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Introductions, Apologies and Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


The Chair introduced himself and officers present, and welcomed all to the meeting.  He referred to the code of conduct and he asked all to abide by the code for the duration of the meeting.


Minutes from the last meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 129 KB


The minutes of the previous meeting held on 1 March 2022 were approved as a correct record.


Local Elections, Boundary Changes and Mayoral Appointments
The Chair gave congratulations to the three Ward Councillors present, who had been re-elected in the recent local election.  He commented that the Ward of Norden had now been extended somewhat with the recent boundary changes, and welcomed new members in attendance at the forum who were from the area of Rooley Moor Road, Lanehead and Rooley Moor Neighbourhood Forum.  He also congratulated Councillor Holly in his appointment as Deputy Mayor.

Clean Air Zone
A resident requested an update on this matter at the last forum which was provided by the Township Officer as follows:

All updates and information on the GM Clean Air Plan is publically available via the following link Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan | Clean Air Greater Manchester (

In brief the current situation is as follows; the original GM Clean Air Plan included a Greater Manchester wide category C charging Clean Air Zone.  Only the most polluting vehicles which don't meet emission standards would have been charged to drive in the Zone.  The Clean Air Zone was designed to comply with a legal direction from government issued before the coronavirus pandemic.  Since then there have been significant vehicle supply chain issues, particularly for vans, and the cost of living has increased.  This means that the original Clean Air Plan was unworkable.  It would not have met the obligations in the direction to achieve compliance with the legal limit for harmful nitrogen dioxide (NO?) air pollution by 2024 and could have caused significant financial hardship for people affected.  Government has now agreed to lift the legal direction that GM should achieve compliance with legal NO? limits by 2024.  It has issued a new direction for compliance in the shortest possible time and by no later than 2026.  GM is working with government to deliver a new Clean Air Plan by July 2022.  The first phase of the Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone will not now go ahead on 30 May 2022.  But £120m in government funding to help affected people upgrade to compliant vehicles will remain to support the implementation of a new Plan.

Forsyth Street, Norden - Highways safety issues
The Chair requested assistance from the three ward Councillors regarding contacting the Council’s Highways Department on this matter.

Norden Primary School – Request for School Crossing Patrol
The Chair updated the forum that the school has made efforts to address the problem by the refurbishment of Ann Metcalfe Way which is assisting access and lessening traffic on Shawfield Lane.

Overtown Lane TRO
Residents in attendance spoke in support and commented on the effectiveness of the TRO/lineage which has been added to the lane, stating that it has greatly alleviated parking problems for residents and users of the road.  The Chair expressed thanks to the Council’s Highways Department for the careful and effective consultation and implementation  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.


Greater Manchester Police


RTA December 2021 – GMP Report

·           The report on the December 2021 road traffic accident which occurred on Edenfield Road, Norden is still ongoing and will be chased up.



·           Since the last forum Operation AVRO ran in Rochdale which saw a total of 64 offenders arrested in a single day. 

·           The Neighbourhood Task Force has also been running burglary operations throughout the night across the district, which has and will include patrols of Norden for illicit drug use and anti-social behaviour.



·           12 burglaries in Norden in March/April/May.

·           Hotspots – Elmsfield/Shelfield/Norden farmland.

·           Vehicle burglary – consider steering locks, Faraday pouches and wheel clamps.

·           Figure is slightly down from six months ago.


Vehicle Crime

·           17 total offences – up from last figure of 8 includes thefts of motor vehicles as well as thefts from motor vehicles.

·           Increasing amount of Range Rovers/Land Rovers being stolen, particularly keyless.

·           Figure is a slight increase from last forum, however, number is still a reduction from six months ago.


Criminal Damage

·           8 instances of criminal damage and figure is up from last forum, but still remains very low.


Public Order/ASB

·           12 offences.  Offence is used to encapsulate anti-social behaviours most commonly.

·           Variety of lower level offences that tend to be neighbour disputes.



·           Burglaries – Clay Lane and Elmsfield Avenue.

·           ASB – Ashworth Lane.


Action by GMP

·           A surgery will be held on 22 June 2022 in Norden Old Library at 5-6pm.

·           PCSO Tynan is in touch with local pubs in the area and will look at organising a pub watch meeting.

·           Reinstated PACT meetings – next is 26 May 2022.

·           GMP have reinstated their newsletter – copies available to all attending forum.

·           Op Dragster – continuing to operate in order to tackle off-road bikes on the common land/moors.


Questions and concerns raised by residents included bike tyre tracks observed in the valley off Black Pits Road.  GMP requested residents report all observations and concerns via the live chat facility which is located via a blue icon in the bottom right-hand corner on GMP’s home page on their website as officers can then collate and link all intelligence and work towards getting a public protection order in place if possible.  Officers find it hard to track down offenders if no registration plates, so they need to be able to catch them in the act.  Increased risk gives rise to increased resources for GMP to address concerns.

