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Introductions, Apologies and Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


The Chair introduced himself and officers present, and welcomed all to the meeting.  He referred to the code of conduct and asked all to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.

The Chair extended best wishes to Rachel Hudson on behalf of the forum.  Rachel has recently undergone an operation and will be spending time recovering over the coming weeks.


Minutes from the last meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 81 KB


The minutes of the previous meeting held on Tuesday 12 June 2018 were approved as a correct record subject to the following amendment:

Pippin Hill Project
The project near Pippin Hill is Moss Row Woodland and Community Orchard.  It is directed and led by Richard Whittle, the Community Ranger, and the Green Volunteers with some voluntary input from members of the Moss Row Allotments.


Norden Carnival and Rochdale In Bloom/Britain In Bloom
The Chair updated in relation to the above, stating that the entries for In Bloom this year were particularly strong.  National results are imminent, with the Rochdale In Bloom results due in October.  Particular appreciation was given to Paul Ellison, Mark Widdup and Tracy Hibbert for the huge amount of effort and support they provided up to and during this year’s entry.

Hutchinson Road
An email had been received prior to the meeting, raising concerns with regard to parking and other traffic issues.  The Chair explained that parking is an ongoing concern throughout the village, and officers continue to work with Elected Members to identify potential remedies.  The Chair requested that the email be forwarded to the Highways Department for a formal response.

Neighbourhood Plan
Nigel has prepared the details with regard to the commitment required to deliver a sustainable plan.  Any plan would form an important part of the civic centre of the village.  Many villagers have signed up to the concept of a plan, but the commitment is proving a little harder to secure.  Nigel intends to hold an open afternoon for villagers to discuss the process and benefits with other groups in the process, or at the end of, development of their own plans.  All will be welcome to attend.

Clay Lane/Furbarn Lane/Woodhouse Lane
New signage is now installed.

Woodhouse Lane broken gate
The gate remains in a state of disrepair, responsibility lies with United Utilities.


Greater Manchester Police


Apologies were received from N. Haille (GMP).  The Chair report his disappointment that PCSO Haille has been moved to Castleton, and his disappointment was echoed by Elected Members and all present.  PCSO Haille will be replaced by PCSO Tracy Tynan on 13 September 2018.

The Chair has written to Baroness Hughes, via Liz McInnes MP, to express concern that the PACT has now gone online.  Councillor Winkler also had concerns, and informed the forum that the PACT scheduled for 10 September 2018 had failed due to I.T. issues.  Ward Councillors are to raise their concerns directly with Inspector Rob McGregor.  They will also raise the issue of an imbalance with regard to the number of Police Officers that Greater Manchester Police has allocated to neighbouring wards.

A written update informed the forum that several motorcycles had been seized during Op. Dragster on 12 August 2018, and several warnings were issued.  PACT priorities are burglary and youths causing annoyance.  Work has been undertaken with regards to drug dealing in the village, and a speed operation on Edenfield Road/Elmsfield Avenue was cancelled for operational reasons.  The following statistics for the previous quarter were provided:

Residential Burglary: 13
Commercial Burglary: 4
Theft from Motor Vehicle: 7
Theft of Motor Vehicle: 6

It was confirmed that the CCTV at Wildbloods is now fully operational.

PCSO Haille asked the Chair to thank all residents and the community for all their help and support over the past 11 ½ years.  Thanks were reciprocated to PCSO Haille from the forum.

A680 Edenfield Road
It was stated that 36 road traffic collisions have been recorded, the timescale was unclear.  Questions were asked in relation to accident statistics held by Rochdale and Rossendale Councils.
Action: Townships to raise the matter with the Council’s Highways Service.


Councillor Update


Off-road bikes
Councillor Winkler visited Birtle to look at access points to the woodland, with a view to gradually closing off all points.  There is a plan and funding in place to restrict access to the quarry in partnership with Birtle Trust, and the landowner is in agreement.

Paper House Bridge
Site meetings have taken place with the Rights of Way Officer at various sites, with a view to installation of kissing gates, tiger traps and other apparatus.

These items are part of a ward-wide initiative designed to curtail dangerous off-road biking activities and make Rights Of Way safe for legitimate users.  For the full effect to be felt, the initiative will have to run for a number of years.

Councillors are working with officers to pursue a comprehensive plan; initially a pilot scheme of bollards on Industry Street to aid drivers in exiting onto Edenfield Road will be funded.  These bollards will be paid for from the Councillors’ Members Funds.  A beat survey will also be carried out, which will mean a study across the whole village.  All possible solutions will then be considered.

