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Welcome, Introductions, Apologies and Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


The Chair welcomed all to the meeting.


He informed the Forum that he was standing down as Chair and thanked everyone for their support over the past three years.


At this point the Township and Engagement Officer informed the Forum that one apology had been received and requested that the Code of Conduct be adhered to for the duration of the meeting.


Appointment of Chair, Vice Chair and Area Forum Sub Group


Cecile Biant was appointed Chair of the Area Forum.


The Chair paid tribute and thanked the outgoing Chair for his contribution to the Area Forum.


A Vice Chair was not appointed.


The Area Forum Sub Group is – Cecile Biant, Councillors Cocks, Massey and Rana, Peter Knowles, Steve Ashworth and Anita Taylor.


Greater Manchester Police including PACT meeting


PC Phil Jones attended the meeting for this item and informed the Forum of the following issues:


1.    Theft from motor vehicle – Since the last area forum meeting crime prevention patrols and awareness advice has been given in the locality’s affected, especially Oulder Hill, Rochdale Cemetery and Spotland Road. GMP have seen a reduction in theft from vehicles since the patrols began. From March – June before the patrols 72 crimes were recorded; since the extra patrols were introduced in July 37 crimes have been recorded.


2.    Residential Burglary – The current areas affected are Ings Lane, Wycherley Road area of the Brotherod Estate and Edenfield Road. It was reported that the main method of entry is via insecure side gates and smashing rear windows. Burglary times are between 7am – 6pm. Eight burglaries have been reported since the last area forum.


One male juvenile was arrested during a burglary and has been remanded in custody.


Extra patrols are in place during the above stated times.


3.    Robbery – It was reported that two taxi drivers were robbed in the Greave area last week. Visible patrols are being conducted in the area and CID are leading on the investigation.


4.    Anti-Social Behaviour – During patrols numerous visits have been made to Spotland Methodist Church. Details of the youths hanging around the area have been taken with subsequent home visits being made.


It was also reported that Spotland Tops had seen an increase in ASB which was being caused by two youths residing at a nearby property. A subsequent visit by the police and RBH has resulted in a decrease of ASB related issues in the area. However this is being monitored by the local neighbourhood team.


5.    Pulse Policing Operation – GMP are utilising this approach at different ASB, burglary, drug dealing hot spots throughout Rochdale North area.


6.    Speeding Concerns – Spotland Area


Three speed watch operations have been undertaken since the last forum – Rooley Moor Road, Ings Lane and Cutgate Road have been targeted. Drivers caught speeding have been sent warning letters.


GMP plan to undertake more speed watch initiatives in the future and anyone who would like to assist should contact PCSO Robinson.


Residents commented that speeding was a problem on Rooley Moor Road.


7.    Drug Dealing – GMP have been conducting patrols of known drug dealing hotspots with a view to gathering intelligence and disrupting activity. Two warrants have been actioned recently where a large quantity of cannabis and cash has been recovered – three people were arrested.


A male from Holland Street has been charged with possession of cannabis with intent to supply – he is appearing in court in February.


GMP encouraged resident to keep reporting drug related activity via Crimestoppers (0800 555 111), 101 or the GMP website.


A resident reported that ASB and drug dealing was a problem on Mount Street. It was also reported that street lighting in the area is not working – this will be reported.


8.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 154.


Minutes of the Area Forum meeting held on 19 September 2019, matters arising and updates pdf icon PDF 729 KB


The minutes of the area forum held on Thursday 19 September 2019 were approved as a correct record subject to the following amendments:


Minute 147, Action 7, page 5:


Remove: The recent correspondence from Tony Lloyd MP can be viewed on the website.


Include: The recent correspondence from Tony Lloyd MP cannot be viewed on the website.


Matters Arising included:


1.    Minute 147 Action 13 – A resident asked if an update had been provided by Highways regarding the Spotland Bridge Junction.


The Township and Engagement Officer stated that an update had been provided and circulated with the update / action sheet.


However the update read:


Having checked the police accident database for this junction, it shows that there have been two personal injury accidents resulting in 5 casualties in the last five years up to July 2019, which is the latest data available to Highways. It should be pointed out that damage only incidents are not recorded.


The first of these personal injury accidents occurred in September 2017; a car entered the mini roundabout from Spotland Road and collided with a car entering from Edenfield Road. There were 4 casualties, all slight injuries.


The second accident happened approximately an hour later whilst the junction was shut from the previous collision. A taxi attempted to enter the roundabout from Spotland Road, disobeying the closure and collided with a Police Officer who suffered a slght injury.


As part of the planning application to build the new housing estate off Bridgefold Road a traffic impact assessment would have been undertaken to assess the impact the additional traffic would have on the operation of the existing junction. The results of which determined that the junction did not need to be signalised to cope with the predicted traffic flow once the development is complete.


