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Welcome, Introductions, Apologies and Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and reminded members of the need to adhere to the code of conduct for the duration of the meeting.


Officers from GMP and Rochdale Council introduced themselves.


Apologies had been received from 6 members of the public. Councillor Massey was likely to be late due to other commitment.


Greater Manchester Police


PS Walsh and PC Giblin attended the meeting for this item.


It was reported that from the 9 December to present there had been 2 thefts of motor vehicles, 4 thefts from motor vehicles, 7 residential burglaries and 7 business burglaries.


A number of vehicles had also been seized having been involved in criminal activity.


There had also been four arrests in the last ten days primarily linked to burglaries in the Ward.


Spotland Road was also identified as a drug dealing hot spot.


It was also commented that Ings Lane and Rooley Moor Road are ASB hot spots mainly because of, off road biking issues.


The forum was also informed that four neighbourhood speed initiatives had been undertaken – Mellor Street – Eden Road – CutgateRooley Moor Road. Any motorists caught speeding as part of these exercises would have been issued with a warning letter. However this will change with the acquisition of new speed guns which will enable more rigorous enforcement.


It was also outlined that the Chief Constable has pledged to recruit 60 traffic officers to improve traffic offence enforcement. Operation Navigator also continues which focusses upon speeding and anti-social driving.


The next Police Surgery will be held at Spotland Library – time, date and venue to be confirmed.


The Forum was also informed that a GMP Neighbourhood Consultation Event will take place at Falinge Park High School, 7pm – 9pm on the 14 March. A consultation exercise is also taking place on-line.


It was agreed that Ward GMP priorities going forward would be business burglaries, speeding and drug dealing.


Residents raised the following issues:


1.    A resident commented that he had recently bought a key less ignition car that was subsequently stolen. He asked where the car fob should be kept to avoid this from happening again. He was advised to keep the fob out of sight and ideally in a metal tin which can prevent the signal being cloned.


2.    Following a debate about the best way to contact GMP a resident advised he would send a link to the Township Officer that could then be distributed to residents via the Spotland and Falinge contact database.


3.    A lengthy discussion took place regarding speeding in the Ward. Cutgate Road, Martins Lane, Spotland Tops and Willbutts Lane being identified as problematic areas.


GMP acknowledged these areas could be targeted as part of the neighbourhood speed initiatives going forward. In addition the Council representative advised that traffic surveys can be undertaken to help resolve such problems.


Residents were also encouraged to report incidents of speeding to enable an evidence base to be collated.








Traffic Survey - Rooley Moor Road


A discussion took place about the findings of a traffic survey that had been carried out in the Rooley Moor Road area of the Ward.


Particular attention was given to a number of specific conclusions in the report which stated:


Paragraph 5.2 in the report:


             The survey shows that the average vehicle speeds are above what is

             normally expected on a 30mph road.


Paragraph 5.5 in the report:


              As the average vehicle speeds are above what is normally expected

              on a 30mph road and at a threshold at which GMP would be able to

              enforce, it is recommended that further investigation is undertaken into

              the possibility of introducing self-enforcing traffic calming measures to

              ensure speeds do not exceed 30mph and to ideally reduce speeds

              well below this level.


Paragraph 5.6 in the report:


             The most effective self-enforcing measures used to prevent the 85th

              percentile speed of cars exceeding 30mph include flat top humps,

              round top humps, speed cushions etc. however in conservation areas  

              such as this, other traffic calming measures that are sympathetic to

              the local landscape may be more desirable including creating pinch

              points narrowing the carriageway with buildouts and introducing

              priority working systems over oncoming vehicles etc. It is

              recommended that any traffic calming scheme ties into the existing

              traffic calming along Ings Lane and start of Rooley Moor Road’.


Paragraph 5.7 in the report:

           A range of consultation would need to be carried out for introducing traffic calming in this area which includes the police, residents, fire and ambulance services, users of agricultural equipment, equestrians, cyclists and pedestrians’.

Paragraph 5.8 in the report:

           A scheme investigation which takes into account the character of the location all road users, bus routes, the road layout including junctions, driveways and street lighting, etc as well as what types of traffic calming measures will be most effective is recommended.

Paragraph 5.9 in the report:

           If there is a desire to introduce traffic calming measures, Townships would have to consider whether they want to pursue and fund the cost of a full investigation and then the implementation of any potential scheme.

Paragraph 5.10 in the report:

           In the short term, this location could be brought to the attention of the Neighbourhood Policing Team who may be able to undertake some targeted enforcement. This location does not meet the criteria for fixed speed enforcement cameras.

It was commented that it would cost in the region of £2000 to undertake the investigation that is referred to in paragraph 5.9 above.

The Forum was supportive of progressing this proposed initiative and tasked the Ward Councillors and Township Officer to refer this issue to Highways for action.



