developments have commenced in the Ward.


2.    It was suggested that Countryside Properties could be invited to a future Area Forum meeting.


3.    The highway proposal for Kent Street is being worked upon.


4.    The new development on Milkstone Road will have parking provision for up to 18 vehicles. Access to this car park will be via Ann Street. It was commented that this could possibly cause congestion.


5.    Residents were reminded to apply for school places sooner rather than later.






Dates and times of next meetings


17 June 2019 at 6.30pm – Castlemere Community Centre


9 September 2019 at 6.30pm – Deeplish Community Centre


4 November 2019 at 6.30pm – Castlemere Community Centre


10 February 2020 at 6.30pm – Deeplish Community Centre