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Welcome, Introductions, Apologies and Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 15 KB


The Chair welcomed everyone and reminded members of the need to adhere to the code of conduct for the duration of the meeting.


Apologies had been received from 4 members of the public and Sgt Walsh.



Appointment of Chair, Vice Chair and Area Forum Sub Group


Cecile Biant was appointed Chair


Mohammed Rashid was appointed Vice Chair


Mick Coats was added to the Area Forum Sub Group


Other Sub Group members include – Chair and Vice Chair – 3 Ward Councillors – Steve Ashworth – Roger Heap and Peter Knowles.



Greater Manchester Police pdf icon PDF 98 KB


PC Giblin and PCSO Robinson attended the meeting for this item.


It was reported that the following incidents had been recorded during the past three months:


Bicycle theft 3


Business and community burglary 7


Residential burglary 11 – a reduction in burglaries has been experienced in the ward since the last forum. This may have arisen due to a prolific burglar serving a prison sentence. However residents should be aware that burglars are still active in the area.


Robbery of personal property 4


Shoplifting 10


Vehicle offences 16 – GMP have seen a reduction in theft from motor vehicles since the last forum. Crime prevention patrols and awareness advice has centred on the affected areas, for example, Oulder Hill and Ashworth Street area.


Other theft offences 8


In addition to the above the neighbourhood policing team have had to deal with a number of anti-social behaviour incidents which have been fuelled by neighbour disputes. However following home visits and community protection orders being issued the problems seem to have calmed down.


Numerous vehicles have been seized / recovered locally following involvement in crime related incidents. Most recently a driver was stopped for driving dangerously, however whilst waiting for vehicle recovery a bag of class a drugs and money was found near to the vehicle.


A stolen range rover was also recovered on Spotland Road which resulted in 5 arrests for involvement in a number of range rover thefts from neighbouring areas.


Six speeding operations have been undertaken since the last forum. These have taken place on Mellor Street, Mitchell Street, Edenfield Road near Cutgate, Edenfield Road near Tesco and Rooley Moor Road on two occasions. Drivers have been notified of their offences.


Operation AVRO was undertaken in April which resulted in 63 arrests.


Drug dealing intelligence has resulted in vehicle seizure, drug seizure, arrests for the possession of drugs, driving offences, vehicle theft and weapon related offences.


Intelligence is also informing GMP that drug dealing on Spotland Road is becoming less. This is possibly because of increased patrols in the area.


Residents were also informed to report drug dealing activity on 101 or the GMP live chat facility.


Two males have been arrested for personal robberies around the Spotland Road area.


Operation Dragster aimed at off road bikes will be undertaken in the near future.


An off road bike has recently been seized on Roch Valley Way.


Attempts are also being made to seize another bike that is causing anti-social behaviour on the Greave Estate.


GMP are currently organising surgeries that will be held at Spotland Library on a regular basis. The next one will take place on the 9th July – 10am – 12noon


Residents were also informed that a newsletter for the Ward will be produced on a quarterly basis. A link to June’s newsletter is available below.


GMP Neighbourhood Newsletter - June 2022.pdf (


Residents raised the following issues:


1.    In response to a question it was confirmed that riders of quad bikes are not  ...  view the full minutes text for item 182.


Open Forum (an opportunity for residents to comment on issues in the Ward)


1.     In response to a question it was confirmed that an application requesting funding for an investigation into traffic calming measures on Rooley Moor Road (rural section) would be submitted to the Rochdale North Township Committee in July. It was also acknowledged that the traffic calming measures would include both Spotland and Falinge and Norden Wards.


2.     A resident raised concerns about littering in the Ward and commented that the problem seems to be endemic in society.


It was acknowledged that the Council does a reasonable job with regards to dealing with littering and fly tipping and that additional litter bins in the Ward have helped. However when clean ups happen the areas concerned are back to square one in a matter of days.


A discussion took place which put forward a number of suggestions which may help to reduce the incidence of littering and fly tipping;


-        More information in relation to the bulky waste collection service should be provided when residents receive litter bins


-        More enforcement required


-        More litter pickers should be provided


-        Companies should sign up to clean ups


-        Engage with schools


-        Greater media coverage


-        Greater education of residents


Residents also identified a number of hot spot littering areas – Longfield Road – River Roch in the Town Centre


The Forum was informed that is was hoped that the bulky waste collection services, which allows households to arrange for items to be collected free of charge would hopefully help the situation.


Residents were also reminded that Rochdale Council’s website has a number of portals that can be used to report various incidents.


3.     In response to a question it was explained that the Head of Public Protection required additional information before a decision could be reached concerning the re-establishment of the TBA Working Group.