Lanehead Moor/Rooley Moor Road area was also discussed and the fact that incidences are occurring in the evening not just at weekends with lots of damage to vehicles and animals.  Officers agreed to prioritise and closely monitor these areas of concern.  GMP have the power to seize vehicles for no insurance (Section 59 offence) and with a PSPO a level 3 fine can be up to a maximum of £1,000.  The Chair commented that there had been considerable support also shown from Lancashire Police increasing the impact of combining forces.

Other issues raised for  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Councillor Update


Councillor Gartside
Councillor Gartside welcomed all the new residents within the boundary of the ward of Norden.  He stated that himself and the other two Ward Councillors are committed at looking into the access issues near to the moors and the Prickshaw area in relation to the concerns over off road vehicles and speeding.

Councillor Holly
Councillor Holly advised the forum that he will still be as active in responding to their concerns and casework even within his new capacity as Deputy Mayor this year.

Councillor Winkler
Councillor Winkler echoed the advice of the two other Ward Councillors and he advised residents that all three Councillors are available to service the residents of Norden and assist with any issues they may have.

Councillor Surgeries
Councillors hold surgeries as detailed below:


St Paul's Parish Hall

9.45am – 10.45am

(2nd Saturday in month)

Jericho Church, Birtle

11.00am – 11.45am

(2nd Saturday in month)

St Vincent's Hall

7pm – 8pm

(3rd Thursday in month)



Open Forum


Norden, Bamford and Heywood Bridleways Association
A representative attended on behalf of the association to introduce the newly formed group to members of the forum and provided an update, in brief:

‘The group was set up to help improve rights of way by reporting any problems found, helping to keep them clear, and getting some of the tracks we all use to be correctly graded.  For example there are quite a number of routes we use which are not on the definitive map.  If these are tracks we ride or drive horses on we will look to get them classified as Bridleways to preserve their usage for future generations.  If they are tracks that you use as footpaths, we will be able to advise you on how to proceed to get them classified as footpaths, again so they can be preserved for generations to come.  Of course any tracks that become bridleways will also then be open to cyclists and will help to keep all vulnerable road users off the ever increasingly busy and dangerous roads.  We will be working with the Rights Of Way Officer in the Council, local Councillors and the local community to ensure any loss of existing routes are minimised or avoided completely.  The ROW network needs to be looked at as an entirety, and working with neighbouring wards to preserve and enhance a joined up network which is imperative.  We are looking forward to working with the community going forwards for the benefit of all vulnerable road users.  If you are a rider or just interested in horses or know any in the area who would like to join our association we will welcome you to contact us.  Our website is

Rochdale in Bloom
An update was given by a member of the group in brief as follows:

‘We are a growing community volunteer group who work alongside partners and sponsors such as Rochdale Council, NEEVA and H Bell & Sons.  We take pride in our local area of Norden and engage in many projects and initiatives throughout the year.  Rochdale has been chosen to represent the North West in the Britain in Bloom competition on 5 August 2022.  Prior to this date will be the 6 judging days of each of the local areas for each of the different groups which involve more businesses and commercial entries this year.  Mosques in Bloom is also a new feature this year along with local churches.  Residents can get involved by assisting in keeping areas tidy and clear and also alerting the groups or the Council to any incidents of litter and graffiti they are aware of’.

The Chair of the forum praised the group’s efforts and wished them good luck for the upcoming competitions.

Updates on queries made on this matter at the last forum were provided by the Township Officer as follows:

1.      If the RSK report provides enough evidence of the site being contaminated, will the Council then register  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Boundary changes


The ward boundaries in Rochdale have recently changed and maps were made available for residents to inspect – the information can also be found on the Ordnance Survey website.


Any Other Business


Rochdale Harriers 3 Day Race – 10/11/12 June 2022
A representative from the group attended to inform the forum of the three days of races as follows:

Friday 10 June 2022 – Road race will commence at 7.30pm from the Bus Terminus, Norden
Saturday 11 June 2022 – The multi-terrain race starts at the Co-op at 11am
Sunday 12 June 2022 – The Knowl Hill fell race commences from Woodhouse Lane at 11am

Norden Area Forum Sub Funding Group
A local resident and member of the current sub funding group attended and expressed her wish for more numbers of local residents to get involved and join the group to increase the numbers of residents in ratio to Councillors.  The Chair agreed to escalate the matter to the Township Manager for further comment.

O2 Mast Replacement
A local resident attended and informed the forum of the future scheduled works to replace the 10 metre high O2 mobile 5G mast situated in the ward with a 17.5 metre one.  He stated he feels that the works have not been advertised correctly and requested assistance from local Ward Councillors to escalate the suggestion that it would be less noticeable if it were painted brown instead of its white appearance, alike works undertaken previously to the current mast.


Date and time of the next meeting


Tuesday 13 September 2022 at 7pm in Norden Methodist Church, Edenfield Road, Norden