Approval of the minutes of the Spotland & Falinge Area Forum meeting held on Thursday 9 December 2021 pdf icon PDF 155 KB


The minutes of the area forum meeting held on Thursday 9 December 2021 were approved as a correct record.


Following the approval of the minutes a lengthy discussion took place which focussed on residents’ frustrations concerning the lack of communication from the new owners of Spodden Park (formerly known as Turner Brothers Asbestos –TBA).


A number of examples were cited which residents believed demonstrated a lack of openness, transparency and communication on behalf of the new owners.


In addition to the above, similar comments were also directed towards Rochdale Council and the lack of responses provided to questions asked.


It was asked if another meeting with the owners could take place.


It was also asked if consideration could be given to re-establishing the TBA Working Group.


The Township Officer agreed to speak to the appropriate Council Officers regarding the concerns raised and contact the new owners about the possibility of holding another public meeting.






Open Forum (an opportunity for local residents to comment on issues in the Ward)


Residents raised the following issues:


1.    A general discussion took place regarding the need for additional waste bins in the Ward.


It was explained that numerous additional bins had been sited throughout the Ward over recent years, however it was accepted that more are still required. Residents were encouraged to contact their Ward Councillors identifying suitable locations.


In response to a question it was stated that funding for additional bins can be sought from Township, Members and Ward Funds.


It was also asked why concrete bins are being removed.


  1. Numerous residents raised the issue of dog fouling in the Ward with a number of hot spots being identified – near the Library, near Meanwood School and Denehurst Park.


It was asked what the Council’s Policy on tackling dog fouling was and suggested that the policy needs to change with particular emphasis being placed on enforcement.


It was also asked if a leaflet drop could be done in the areas which suffer from dog fouling and could additional signage be introduced reminding dog owners of their responsibilities.


3.    A resident asked if Ward Councillors would support requests for:


-       Bus services to be re-established in the Catley Lane Head area of the Ward.


-       The introduction of a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) in the rural areas of Rochdale to promote a more effective enforcement outcome in relation to Operation Dragster. This would also compliment the PSPO that has been introduced by Rossendale Council to combat illegal off-road activities and anti-social behaviour.


-       An update on Boundary changes.


-       An update on the Clear Air Zone.


4.    It was commented that the steps adjacent to the Royd’s Arms required cleaning.




Members/Ward Funds


Forum members were advised that a list containing the projects that had been funded from Members and Ward Funds during 2021/22 had been circulated prior to the meeting.


In response to a question concerning application M/14/21 Contribution to community engagement cultural night it was explained that this event was to support the Nigerian Community and was held during Black History Month.






Councillor Updates


Councillor Iram Faisal provided the following summary of her Councillor activities:


The Councillor thanked everyone for attending the forum meeting and thanked all the community groups who have helped out during the past 2 years or so.


The Councillor explained that she had introduced a response target of 24 hours to deal with residents’ concerns. In the majority of cases she would visit the home of the resident, following this up with an email.


Introduced street surgeries which has resulted in homes being visited 2/3 times over a period of 9 months.


Ward Councillor surgeries have been held at Spotland Library and Spotland Community Centre.


Attended numerous community projects.


Volunteered at the vaccination clinic in the Ward and have requested that pop-up clinics to be available for those with mobility problems.


Organised a litter picking events of fly-tipping hot spots which has informed the Council’s hit team which has subsequently informed the collection schedule. This initiative also helped in the Ward being trialled for bulky waste collections which has led to the Council introducing two free bulky waste collections across the borough.


Introduced myself to all the local schools in the Ward and helped to obtain funding to resurface roads and introduce grit bins near to schools.


Supported the lobbying to introduce affordable uniforms.


Been on walkabouts with the Police to engage with the community and understand residents concerns regarding crime in their neighbourhood.


Conducted speed surveys on Edenfield Road and Rooley Moor Road.


Quarterly meetings with local businesses.


Initiated block gullies being unblocked on Edmund Street and Blair Street


Undertaken voluntary work with many organisations and successfully sourced funding for numerous initiatives.


Had additional bins placed at various locations in the Ward.


Initiated the great big clean up in the Ward and had an initial meeting with the Friends of Denehurst Park.


Councillor Faisal Rana informed the Forum of the following:


Informed that the cost of introducing cameras at Spotland Bridge would be in the region of £37k


Initiated an additional speed hump on Cutgate Road.


The owners of small vans will be able to apply for a permit to visit recycling centres in the borough.


Successfully initiated additional litter bins and grit bins in the Ward.


Liaised with taxi drivers during their strike.


Involved in the tidying up of alleygated areas in the Ward.


Obtained funding for various initiatives in the Ward.


The clearance work on Woodland Road / Dell Road has now been completed.


In response to a question it was commented that Dell Road is unadopted although funding had been secured over the years to improve road safety concerns.








Date and time of the next meeting


The next meeting of the Forum will take place in May/June 2022.