  A lengthy discussion followed exploring the merits of a TBA Working Group. The

  following points being made;


-        The Council has a right to protect residents


-        Residents have legitimate concerns regarding the site



-        The Councils constitution commits the Council to engage and cooperate with residents


-        New owners are not engaging, being transparent or open with residents


-        Need to learn from the Grenfell incident. Council should be more proactive.


-        Area should be designated as contaminated land


-        This issue had been around for a long time – the Council needs to engage


-        Concerns over the amount of public liability insurance the new owner has.


-        What emergency plans are in place


-        Its concerning that the new owners were of the opinion that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was not required for the site.


The forum was informed that the new owners had submitted a planning application in connection with a screening opinion for Spodden Park. The result of this is that the new owners have been informed that an EIA will be required.


Following further debate and discussion in which the Forum was advised that residents could set up their own  ...  view the full minutes text for item 183.


Approval of the minutes of the Spotland & Falinge Area Forum meeting held on Thursday 3 March 2022, matters arising and updates pdf icon PDF 122 KB


The minutes of the Spotland and Falinge Area Forum held on Thursday 3 March 2022 were approved as a correct record.


An update sheet on the issues raised at the 3rd March meeting was circulated prior to the Area Forum meeting.


A resident commented that Councillor Faisal Rana had provided inaccurate information at the meeting on the 3rd March stating he had supported, from his Members funds a project for the Nigerian Community during Black History month. The resident commented that the event that Councillor Rana had supported was in relation to a Pakistani Kashmiri Association cultural evening which was held at Middleton Arena.


Although the resident acknowledged that Councillor Rana had apologised, the resident asked if Councillors are allowed to support events’ that are outside their Ward and what benefit would an event outside the Ward have for residents of Spotland and Falinge.


At this point the Chair intervened explaining that Councillors are allowed to support projects outside of their Ward from their Members funds if they wish. It was also explained that Spotland and Falinge has a large Kashmiri community who would have been able to attend the event if they wished.


The Chair then requested that no more questions on this issue would be allowed as an official complaint on this matter had been raised.



Members/Ward Funds


Members - £2000 each Ward Member

Ward - £8000



Councillor Updates


Councillor Faisal provided the following update


Thanked residents for re-electing her in the recent elections.


Surgeries are every Wednesday at Spotland Community Centre, commencing 11am. For those who cannot attend at this time arrangements will be made to identify a mutually convenient date and time to meet. Saturday and Wednesday street surgeries have also re-started.


Attended a womens empowerment day and is hoping to work with Rochdale Womens Welfare Association who assist women who experience domestic abuse.


Apart from one case all the Councillor’s casework is up to date.


Introduced meetings with local businesses to listen to their concerns which are then highlighted to the appropriate services.


Introduced meetings with local schools to understand their concerns.


Provided Highways with information in relation to speeding concerns, potholes and general maintenance issues that are in need of attention. A similar exercise has also been undertaken with Environmental Management.


Member of Friends of Denehurst Park and engaged with Vintage Worx in Falinge Park.


Working with Rochdale Boroughwide Housing on the New Pioneers project and hopes to bring more initiatives to the Ward.


Councillor Nisa provided the following update


Thanked residents for her election success


Been working with residents and undertaking case work


Met with representatives of Spodden Park


Involved in a speed survey with GMP


Attended the Veterans Breakfast Club


Worked with the detached youth team


Councillor Rana provided the following update


Apologised for the inaccurate information he had provided at the last meeting in connection with an application he had funded from his members funds.


Thanked residents for re-electing him


Confirmed that he is now the Chair of Rochdale North Township Committee and a member of the Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee.


Commented that the financial support to help residents with the cost of living crisis is being rolled out. Any residents who have not received these payments are advised to contact the Councillor.


Attended the Falklands War Memorial day and the British Armed Forces day


Involved in a litter picking day around Spotland Road


Will be supporting the purchase of litter picking kits for the Ward.


Been liaising with parents and schools on bullying policies and school admissions.


Asked for a report to be produced on the effectiveness of the present arrangements that are in place for residents to access the recycling centres.


In response to questions;


It was hoped that the bulky waste collection service would reduce fly tipping and that the new arrangements would be more cost effective than hiring skips for clean ups.


Agreed that the owners of Spodden Park need to engage better.

Because there is no facility to upload photographs of fly tipping on the Council’s website advised that any photographs could be sent to him.


Following a discussion it was agreed that a combined Councillors report should be produced for Forum meetings going forward.



Date and time of the next meeting


Thursday 18 August 2022 at Spotland Community Centre.

It was also agreed that future meeting will commence at 6.30pm