During the peak periods the majority of journeys take longer than normal and this junction is no different, in that it takes longer to negotiate or emerge from. Motorists should obey the rules of the Highway Code and wait until it is safe to proceed when travelling through the junction.


The only way to improve this junction would be to signalise it and also the adjacent Edenfield Road junction. To signalise these junctions would cost a significant amount of money in their own right. However there is a bridge at the junction which would need works to facilitate the signalisation. As can be imagined this will significantly increase the cost of improving these junctions.


Minute 147 – Action 7 – A resident asked if a copy of the technical assessment of the stabilisation of the river banking was available.


The Township and Engagement Officer stated that an update had been provided and circulated with the update / action sheet.


However the update read:


The Council is aware that the owners of the land have requested contractors look into groundwork to stabilise the bank. However the Council is unaware if this investigation has been undertaken as no further information, reports or  ...  view the full minutes text for item 155.


Members/Ward Funds


The Forum was asked if it would like to support the following applications which had been received seeking funding from Ward Funds:


1  Grit Bin – Clements Royd Street - £1006.46


2  Grit Bin – The junction of Rooley Moor Road / Fern Hill Lane - £1006.46


3  Installation of bollards – Adjacent to the Little Day Spa - £530


4  Installation of bollards – Junction of College Road / Holmes Street - £1544


5  Creation of gravel path from Caldershaw Road playground to Caldershaw Brook Pathway - £2530


Following discussion it was agreed:


-       Projects 1 and 2 be supported from Ward Funds


-       More information be made available regarding projects 3 and 4. It was commented that because of time constraints any additional information would need to be circulated to the sub-group.


-       Project 5 be refused.


Following the above decisions £1063 remains in Ward Funds.


Councillor Updates/News pdf icon PDF 905 KB


The following updates were provided:


Councillor Massey’s newsletter can be accessed via the link below:


Councillor Rana informed the forum of the following:


·         A number of dropped kerbs had been introduced recently – Ings Lane Library to Black Dog Public House. It is hoped that more will be done in the coming months.


·         Children from Falinge School have identified a problem with drainage on a section of footpath near to the school. Funding has been secured for this. Two additional bins will also be introduced in the area.


·         A Christmas lunch for Environmental Management staff was organised at Spotland Community Association. This was funded by Councillor Rana.


·         Arranged the collection and distribution of blankets for the homeless.


·         Supporting the introduction of a birthing centre at Rochdale Infirmary.


·         Rooley Moor Road bins have been installed and the old ones have been relocated.


·         Road marking in the area have been refreshed – other will be done in the near future.


·         Involved in a local authority sub-group looking at climate change


Councillor Rana also encouraged local residents to put forward projects.


In response to a question Councillor Rana explained that he had asked for funding to install lighting on Eden Street.


Councillor Cocks informed the forum of the following:


·         Many successes in the in bloom awards.


·         The Neighbourhood Policing Team now have access to a speed gun. Would recommend residents getting involved in this.


·         Member of Safety Committee at the football club.


·         Festival of Light at Falinge Park was a great success.


·         Events are being organised at St Edmunds Church to celebrate 150 years since the laying of the foundation stone.


·         Been working with RBH Enviromental Team.


·         Chair of the Age Friendly Rochdale Group


·         LGBT Carers Group – 14 January – St George’s Hall


The Chair also acknowledged the excellent work that had been done in relation to In Bloom and commented that Denehurst Park was a credit to the Friends Group and Environmental Management.


In response to a question it was commented that there are further development plans being considered for the park with the introduction of a café and outside gym equipment.








Open Forum


Residents raised the following issues:


1.    Stoney Hill Community Wildlife Project


A resident explained that the above project has seen a significant increase in biodiversity.


Funding from a variety of sources had help make the project a success.


Events would be taking place at Stoney Hill on the following dates – 17 & 31 January, 1, 28 & 29 February. All commencing 10am. Further details can be found on the projects Facebook and Web pages.


2.    Spotland Bridge


A resident asked if any plans were in place to improve the appearance of Spotland Bridge.


In response it was explained that consideration had been given to this however quotes received for the work proved prohibitive, therefore no plans are currently in place to improve this area.


3.    Traffic Sign – Ings Lane / Phoenix Street


It was reported that a sign on the above junction was in need of repair.


This would be reported.


4.    Condition of Footpaths


A resident queried why footpaths with relatively low footfall were being repaired whilst busier areas were not.


5.    Rooley Moor Road Traffic Regulation Order


A resident informed the Forum that the Traffic Regulation Order that was being considered for Rooley Moor Road would be heard by the relevant Township Committee next week (16 January 2020) and encouraged residents to attend.


6.    A resident commented that lighting in the Meanwood / Churchill Street area was poor.


It was acknowledged that this would be reported.




Date and time of next meeting


Thursday 5 March 2020, commencing 7pm at Spotland Methodist Church