Yellow lines
The TRO is due to be implemented on Black Pits Road, and a further scheme has been agreed for Edenfield Road/Elmsfield Avenue.  Consideration of a TRO at the bus terminus will be given in relation to the length of time for vehicles to park.

Remembrance Sunday
The service will take place in Norden in line with plans across the Borough.  There will be an event in the Town Centre on the afternoon of 11 November, prior to the lighting of a beacon to signify the end of the commemorations of 100 years since the end of the Great War.  The Chair thanked Caen Matthews, Rochdale Borough Council’s Armed Forces Support Officer, and Paul Ellison, for all their efforts with regard to the plans for Remembrance, the In Bloom projects linked to the Armed Forces, and the installation of the Castleton War Memorial which will be dedicated at a service on 23 September 2018.

Greenbooth to Ashworth
Councillor Gartside has visited the area and confirmed that United Utilities are digging up the area to install a drain; a small road is also under construction.  Planning Officers are keeping an eye on progress and will feedback any comments as necessary.  Daniella Ripa is the Officer monitoring the project to ensure that the scheme proceeds within the relevant permission.

Ashbourne Street
It is thought that the houses are likely to go on the market fairly soon.

Allocations Plan
Residents were advised to visit the Council website to view the allocations plan –


Ward Fund Update


It was confirmed that the allocation to Norden’s Ward Fund for 2018/19 will be £8,000, to be used to develop schemes and projects that benefit the village.


Open Forum


Footpaths update
Mr Oliver provided the following information:

·           The public Rights of Way from School Lane to Paper House Bridge and over land at Paper House Bridge will be upgraded to a public bridleway, together with the diversion of Hey Fp11 and RocE Fp43 near the Three Owls Bird Sanctuary.

·           There are damaged stiles at Sidholme Farm near Woodhouse Lane and a damaged gate under Hunger Hill.

·           There is a damaged gate at Woodhouse Lane and a damaged gate at the boardwalk over Woodhouse Lane Brook.

·           Footpath RocB Fp9 at Shawfield Stones Farm is obstructed by a locked gate.  This is a long standing complaint by both the Ramblers and the Rochdale CHA Rambling Club, which dates back to 2015.


The Chair thanked Mr Oliver for his continued efforts on behalf of all footpath users.  The Chair also thanked Julie Simpson and her apprentice Harriet Morley.

Rooley Moor Neighbourhood Forum
The group is currently awaiting an environmental impact assessment, the journey will then continue via the Council, consultation, examination and referendum.  The group is aware of a planned housing development at Spring Mill in Whitworth (Rossendale) and will be asking the developer to consider the Rooley Moor Neighbourhood Plan as part of their pre-application consultation.  The Chair also expressed his concern about the potential impact of the Spring Mill development on the Broadley Fold and Prickshaw Conservation Area.

The Rooley Moor Neighbourhood Plan is a useful tool in building a positive relationship with developers, and there is an opportunity for Norden to be in the same position should Norden develop its own plan.

The forum is looking for funding to install gates on the moors, unfortunately despite there being many grants available, the majority of funding is revenue and not suitable for such a scheme.

St. Paul’s Church barrier
The car park belongs to the Parish Council, who are not obliged to allow access.  The car park has been closed off due to anti-social behaviour.  As the car park has the potential to make a difference to parking problems in the village it was felt that the Parish Council should be approached.
Action: Councillor Gartisde to raise question of an opening time system with the Church Council.

Whitefield Avenue/Moor Hill Path
The grass has not been cut, please can this be reported.
Action: Townships to raise the matter with Environmental Management Service.

Potholes/Blocked gulleys

A request was made that Edenfield Road be inspected for potholes, from the former bus terminus and car park, up to the White Lion.

A request was made that the gulleys on School Lane, between the brook and Waterloo Farm, be cleaned before the onset of Winter.
Action: Townships to raise the matters with the Highways Service.

Chair’s final update

·           There will be a family fit and fun day at Jubilee Park on 22 September 2018, jointly organised by Friends of Jubilee Park and Activate.

·           The new NEEVA calendar is available from the end of September and costs £4.

·           There will be a Halloween Party  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Date and time of the next meeting


Tuesday 11 December 2018 at 7.00pm
Norden Methodist Church, Edenfield Road, Norden